Finished: 10 AM Fri 23 Apr 10 UTC
Private Battle of Brisneyland
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1915, Finished
Classic, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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26 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Well this is weird - schemining public. So i'll get the ball rolling:
england and france - I would love to ally with one of you, and hope to discuss terms that are fair to whoever expresses an interest.
russia - i would like to propose that bohemia, silesia, prussia, livonia are demilitarised zones between us. I intend to take denmark - and will not oppose you moving to sweden provided that you move on someone other than me (the turk or the austrian). Let me know if you are happy with those terms.
austria - i would like to propose that bohemia, tyrolia and silesia are demilitarised zones between us. Let me know if you are interested.
turkey and italy - I would like to be long distant friends - so best wishes from Germany - and may you have better luck than the turks and the italians in our previous games :)
26 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: just to add to the above - i would like peace with my fellow rulers of russia, austria, turkey, italy and one of france or england - hope to hear from some of you soon
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Dear Germany, how will you have peace with both Turkey and Austria if you just asked Russia to attack any one of them?
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: well I have no objection to russia sitting on its hands and doing nothing if my russian friend would prefer that - or attacking italy if they want :) the key is that russia/germany peace requires (understandbly) that russia is kind enough not to attack germany
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Well, this superfluity of communication seems to indicate that John is Germany. There's that sorted. Now, on with the game.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: i say to Russia and Turkey - who's willing to give me the best deal in terms of an alliance? bit worried about you turkey - entering in orders and no chat to anyone.
to germany (jumpy): if you keep to your word - then I'll respect that in return.
italy: whats the plan? if you plan on moving east then consider me quite hostile - but happy for you to go anywhere else.
France: go beat up Germany.
England: watch out for 'ze germans!
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Germany: I would be happy to ally with you and would Volunteer Hol for your occupation in return for Bel. Maintaining this boundary would seem a sensible compromise. Looking forward to hearing about your plans for the next couple of years and how we can cooperate in achieving some goals.

England: I see any opportunities for you in the North and will keep out of EC and respect your borders as long as you move out of London. I am sure you will need it vacant for your builds once you occupy centres in the North.

Italy: I suggest that we keep Pie Free. As long it is empty I will keep away from your borders. In the long term I will not contest Tun and You can have your pick of the East.

Turkey, Austria and Russia: If you have any plans you could use some help with just tell me.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Generally: admittedly this looks like all of my potential targets are ruled out. I am relying on you all England, Germany and Italy to respond promptly and confirm that my offers are accepted otherwise obvious targets start to appear and other more aggresse deals must be made.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: france - an alliance sounds great - if you start by taking spain / portugal and I take holland / denmark that would be two centres each. i would be interested in working out which one of us needs belgium more in the autumn - so that whichever one of us is under attack from elsewhere gets the extra build. we could also make burgandy a demilitarised zone to give paris/marseilles/munich some protection. for us to properly ally we would need to attack england - so i would be hoping for a move on the english channel from brest sooner rather than later. let me know what you think...

england - until i have a locked in alliance with france i remain open to discussing the alternative german/england alliance
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: well hello everyone and good luck.
To start with i want to be friends with everyone! seriously i don't want to start any wars, i just want a few neutral centres.
With global chat i guess we have limited window to negotiate as it will scroll into the history books quickly.
I do like being able to negotiate in good faith with two people though.
GERMANY-ENGLAND - Are we all happy with a regional peace in scandinavia, with denmark for germany, norway for england and sweden for me? Then we can focus on whoever decides to stab us with a safe border in our rear.
GERMANY - I am very happy with the terms of your peace deal for sweden, consider it a done deal.
ENGLAND - Are you interested in peace? If you are perhaps we can agree that i get sweden and you get norway.
AUSTRIA-TURKEY how about we go with serbia for austria, bulgaria for turkey and rumania for me. greece can be negotiated between you two. that way we can have peace in the east whilst we work out who is attacking us. I will offer you both the same thing, assistance to rumania in exchange for an alliance with me.
AUSTRIA - Peace? shal we have galicia demiliterised or would you prefer a bounce arrangement? Or would you like to propose something else? If you assist me taking rum then i would consider that to be a strong offereing of allliance from you.
TURKEY - Peace? how shall we handle the black sea? would you like to do it with bounces or keeping it empty? Bounces is probably the most suitable. If you assist with rum i would consider that a strong alliance offering as well.
ITALY - Peace? We could form an alliance if you would like an arrangement with someone.
FRANCE - Peace? We could form an alliance if we make a deal, much like italy.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: now to answer peoples questions:
AUSTRIA - If you want an alliance i would want bulgaria and rumania, you can have serbia and greece. assuming it is pointed at turkey then I would like to see one centre each, with ankara for me and smy for you and con going to whoeever needs it the most at the time.
TURKEY - The offer to you is similar, except i would get viena, bud and serbia or trieste and you would get bul, greece and one of serbia or trieste.
GERMANY - Peace with you is very much suited to me. depending on what happens elsewhere i will be happy to assist you against England. I would want norway and at least one centre in england.
ENGLAND - The offer to you is the same as germany, an offer of help in attacking the other. I would want kiel, berlin and munich
FRANCE - The same offer, if you attack germany and I get berlin, kiel and denmark then you have a deal
Italy - If you attack austria or turkey the split would be what i proposed to the respective parties.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Finally to state my orders as they stand regarding people:
AUSTRIA - Bounce in Galicia
TURKEY - Bounce in black sea.
These may be changed if either of you want to negotiate something
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: well in the interest of having all options on the table - france and england - we could always settle for a 'western triple' - england goes for scandanavia/northern russia, germany for russia, france for italy - sort out the west later... (PS - england you have my sympathies for having to read through all of the above at once before you know what is going on)
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: well i guess we'll see whose actions speak for what then germany :)
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: actually it's surprising how offensive it is seeing other people calmly discussing dividing up your empire :)
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: i am going to save some very neutral orders which involve attacking no-one - just so I have some orders saved - this is not a sign of accepting or rejecting any of the proposals to date
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: RUSSIA - given our lack of coms from Turkey - i'm willing to accept your terms in return for an alliance against Turkey.
you can have rum and bul and I will take ser and gre, with the plan to take out turkey.
when we have finished that we can then focus on the west.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: ITALY: as i mentioned earlier, if you go east like france is encouraging you to - I will crush you like a worm on a stick.
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: *laughing maniacally*
27 Jan 10 UTC Spring, 1901: sounds good germany and austria.