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Finished: 02 AM Wed 26 Jul 17 UTC
Private Playing with the Big Boys
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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23 Jul 17 UTC I have no idea why you all want a draw so badly, but you can have it I guess?
23 Jul 17 UTC I don't either, but I was never getting bigger so I said sure...
23 Jul 17 UTC I had no options regarding a six-fleet England. I felt this game was just waiting around for me to die. That was my motivation for putting up the draw. Tried to make something happen there at the end with Piedmont. Guess it got Turkey to draw ;).
23 Jul 17 UTC I just drew because I was the only holdout for multiple turns and don't really GAF.
23 Jul 17 UTC There was nothing I could possibly do to expand because nobody would attack France or Germany. I was just barely able to keep secure. The way I saw it, circumstances might change to be even less favorable as the game went on. If either of them got even one build while staying allied my position would probably crumble.
23 Jul 17 UTC Who's gonna attack Germany besides Russia if you build fleets?

France is out
Russia is dead
Italy and Austria are too busy
Turkey is too far away.
23 Jul 17 UTC I'm just explaining why I voted draw. I stalled out and France and Germany just grew more allies over time. So it was just a question of how many players would get eliminated in the south. And over turned maybe it would get worse.

I built a shit ton of fleets cuz at one point I was fighting France Germany and Russia simultaneously.
23 Jul 17 UTC Frankly, that was pretty annoying. Lets kill Russia and then have a six way draw? I thought you guys were serious players!?!??!
23 Jul 17 UTC Let me be the first to clear things up: I am not a serious player.
24 Jul 17 UTC So can anyone explain what happened there? You can see why I'm a little irked, no?
24 Jul 17 UTC I guess that was an explanation. Still, Germany? Italy? What gives?
24 Jul 17 UTC I attacked Russia on opportunism. I made this super aggressive play against France hoping for a dogpile, but Italy didn't go for it and germanys opening Made Russia decide to get a fleet in 1901. However the German Berlin build made me think I had a Germany/England alliance.
Then Germany lunged for North Sea in autumn 1902 which at that point I considered a stab or else that Germany was not intended to ally anyone at all, since he also went after Russia and France.

So THEN I thought I might be screwed because I had war in every direction. However on autumn 1903 I made a good guess and managed to scrap out a build which forced Russia to blow up the fleet that was about to ruin my life.

Then Germany and France allied, as far as I could tell, so I just kept playing defense on that front.

Then turn after turn Russia blew up the unit that could have blocked me, so I decided that the only offensive action I could take was to harass Russia and hope to induce a dogpile and get at least one elimination. Plus I was getting builds. I really really really thought about getting a second army to convoy in to try to take Moscow permantly, but thought better of it when nobody was willing to fight France or Germany and I had no hint of either of them giving up their alliance or anybody coming to bail me out. So I wanted to kill Russia to at least get one elimination.

France outplayed me in several ways, guessing a lot ofy attacks until the front stabilized. I didn't get away with much. My saving grace is as that I had so many fleets there was no way for anybody to come after me anymore with STP taken.

I really wish Italy had killed turkey but Italy appeared to have gotten bored, or frustrated, or greedy, or nervous about the death of Russia and just stabbed Austria, which it seems to me accomplished nothing in the end. .
24 Jul 17 UTC Well, I confess Italy in gunboat isn't my strongest game. I intended to work with Austria and even more after England attacked France and it was clear France won't go south. So,I went against Turkey and tryed to help Austria. The problem is that Austria never tryed to help me. Italy can't get a center from Turkey without Austria's help or Turkey making a mistake. None happened and when Austria get to 7 centers without giving me a single support it was clear that if I stay fighting Turkey he will just crush us both after Russia is gone. And considering my position a draw was the best I can get before Turkey and Austria decide to work together and eliminate me or France get bored and decide to attack me.
Sorry Russia.