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Finished: 12 AM Thu 15 Feb 18 UTC
Private Can't Spell Caesar
10 days /phase
Pot: 10 D - Autumn, 1905, Finished
Classic - France vs Austria, Anonymous players, Unranked
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Octavious (1705 D)
13 Feb 18 UTC Did he really? Nicely done. Fortunately I've premade some chocolate hats for just such an occasion.
13 Feb 18 UTC Enjoy!

Pics or it didn't happen..
13 Feb 18 UTC I am rather envious, you know. The game would be far easier if winning was still exciting. Or maybe it wouldn't... hmmm...
13 Feb 18 UTC Well done, regardless. Gunboat may be a poor shadow of diplomacy, and it may be scored 25% higher than it deserves, but that doesn't make it easy :)
14 Feb 18 UTC Well, it seems as if your success with Warsaw has woken Turkey from his dreaming. Three out of four people voting draw does not a dynamic game make. You can't play with people who don't want to play, as my Christmas of Diplomacy experience has taught me.

So, it seems to be a case of take the four way or do something dramatic. Stab Germany, or throw Turkey a bone.

Back in the good old days a tactical NMR would be ideal, but modern "reliability" crap has killed off that rather fun tactic. Still, if you care more about winning that reliability stats (which you should) it remains an option.
14 Feb 18 UTC Germany is just voting for a draw to throw the others off. Not my plan, but he's still committed to making this a 3-way. I have his full support until I stab him.
14 Feb 18 UTC Very well... I look forward to being impressed :p
14 Feb 18 UTC Well, I still don't know how I'm supposed to keep Moscow while stabbing Germany for a solo.. But stuff will at least still happen for a while.
14 Feb 18 UTC Why the obsession with Moscow?
When you picture your win what does the map look like?
14 Feb 18 UTC When I win, I control all centres on my side of the stalemate line while barely holding on to either Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna (unlikely), Venice (unlikely) or Tunis.
You're thinking of pure chaos, and a mad opportunistic dash? I don't think I have the necessary units for that.
14 Feb 18 UTC I'm not seeing how you get there, is all. Where's the weak spot in Turkey and Italy?

When I look at that map, if you and Germany push Italy and Turkey push back and nothing happens. Something needs to give, and I'm not seeing any willingness on the IT side of risking the draw. In my mind, you move things either by stabbing Germany overtly (very dangerous) or allow Germany to be accidentally weakened (quite dangerous) or accept the 4 way.
14 Feb 18 UTC I could well be wrong :)
14 Feb 18 UTC Why is it dangerous to stab Germany?
14 Feb 18 UTC Ugh, I double-checked my orders in the game I was about to solo, but apparently I misordered anyway. No solo for me.
14 Feb 18 UTC Now? You stab him and Italy and Turkey join in. Germany dies, and as much as possible he does so in a way that hurts you.
14 Feb 18 UTC So, we are left with a 3 way, or Italy and Turkey decide to push ahead for the two way, with a probable Turkish stab for the solo in the final stages.
14 Feb 18 UTC Seems unlikely it will result in a Turkish solo, but it's indeed not going to give me one either.
My back-up plan is ceding Moscow to Turkey. That was his condition for eliminating Italy. If he does that, I might be able to grab Tunis and then blitz Germany.
18 Feb 18 UTC Oh, in case you're interested in how my press differs in a one off one non tournament game, I've uploaded my last one. It was a little bit "diplomacy by numbers", but it shows my style applied to the basics quite well.

18 Feb 18 UTC Interesting, thanks! I'm still wading through your ODC press, but I'll get to this soon.
18 Feb 18 UTC No hurry. It's very much an in your own time, thing. Feel free to ask me questions, by the way. The ODC will take a bit of remembering, but the other game is recent
18 Feb 18 UTC As always, no offense will be taken if you point out errors and deficiencies ;)
18 Feb 18 UTC That Turkish retreat was rather fun. What's he asking from you?
18 Feb 18 UTC I hadn't noticed that yet! I was out of town. Thanks for pointing it out.

