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Finished: 11 AM Mon 08 Feb 10 UTC
Private holydiver-2
2 days /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by mcraigor (100 D)

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30 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1901: hell yea im germany....
30 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1901: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hat_Lo
sometimes star wars makes me sad
01 Dec 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Don't worry Craig.......Naples holds!
02 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: Taking a poll.

Best Buy is having a deal on a 40" 240Hz LCD Sony Tv, it comes with 5.1 home theater system and an additional bluray player for the cost of around $1800 without tax.
Or....a 46" 240Hz LCD LED Samsung with nothing additional for $2200 without tax....
What do you guys think. Go to best buy .com and check em out if it helps.
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: i would go with the first one seems better deal plus sony is better that samsung
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: Not when it comes to TVs. Sony is one step behind Samsung in that category though they are both very comparable...
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: Im just torn because I wanted the LED but to be honest a 40" will "fit" the living room just fine...but a 46" would be nice!
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: yeah everyone would like to have six more inches.....wait.....
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: Whoa there Craig, try to keep it PG bud.
03 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1901: well ok, Naples holds
05 Dec 09 UTC Spring, 1902: So you know Phil since it will affect you in about 5-7 months, I will have a 40" Samsung LED with a 5.1 Sony home theater (bluray) system...

Best Buy is dumb, they had an online ad for this tv at 1499.99 but they had it tagged at 1299.99. It rang up at the 1499.99 price and I was all like try again crazy best buy people.
05 Dec 09 UTC Spring, 1902: But now I have like $2500 dollars of debt..... : (
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: It's amazing how easily everyone bends to Phil's demands.

I take it France and Eng are done having their pissing contest.
Turkey once again is being crazy.
Germany and Eng. are in the kitchen together.
And it wasn't long ago that I heard of an Austrian-German-English alliance.

So to clarify, everyone but Italy and Russia is actively working with Eng. Thas F'ed up people.
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: LOLz...considering I was about to be crushed in another turn due to 3 people attacking me I really dont see room for complaint except on Jeffs end. He got the raw end of the deal. Also nothing Craig and I did concerned England outside of the fact phil was my only way of contacting Craig in time. Bending to his will my ass...that was my only way to insure survival and Craig stood to benefit from it. /rant
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: lol well italy lets see i could work with u who has yet to contact me i could work with russia who i learnd was about to get hit realy hard or i could work with england hmmm i think for now egland is my best choice
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: He's only about to get hit really hard cuz your in on it. I havent contacted you James cuz your a douche and I will likely never work with you.

Dale I understand your position but I still think Craig fails to understand this game. He is giving up lands he can easily take just so someone can stay alive, that is not the point of this game.

Craig you are still playing this game in almost the same manner as the first game you were in on. Did you learn nothing? Sorry if it sounds like Im being an ass but if you look at that first game and how your playing this one it's clear you still have no idea of how to do anything without conferring with Phil.
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: Phil your a silver-tongued bastard.

Kevin you are __________, I don't know what you are but it isn't an honest nice person.

I hope Phil backstabs you all.

PS - How do you quit a game?
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: Dale, Craig benefitted either way. It's unfair of you to take advantage of his childlike mind...sorry Craig but you have no idea when it comes to this game.
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: This game will now be taking the full time limit just so's yall know.
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: i have to admit i am pretty horrible at this game but i don't put a whole lot of thought into it.