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Finished: 05 PM Sun 30 Mar 14 UTC
Lets play live gunboat-21
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 116 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by PiC (2166 D)

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29 Mar 14 UTC Good Game
29 Mar 14 UTC Good game, bravo PiC...
29 Mar 14 UTC Good Game
29 Mar 14 UTC Congratulations to you. Lucky you, that i had "Shit for Brain" as France beside me.
29 Mar 14 UTC I know you could have easily stopped me haha
29 Mar 14 UTC Everything he did after S 05 was moronic and stupid. :D
29 Mar 14 UTC First he made a four way draw out of a three way, then he gave you the win. If i didnt know better i would be screaming multi.
29 Mar 14 UTC I cant really be proud of this one... Turkey and Italy CD then France poaching your land instead of stopping me
30 Mar 14 UTC Then why did you take it and didnt draw as would have been proper?
30 Mar 14 UTC pffffffffff hahahahaaahahahaha
30 Mar 14 UTC I mean France is relativly new and probably a little brain damaged, so i don't hate him for the stupid shit he did.... you should have known better.
30 Mar 14 UTC Cause i just got eliminated as Austria ten minutes before this one started because Italy, Turkey and Russia all came for me
30 Mar 14 UTC Whatever, i don't really care. Would have thrown the game your way anyway had i come close to being eliminated.
30 Mar 14 UTC in my defense i didn't attack italy unitl he came after me when he finally showed up
30 Mar 14 UTC But with 2 CDs to not even offer a cancel is poor sportsmanship imo.
30 Mar 14 UTC I had it up you were the only one at one point without it
30 Mar 14 UTC The last time i refreshed you had neither Draw nor Cancel offered.
30 Mar 14 UTC When you still had more centers then me the year I took Naples I had both draw and cancel up and had it there fr the start
30 Mar 14 UTC Hm, your last win was given to you by an account now banned as multi. Nice, gotta have enjoyed that one. :D
30 Mar 14 UTC Oh, the one before that had a CD _and_ a account now banned as multi. You have some kind of streak.