Finished: 02 PM Thu 28 Jul 16 UTC
Private 2015 GBT Finals 2
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1935, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by genghiz (13352 D)

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27 Jul 16 UTC GG. I believe that ends the tournament.
27 Jul 16 UTC Nice toss there, fairfax. I was well aware that capturing Belgium will cause a strong reaction, but I sure as hell didn't expect such an overreaction. You surely must've realized that I have neither the intentions nor the means to eliminate you, no?
27 Jul 16 UTC @genghiz: why did you refuse to eliminate Turkey? Was it because it was obvious that I couldn't draw the game with Turkey still in the game (one of the few big disadvantages if everyone plays every country once, I guess)? I sure hope so, every other reason would seem pretty out of place in such a competitive tournament.
27 Jul 16 UTC @xorxes: congratulations! You played a great series in both the finals and the first round, and I really liked your play style!
27 Jul 16 UTC @Maettu: Thanks! I think you would have won the tournament by one center with the original rules, it's kind of ironic it was you I think that proposed the change in tie-breaker.

I do think genghiz was very aware of your dilemma, no other reason for not eliminating me.
27 Jul 16 UTC I didn't propose it, but I definately supported it. This game here would have ended with a 3- or 4-way tough, which would have given me quite a comfortable win :-)
27 Jul 16 UTC Made some costly mistakes in this game here, so the outcome seems justified anyway.
27 Jul 16 UTC I have no idea what did you expect was gonna happen when you took Belgium. I was absolutely fine with you taking Edinburgh as you needed additional army for a stalemate. Taking Holland was already out of order however, but I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt there. I specifically disbanded Spain and Marseilles to try to signal I was going to throw the game if you keep touching my centers. I really have no idea what your intentions were. Did you honestly expect I'd just be fine with you taking my centers despite the fact that you absolutely don't need them? Why?
27 Jul 16 UTC Russia needed Italy to eliminate Turkey, and Italy was stubbornly refusing to do it, so he had to shake the statu quo somehow to avoid a draw that included Turkey. I thought France could have waited a little more before throwing it, but maybe not, and the game was too long already anyway. I'm not complaining though. :)
27 Jul 16 UTC Good game and good series all. I got eliminated in this game 21 years ago, so had almost forgotten about it. I was happy to make the finals, but since then outclassed.
28 Jul 16 UTC As xorxes already stated, I indeed needed Italy to eliminate Turkey to win the tournament, so I kind of had to "shake things a bit up".
28 Jul 16 UTC Wasn't it obvious enough that I continued to fight Italy, and not you from 1933 onwards? There would have been ample oportunities to stop/attempt to stop Italy in those moves - alas, you didn't, and consequently Italy won the game.
28 Jul 16 UTC I like that you're using 1933 as a time stamp unironically...
28 Jul 16 UTC I don't see how shaking things up in a way where the only possible outcome helps Italy could possibly convince him to eliminate Turkey, but alright.

Is there a thread with the results by the way? I don't see one.
28 Jul 16 UTC No, sorry, slammed at work. I'll put one up Saturday latest. I don't know if 2WL even checks the site anymore :P
28 Jul 16 UTC You convoyed an army to Edinburgh in A33. I don't see that as not fighting me, I see that as setting up to take the next center, hoping I would do nothing just like I did when you took Holland. And I don't see a weak move to Tyrolia as fighting Italy either, especially when he has his side stalemated. I can't just flip flop between throwing the game and maintaining the stalemate, especially since you gave me no incentive to, like trying to give me back my centers.
28 Jul 16 UTC That's fine Valis, was just wondering.
28 Jul 16 UTC Italy finally captured Ankara now, didn't he? So we "only" would've needed to stand him out of Brest/London and eventually push him back. Granted, that would've involved quite a bit of lucky guesswork, but his lines were far from stable and it was a risk I deemed worth taking.
Your assistance during those last few years would certainly have made things a lot easier, but theoretically it would even have been possible to lay the (shaky) foundation as late as last fall (move to London/Gas/Nor or Den, force a disband of Wales and rebuild a new unit).
28 Jul 16 UTC You are of course right, I would have gone for Liverpool next. After all it was necessary to let Italy into MAO to "shake things up". But you surely must've realized that I can't in any way possible capture Por/Spa/Mar, and - as the south is stalemated - can't consequently solo anyway.
28 Jul 16 UTC "Italy finally captured Ankara now, didn't he?"

He only captured Ankara when he had the solo guaranteed.

So we "only" would've needed to stand him out of Brest/London and eventually push him back.

Not at all, he only needs Por/Spa/Mar to solo, since you can't stalemate Sevastopol. It seems to me like you miscounted here or didn't realize you can't stalemate Svp, since you keep mentioning the same thing.

"But you surely must've realized that I can't in any way possible capture Por/Spa/Mar"

You mean, unless I let you, upon which your plan seems to relly on until this point. Even if I did let myself be reduced to Por/Spa/Mar, then I stand to risk getting cut out of the draw myself and I can't possibly just passively stand there and watch that happening.