Turkey hasn't contacted me. The last thing he said was "I will not stab Italy under any circumstance, or you will try to grab Tunis for the solo victory. Either accept the 4-way, or stab Germany for a 3-way."
18 Feb 18 UTC I'm going to use this to sow discontent though. Let's see whether I can push some Italian buttons to make him fear his survival.
19 Feb 18 UTC Out of curiosity, why don't you use global much? It seems a trend these days to only use it for good luck messages and apologising for poor communications. Such a waste.
19 Feb 18 UTC I don't know what to say.. I'd like to use it more.
19 Feb 18 UTC An "accidental" global posting of a private message can be quite fun.
19 Feb 18 UTC After all the messages you sent to the incorrect recipient, people will believe it ;) I have less credits.
19 Feb 18 UTC How to make it plausible though..

I once saw a guy spam gibberish into Global, to cover up an accidental posting. Perhaps I should try that as well.
19 Feb 18 UTC Ugh, I see Jonathan is crushing you while I lost..
19 Feb 18 UTC It's more plausible if the person you are sending the message to has just posted in global. Following up with some message about the football in an apparent attempt to hide the previous message can help add to the effect., but can look a tad clumsy.

More generally, though, it can be useful to portray yourself as a relaxed player who is there for fun more so than anything else (or a different narrative if you prefer). Highlight your rival's deficiencies in press by asking if anyone's heard from him if he's been quiet, and encouraging him to take a pause if he needs it. Highlight a rival's stab happy nature by commenting about a bold set of moves.

Never be nasty, but always be on the look out for opportunities to bring other people's negative qualities into the light of day.
19 Feb 18 UTC What?

Oh, the other 1v1? It's not as if we're taking them seriously :p. But Jon does seem to have an affinity with them.
19 Feb 18 UTC I take everthing seriously.
19 Feb 18 UTC Good Lord, do you?

Does that not make stabbing and being stabbed rather stressful?
19 Feb 18 UTC It probably should, but it doesn't. Just because I take things seriously and try to give it my best, doesn't mean I need to strangle puppies over it.
23 Feb 18 UTC I see you've joined the World Cup. My team is almost ready as well, so perhaps we'll meet! If I play FP; that hasn't been determined yet..
23 Feb 18 UTC Yeah. It's a shame it won't be ranked, but it should be fun regardless.

I see the 4 way turned into a 4 way :p
23 Feb 18 UTC Your fault, I would've stabbed Germany in desperation if you hadn't told me not to..

How did you notice that so quickly though? I never receive a notification when a game I'm spectating is drawn, and it bothers me..
23 Feb 18 UTC I didn't tell you not to. I said it would be dangerous. That's a very different thing...

Don't you have magical mod powers that let you see all? :p. I just noticed a big hole in my spectated games list when I was checking on world cup stuff.

Oh, speaking of mod stuff, I take it that the idea of light touch moderation in the politics thread has been abandoned?
23 Feb 18 UTC I thought the idea of the forum seperation, and politics not showing on the main page, was to let it be. But I suppose we still intervene if complaints are made. Not sure. I never read any of it.
20 Mar 18 UTC Okay, I'm back from holiday. Still very busy, but I haven't forgotten you ;) I suppose you'll be busy soon with the World Cup as well.
20 Mar 18 UTC Busy is such a strong word. The World Cup is by far the most relaxed tournament on the website :). Are we in different groups?
20 Mar 18 UTC Yes, we are.
20 Mar 18 UTC I can wish you good luck then :).

Ah... You're in the same group as gantz. Have fun there :p
21 Mar 18 UTC Never heard of him.
21 Mar 18 UTC Put it this way. If I were to list the best 3 players I've encountered on this site, they would be gantz, anlari, and villageidiot
21 Mar 18 UTC Interesting! Never heard of Anlari either.

This Gantz guy is probably too busy to conduct proper Diplomcy though. We'll crush him.
24 May 18 UTC Didn't run into Gantz, but I handed a solo to Balki :(
24 May 18 UTC What did you do that for? Balki's ok, but nothing special. Too much like me :p
25 May 18 UTC I made some mistakes and wasn't diligent enough. My ally made some tactical errors and I didn't coach him enough. The other 4 players were actively trying to throw the solo due to the tournament scoring and I was unable to get through to them. Should still have stopped him though.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Octavious (1705 D)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
18 supply-centers, 11 units
Claesar (4656 D Mod)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
12 supply-centers, 11 units
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