Finished: 05 AM Mon 13 Feb 17 UTC
Puppies of Combat - 3
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 200 D - Autumn, 2007, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, Rulebook press, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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20 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 1995: Judging by the builds and movements everybody around me just did, proves to me that i wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway. But i wonder if any of them could had been persuaded despite they all had their minds set on the Balkans already.
20 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 1995: Italy wants the Balkans, so he wouldn't help me. Turkey wants those too. Poland is not realiable at all. And Russia wanted to attack me. Could i had any chance there?. My only chance could had been the help from Egypt to stoping Turkey, and France stopping Italy. But still i would be with an incompetent and an enemy. So not big chances after all i guess.
21 Dec 16 UTC Autumn, 1995: Cheer up! We all know Ukraine is a sumbitch to play. :)
28 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 1997: It would be nice if you let me live. Just for the statistics, better to be a survivor. Besides it is sum-of-squares, not need to attack me. We can live in peace now.
04 Jan 17 UTC Autumn, 1998: anybody planning on doing something about russia? I'm especially talking to you, poland and turkey who seem to be letting russia get the best of your alliance.
02 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: Hey jerks, how bout a draw? I only got 7 points for yall to split.
02 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: Loath as I am to respond to "jerks," I actually don't mind, so I'll put in a draw vote.
02 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: Thx Poland. I appreciate the gesture.
02 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: I'm good either way. Jerks? Really?!
03 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: That makes me want to take off my Draw order
03 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: Wait, I'm not sure Russia ever had a draw order! Now is as good a time as ever.
03 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2005: Careful France. With vile language like "Jerks" you are asking to be banned from this family friendly site.
05 Feb 17 UTC Spring, 2006: France....Poland(hoping they are good with it), Turkey(main proposer of idea) and I have a proposal for you if you want to end this game quickly. I you want to retain Madrid and at least get something out of the game we will draw once that happens so your record does not get marked with a 'loss'. Are you OK with that? It would mean standing down so we can all get this over with and move on with our lives. Capiche?
05 Feb 17 UTC Spring, 2006: yes, I can live with that.
05 Feb 17 UTC Spring, 2006: Russia, click draw then. Turkey will click draw when i am down to 1 unit.
06 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2006: Poland likely had his turns entered before he saw the agreement that was reached.

Poland, what Turkey is proposing and what I agree with is leaving France with take Gib, Turkey gets Morocco and I get Por and the three of us 21 and providing France with a 'draw' on his record and not a loss. K?
06 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2006: That's fine with me, though it seems that leaving him Gib and me taking Madrid requires less juggling around. I'm ok either way.
06 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2006: I agree w poland. Final stand in gib.
06 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2006: K
06 Feb 17 UTC Autumn, 2006: All sounds good to me, I have all the territory I need so Russia/Poland message me if you need support moving anywhere and I will draw when we reach 21/21/21/1