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Finished: 12 PM Mon 06 Oct 14 UTC
Classic is better
1 day /phase
Pot: 192 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Puebloune (608 D)

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11 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 1901: Hello, good luck, all that great stuff, I hope we can have a fun game.

that being said, friends?
11 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 1901: I say everyone against Canada!
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: two nmrs and three players who think this is gunboat...boo...
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: what do you mean they think its gunboat?
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: they haven't sent any messages, in a game where sending messages is kinda important.
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: I find it hard to know what to say in global-only chat. Kinda kills the intrigue of the game a bit. Gl HF though :)
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: ahh gotcha. Gunboat is more like a chess game. It's true that there is less "diplomacy" :)
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: there's tons of intrigue in a global only, such as trying to convey messages and create alliances despite everyone else able to see them. When played with people who do talk, it can be a really fun variant.
alas, if those two miss again, I propose we cancel/draw
12 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: Austria showing up, we may have a game.
13 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1901: right, I'm still placing a vote, but it's up to the majority.
Hey Germany, it's your lucky day, you get Belgium guarenteed. I would recomend a unit in kiel to support hold holland as that's britains only chance to escape.
13 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 1902: hi, germany. ithink this global forum is not the exactly way the game was conceived.
anyway, i am leaving belgium right now, going picardy, supportted by english channel. you can take belgium without resistance.
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: Now's the time for everyone to complain that someone picked up Turkey's CD.

Sorry folks.

And also, you're welcome to others.
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: all fine, interesting things can happen now
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: @Italy: A large reason why I joined was due to your fleet move to Tunis (no immediate Lepanto). I truly hope we can grow together -- with my ultimate goal is to produce land units (keep threat away from you). Objectively Germany is the threat and has a comfort zone on all sides (French help on west / undefended Russia on east / tied up Austria on south). I request you think about building an army in Rome and give yourself options by utilizing PIE/TYR/BOH. It will keep Germany & France in check, and also give you options in Austria. If I'm your target, you'll get units buried too far away and France will come racing after a quick English demise (against 2 players).

@Russia: I will be clear that I will try and get Bulgaria with Italian support. Do not consider this a call to war. I merely need an outlet to start and play the game. I realize a quick demise of your country would accelerate the growth of Germany and put him ahead of everyone else by far; so I do not with your quick death at all. I know you have a disband, so I request you disband Bulgaria in my favor, and in return I could help you into Rumania.

@ Austria: Hey. I agree to DMZ Galicia.
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: yuo cant be friend with everyone, choosing your allies is mostly about choosing your enemies :)
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: <Turkey declares WAR against Austria!>
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: that's what my message implied...
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: good, now we're talking the same langage!

Let's get Bulgaria for you to start with?
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: Thank you. My countrymen are in gratitude.
15 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 1902: of course, I am expecting some grattitude back, we'll see when we get there :)