Finished: 12 PM Mon 13 Apr 15 UTC
Live gunboat-377
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 258 D - Autumn, 1907, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Zmaj (215 D (B))

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12 Apr 15 UTC gg everyone, i was lucky this time
12 Apr 15 UTC What a disgraceful game.

Turkey, Austria, Germany and Italy all help Russia win again.
12 Apr 15 UTC Lucky?

Please. All I can think is to report this game.
12 Apr 15 UTC Italy, why keep attacking me when Russia was juggernauting?
12 Apr 15 UTC I was trying to help you England in the end
12 Apr 15 UTC be my guest :P
12 Apr 15 UTC This site seems full of idiots and cheats.

It's really disappointed.
12 Apr 15 UTC *disappointing.
12 Apr 15 UTC who's a cheat? me? say it openly, coward
12 Apr 15 UTC Ok
12 Apr 15 UTC ok what?
12 Apr 15 UTC First of all, I was a late replacement player for Turkey. I have no idea what he was doing. I came in with 3 SC's and did my absolute best to thwart a dominant Russia. I feel for England as he played valiantly and was the only one who saw the danger of Russia's solo. Italy played abysmally as well as France, practically handing the game to Russia.

I stalled Russia as long as possible, England kept on bravely, while France and especially Italy failed to rally and move towards Russia.
12 Apr 15 UTC Thanks Jack.

And thanks for taking over Turkey (much appreciated).
12 Apr 15 UTC You got boned Knight, no doubt about it.
12 Apr 15 UTC You got boned Knight, no doubt about it.
12 Apr 15 UTC the first turkey wasn't doing anything, and the second one had no chance to change anything. austria did his best to stop me but i was the better player, it's that simple. italy was very bad, yes.
12 Apr 15 UTC as for you, knight, i'll give you a piece of advice: check things out before accusing anyone. look at players' history, past games, if they played together before and what happened. yeah, it's work, but that's how you do it here
12 Apr 15 UTC Zmaj, I'm not accusing you of cheating. Yes, I looked at your profile, even before I made my comment. My advice to you: don't self-center everything.

That doesn't mean this site can't strike a newcomer as full of idiots and cheats (in a broad sense), particularly bad players that act as trolls and play without sportsmanship.
12 Apr 15 UTC 1. The game should have been cancelled when Turkey failed to play.
2. Austria completely abandoned the game as well.
3. Italy did nothing to attack Russia and left all of his SCs empty and free for Russia.
4. Germany abandoned the game at the moment a draw line could have been put up.

Some pretty bad play there. And that's consistent with the below-standard play I've encountered in the other live games I've played so far, even the game I won.
12 Apr 15 UTC 1. If everyone else had voted Draw, I'd have voted too. I'm against cancelling games because it encourages people to give up when they are stuck with a bad country. Drawing, on the other hand, punishes the leaver.
2. Austria did his best to stop me, it's just that he was sandwiched and I concentrated on him.
3. and 4. - I agree, very bad play, but nothing unusual.