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28 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Moderator: (bo_sox48): Countries swapped where requested, phase reset. Make sure your orders are as you want them.
28 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck everyone!
28 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Moderator: (peterwiggin): Good luck everybody. Give me something interesting to talk about!
29 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: have fun all esp to those I haven t spoken to ..
29 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: I will try not to disappoint.
29 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck to everyone. Have a great game!
29 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck everyone
02 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1901: Hello everyone! I forgot to send press today, I've been quite busy. I apologize and will be sending press now!!!
02 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1901: To all players.

There will be a slight interruption to wine production in Burgundy as the lost German farmers seem to be ripping out Vineyards to plant cabbages for Sauerkraut. This will be remedied shortly..

if you prefer cabbage to wine please aid German farmers BUT if wine and alcohol are your thing please aid France.

The cheese production has not been affected..
02 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1901: Other news :

Austria seal borders to Syria refugees.

France and Italy argue over a piece of Pie.

Norwegians start English lessons in preparations for the impending conquest.

Swedish people are confused over German and Russian language lessons.

Black sea cruise lines are still closed until a trade agreement can be reached.

and Germans attempt to take all bicycles in Holland ( again ).
03 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1901: Epic fail on my behalf..
05 May 16 UTC Spring, 1902: Cabbage moth outbreak predicted by french horticulturalists in Spring this year..

Investors in cabbage futures expect to take heavy loses.
05 May 16 UTC Spring, 1902: Other world News Turkish Cruiseline wins contracts for Black Sea Entertainment.

German factorys build war machine under the guise of cabbage farming equipment...and drain countrys resourses.

Warsaw takes advantage of limited Russian funding..

Italians state North Africa is the place to party..1/4 of armed forces seen vacationing there.

Austrian Army officials convince government that fleets are a non essential expence..
05 May 16 UTC Spring, 1902: England builds mutiple language schools in Norway..Sweden is still undecided.
07 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1902: World News:

SEV workers strike over Turkish Black Sea Cruise lines.

Italian warships do excerices off coast of crete.. Italians really like theiur Pie..

Traditional freinds Germany and England start new EC.

French troops liberate Paris.

Austrians leave capitols to vaction in country side retail sales slump in BUD and VIE..
09 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1902: World News :

Italians have eaten enough PIE and seek their own solution to Syrian refugee crisis.

England defeat Belgium and Holland in World Cup Soccer/Football qualifiers. Germany in danger of not making group stage.

England face pollution problems as factories go into overdrive.

Austria uprising in Munich prevented by cabbage farmer support .

French seek solution to by building cabbage eradication equipment.

After securing cruise rights in Black sea Turkey now negotiated with prejudice cruise line contracts in Greek islands.

Russia opens beach homes on the Swedish coast.
11 May 16 UTC Spring, 1903: German fireworks display ...the cause for lots of chatter ,,,
15 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1903: NEWS:

France open new naval trade route to Italy's concern.
England help Germnay Kiel over.

Russia and Engalnd point accusing fingers in the Nordic States.

Germans set up bunker in berlin.

Italians stop refugee crisis by resetteling them in Turkish territitory.

Austria quietly take over cabbage production..

Switzerland forgets to pay power bill.
19 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1904: News Events:

Italy and Russia take Turkish Delights.

Turkey feels that thnksgiving is arriving very early this year..

Italy Launch TYRR Cruise lines as competion heats up for Club Med memberships..

Yorkshire army arrives in BEL.. bringing steel and lots of sheep..

Austrians start to fill in those pesky cannals..

French exporeres discover greenland..

Colonists blocked by British fleet..

And it appers that the Mighty German empire is falling.

One minute silence was observed in France out of respect..

Austria just partied on dude..
20 May 16 UTC Autumn, 1904: I curious if Russia has always wanted to stab me, or if this was due to bo going on and on about how I was supposedly going to stab Russia.

Bo, if you can read this, you're the worst.