Finished: 03 PM Thu 08 May 14 UTC
Private Speaking of Spells
1 day /phase
Pot: 25 D - Autumn, 14, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by shigzeo (1080 D)
10 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: Okay no more moving Egypt.
10 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: Cheeky...
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: We all hold until the upcoming build phase is over right?
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: I'm holding...
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: Yes, all holding. No moves, Egypt.
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: I'm holding.
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: If you ready your moves this turn will speed up. Moves are never entered if you don't save or ready them.
11 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 5: When the spring hits, it is Carthage and Rome vs Egypt and Persia. But keep this channel open for strategy advice. This game is for strategic understanding of the game. Learn while you can.
12 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 6: I've got a question.
An army can not convoyed and support move at the same time right?
That is, a convoyed army move can be supported by another non-convoy move but not the other way around.
12 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 6: Any movement can be supported providing it doesn't break the rules. An army never can support a fleet into a water territory. But an army or fleet adjacent to a final destination can support the move. The move it must support is the convoy, and not the fleet movement. So army Byzantium support army Neapolitan to Macedonia works if the convoy works. As with all other moves, a convoy can be interrupted. A support ensures that at least the final step is preserved, and comes with the force of two pieces.
12 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 6: Okay, it's war time!
13 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 6: Naturally Miletus was crushed... But since I don't have anywhere to retreat, what happens? I can't choose a location, and I can't ready my move without choosing a location... So we're stuck with a full day cycle...
13 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 6: Figured it out... Didn't realize I could choose to disband...
13 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 6: That was a buzzkill.
16 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 7: Global mechanics question here... What is the value in delaying a build (I see that as an option)? I can't think of why that would be done voluntarily...
16 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 7: Perhaps you are unable to properly move it in a specified turn and/or the piece you WANT to build you cannot because of occupied territories. For instance, you want to build a fleet, and have one piece to build, but cannot becuase your coastal territories are occupied.
16 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 7: Rather than building something you don't need, you can build somethingyou need at a later time.
17 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 8: Ah... Makes sense.
17 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 8: Guys, success on this map is really contingent on fleets. It isn't always like that. This map is tricky.
19 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 8: Oh no Persia missed a turn. This is bad news.
20 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 8: Yeah, I was away from civilization the last two days.
I'm back now. I'll see what I can do to survive, I guess.
20 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 8: If necessary, we could turn to all-out war one versus the other as both you and Egypt have missed a turn and are at a disadvantage now.
22 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 9: how's everyone doing?
22 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 9: Not so good, as evident from the map.
I'm willing to let this game take its course and just see how long I can survive and see if I can learn a thing or two.
22 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 9: Okay good, we can do that. If you want, we can make it a free-for-all, where each of us have to defend our own lands. I only say this because of the total three turns missed by your team. We could turn this into proper diplomacy if you want. Make your own teams, take down who you want.

The missing three turns sort of wrecked the team element for the right side of the map.
22 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 9: Okay, vote seems to favour staying the course. So, we'll keep fighting. Persia and Egypt: likely you won't be able to turn this around, but you may come up with some devastating defensive flips. If I see anything, I'll note it.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 10: Egypt: good try with the convoy. That would have been a coup. Persia didn't pull through with it though, which ruined your plans. And I held. Good plan though.
03 May 14 UTC Spring, 12: New gunboat game on the world map going here:
04 May 14 UTC Autumn, 12: Okay, time to kill Persia!

Egypt, you are part of the plan now. We'll try to get you two more spots so that you can get three SC out of this and not a kill.
04 May 14 UTC Spring, 13: Hey Egypt, head out to Nabatea, and you can move up to take/hold Damascus then we can split up Sidon and Antioch before we're done.
05 May 14 UTC Spring, 13: Carthage: can you support me into Sidon. You or Egypt can take the SC at Tyre. It's yours. But I want to kill off Persia ASAP.
05 May 14 UTC Spring, 13: I will move: tyre to sidon
05 May 14 UTC Spring, 13: Ok... I'll take Sidon and leave Jerusalem open for Egypt.
05 May 14 UTC Autumn, 13: cheers
05 May 14 UTC Autumn, 13: Tyre, I meant...
05 May 14 UTC Autumn, 13: So the endgame, as I see it:

Egypt moves to Jerusalem this turn, then Arabia and Damascus the following two turns
Carthage takes Cyprus this turn
Next turn Rome takes Antioch

Then once Damascus is safely Egypt's, we call it a day.

What do you think? Or Egypt can just make a beeline for Damascus and we'll end a turn early...
05 May 14 UTC Autumn, 13: Sounds good to me.
05 May 14 UTC Autumn, 13: Nice convoy star
06 May 14 UTC Am I taking Antioch and Damascus then?
06 May 14 UTC I thought I was taking Damascus and Rome was taking Antioch.
07 May 14 UTC Ah... I expected you to move to Arabia this last turn... That's fine.
07 May 14 UTC Ya, I wasnt thinking. I'm moving this turn.
07 May 14 UTC We can end this game this turn, all of us surviving with a draw, or we can pull a victor and the other two survive.
07 May 14 UTC Strangely, my moves didn't go through.
07 May 14 UTC I guess this leads to the question, what would the difference be?
07 May 14 UTC Actually, I think the game ends if Rome takes another SC... I don't mind just surviving...
07 May 14 UTC What happens in a draw situation? Would we all leave with what we're "worth" at the time? How many people have to agree to the draw?
07 May 14 UTC Just curious...
07 May 14 UTC DRAW: everyone left splits the points. Survivors get (DRAWN +1) in their profile.
WIN: points are split as seen now at the bottom of the screen. Survivors get (survived +1) in their profile.

I made this game low buy in so that no one would lose points. In WEBdiplomacy, if you go below 100 points, you will be topped up to 100 after a game is completed, no matter what. So points isn't what this game will help with. Just matters if you want DRAWN or SURVIVED in your profile.
07 May 14 UTC Whoa... I guess we finished it there. Who hit 'ready'? Sorry I was ready to change to give Sidon away or DRAW.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

shigzeo (1080 D)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 14 D
19 supply-centers, 17 units
fillbish (188 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D, won: 10 D
13 supply-centers, 13 units
Survived. Bet: 5 D, won: 2 D
2 supply-centers, 1 units
MarqueeK (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
jpuddy (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Civil Disorders
MarqueeK (100 D)Persia (Autumn, 12) with 5 centres.
jpuddy (100 D)Greece (Spring, 3) with 4 centres.
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