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Finished: 10 AM Thu 02 Apr 15 UTC
New World Order-10
1 day /phase
Pot: 172 D - Autumn, 2011, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


19 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2000: [Near-East]:Good luck and have fun everyone!
19 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2000: [USA]:Have fun !
20 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2000: [China]:I just want to see someone conquer the South Pole!!
21 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2000: [Western-Canada]:First year news headlines:
Frozen Arctic Fleets caught in ice and were unable to leave home ports.
Conflicts all over the african continent.
Russia feeling a squeeze
Americans take revenge for war of 1812 while canadians recapture washington.
Argentina controls pivotal WAO
Australia Fleets control protecting waters.
21 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2000: [Ghana]:Additional News:

A possible African Unity Summit being held in neutral South Sudan soon. More on that later.

Indian officials happy to report military victories in 3 provinces, doubling the size of the country within a year.

In other new, local South African officials are surprised to report the forming of several new colonies in Antarctica. They are currently drawing straws to see which lucky South African family will get to move to this penguin-paradise in the South.

A new story from the U.S. National Enquirer states that the USA and Western Canada are in the midst of fate changing peace talks. Quebec, Brazil, and Argentina doubt this, however, and accuse the Enquirer of printing yellow journalism. The Enquirer has stated that it has NEVER printed a false story. To this, nearly every country in the world, regardless of ethnicity, ancestry, race, or religion, has facepalmed. Now back to you, Western-Canada!
21 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2000: [Ghana]:Breaking News:

The African Unity Summit to be held in South Sudan is cancelled due to a sandstorm of epic proportions. African troop movement will be delayed, without a doubt, due to this.

And in other news:

Reports of massive celebration in Europe today as Great Britain, a newly conquered province, was welcomed into the EU. As if by luck, its welcoming party corresponded with Europe's Annual Food and Wine Festival. Citizens all over the continent drunk to Great Britain and her prosperity while dining on the most exquisite dinners this side of the world.

On a less celebratory note, fighting between the USA, Quebec, and Western-Canada has made nearly all of North America a battleground. More on that story as it develops.
22 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2001: [Western-Canada]:Nations around the world build armies and navies in an unprecedented show military might.

Global war is upon us. Will it end with one dominate nation or with half dozen continental powers.
23 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2001: [Ghana]:We shall see...
23 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [Ghana]:News briefing:

South African colonizing of Antarctica has been successful to this point in time.

Meanwhile Oz invades Eastern Antarctica, posing an obvious threat to the Frozen-Antarctica.

In Central America, Argentina races to Mexico and now controls most of the Southern Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic is divided so far...

In Russia, Pacific-Russian forces have taken St. Petersburg and have been slowly expanding both westward and southward towards China.

In the Americas, Quebec, Western-Canada, and the USA have been fighting in the North, while an unguarded Mexico seems to already be in the hands of the previously mentioned Argentinians.

And finally, Europe and the Near-East's growth has been limited, and unless an alliance is in the making, this reporter doubts much growth is to be expected, due to a looming Pacific-Russia, other Russia, India, and Libya. Back to you!
23 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [Argentina]:It isn't Brian Williams reporting is it?
23 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [Ghana]:Nope, this is Ghana News 12: Ghana News, Every Six to Twelve Months.
23 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [Western-Canada]:Is there civil strife in Ghana that you can only report once or twice a year ;-)
23 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [China]:The problem is it is a World Cup year and they used all their electricity watching the Black Stars lose to the former USA.
24 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [India]:Well.. Maybe also used a part to watch India win over archrivals Pakistan and south Africa in the cricket world cup.. ;-D
24 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2001: [Ghana]:News this semester:

Algeria successfully taken by Ghana forces, while tensions over Chad continue to escalate.

Mexico taken by Argentinian forces, as predicted, while Brazilian and the United States occupy to the North and South.

North American fighting continues.

Europe advances on Scandinavia while fighting rages in the East.

Fighting for the South Pole begins between South Africa and Oz, while the Frozen-Antarctic remains just that: frozen.

Pacific-Russia and China fight for the seas on the coast of Asia. More news in a few... months that is!
27 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2002: [Brazil]:Ghanan sailors got seasick.Reported as walking around the Namib desert in search of diamonds.
04 Mar 15 UTC Autumn, 2003: [Brazil]:Our world reporters seem to be dead in the Namibian desert with the lost sailors....
05 Mar 15 UTC Spring, 2004: [Ghana]:Ghana News:

Ghana has returned only to find Africa in madness! Libya, Kenya, and South Africa seem to be all fighting each other.

Europe has greatly expanding in the last few years, and this reporter sees further expansion in the future.

Oz has taken most of Antarctica and continues to expand, with no challenges from other countries. The Frozen-Antarctic still remains frozen, pun intended.

China doesn't even look like China any more as it expands into the fallen Pacific-Russian empire.

Kazakhstan still remains under the fallen RUSSIAN empire, but with no supply centers, it could not sustain itself.

I see cooperation between India and China, a possible sign of the impending doom of all other Asian countries (sorry Pacific-Russia).

In the Americas, fighting rages while Quebec and Western-Canada seem to have gained dominance in North America. This reporter knows that although this sort of alliance is useful, it rarely lasts.

Sorry for the delay, but the news headquarters in the Congo had to be moved to Ghana due to a Kenyan invasion. Back to you!
05 Mar 15 UTC Spring, 2004: [India]:An update to the Ghana news: The people of Kazakhstan have accepted that the fall of the Russia empire due to advancements of Europe, India and near east have brought them joy and happiness and that they would love to be a part of the territory of the Indochina alliance. Other surrounding countries have also agreed to aid the alliance.

In other news, the Indochinese appeals to the pacific Russian government with utmost respect to give up the fight and look after the welfare of their people of the country which shall soon be annexed to the mighty Indochina territories.
05 Mar 15 UTC Spring, 2004: [Western-Canada]:Should not the Western Siberians be given a democratic choice. They may want to join Europe who would be closer ethnically, culturally and with language.