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Finished: 09 PM Mon 28 Apr 14 UTC
Heal the world
12 hours /phase
Pot: 128 D - Spring, 2013, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
24 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Western-Canada]:Kenya, please attack Rio to kill Bra's support. From Bra I'll be able to support you in next spring, as promised. FA, please support yourself to Scr as agreed to. Should only be one rogue center in SA after this year.
24 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Frozen-Antarctica]:Yup, will do.
24 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Western-Canada]:Just had to convoy that army, didn'tcha? We've got big problems if Kenya disappears by the way.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:My good neighbor Antarctica has, and will never have, any problem with me. Snotty upstarts that whine, provoke, and stab, however, are another matter. Good neighbor, since Kenya has seen fit to ignore all of my peaceful entreaties, would you like to join me in attacking him?
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Western-Canada]:Jeez China can you pretend for a minute that you're talking to another human being?
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:Withdraw from Chinese waters and earn my respect, and my neglect. A draw can follow.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Kenya]:I'm still here.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:We missed you. Would you be willing to make peace? I have no desire for your territory. We could establish DMZs between us.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Kenya]:Give me back GB, NW Indian and Arabian Sea. Stay out of the Indian.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Kenya]:Obviously disband MCh
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:I am prepared to evacuate Mozambique Channel and NW Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, but only on condition that we demilitarize Arabian Sea and NW Indian. Each of us needs them only to attack the other; and I prefer that neither of us does so. I would be willing to give you Iraq in exchange for Britain; which I think is fair. I'd also like to demilitarize Eastern Europe (Poland, Austria-Hungary, and the Balkans, also the Baltic Sea). This should be the basis for a just and lasting peace. If you want to draw after that, or join me against Canada, you will have my full and unqualified support. If you wish to attack Antarctica, I will not be able to join you in that, as I consider him to be a good and honorable neighbor and friend. I am prepared to be a good neighbor and ally to you. Will you have me?
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Kenya]:I'm not going to DMZ my own coastline. On pain of repetition- if you want me to DMZ NW Indian, then you DMZ Yellow Sea, SCS and the entire pacific so you also have no exit for your own fleets. Arabian Sea is also mine. I made you a fair offer. Take it or we can go back and forth and I can kick you out of Arabian and NW Indian again- this time I'll set an alarm so I don't miss my turns.
25 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:Okay. That, I understand. I will withdraw from Mozambique Channel and NW Indian Ocean in exchange for the other DMZ's, including Arabian Sea; but excluding NW Indian, which I would cede to you. You would have to agree to stay out of NE Indian, however. Your point about your own coast is valid; but this is now fair. What do you say?
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Kenya]:I'll dmz the Arabian as a compromise- if gb is also returned. You provoked a conflict by occupying my coasts and so naturally that should be returned.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Frozen-Antarctica]:Well China - I haven't had any real qualms with Kenya for quite a while now, since he willingly left my borders a few years ago. However, Kenya - if you miss any more turns, my troops might just get the urge to go wandering...

But we're very close to a draw now anyway.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Kenya]:Lol, okay FA.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Kenya]:WC, WAO > Rio in case you're still keeping to that agreement. I won't ask for more than that as it looks like we'll both need to focus on China.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [China]:Kenya, Please accept my apology for having earlier occupied your coast. Can you accept Iraq in lieu of Britain? I fear that I really need Britain as an outpost against Canada; but I do not begrudge you the additional center.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [China]:Kenya, As I understand it, this would mandate Baltic Sea, Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, and Arabian Sea as demilitarized zones; and I would be obliged to withdraw from Arabian Sea, NW Indian Ocean, and Mozambique Channel (please allow me to move them all Eastward, into the Northern Pacific Ocean area); and you would be obliged to vacate Poland and Austria-Hungary; and to refrain from moving North or East of the NW Indian Ocean. I will no longer obstruct your capture of Iraq; and neither of us would intrude on the other's forces, or existing or future centers or territories, for the remainder of the game. Have I captured our agreement correctly?
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:Kenya do you see how generous China is in offering you a center he doesn't own? If you support me into NWG from Lab I can help you get Britain soon enough. Rio is all yours, but I need to cover my ass against the rogue Brazilian. Please do not convoy an army though. My desire is to DMZ the whole continent except for a couple of defensive fleets, and any army is a threat to that goal.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:Kenya, would you mind taking Uruguay actually? It's all the same to you but I'd rather have all of my centers connected, so I'll slide up the coast to Rio while you take Uruguay, ok?
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Kenya]:China- return GB and nobody takes Iraq. WC- give me rio first per our agreement and afterwards I'll trade it for Uruguay. For now I need the build.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Kenya]:Sorry; I'm not asking for generosity but rather what I had before it was taken. Make me whole again and we can demilitarize those other territories.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [China]:Kenya, I think we are very close to peace here. I do not begrudge you the supply center of Britain; but if I am to continue fighting Canada, especially without your help, I will really need that position. In contrast, that position can't mean anything to you. Why can't I simply compensate you with another center. Surly the position of Iraq should be more valuable to you than the position of Britain. Is one center worth more to you than another? Isn't what I most recently proposed the most fair, equitable, and functional of solutions? Now if you want to declare a 4-way draw at any time, I will support it; but with Canada breathing down my neck, I don't see how I can sacrifice the position of Britain. Alternatively, however, if you can get Canada to withdraw his fleets from that vicinity (and remember, he took Godthab from me in an unprovoked attack), I will happily surrender Britain. What do you say?
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:I'm moving to Sao, dude. Just move to Rio. Brazil isn't nearby and FA is a friendly enough chap. You can get the build now either way.

Haha unprovoked attack. Good one, Chinaman.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [China]:Child, no one is interested in hearing from you.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Frozen-Antarctica]:I'd be happy to take Uruguay since no one seems to want it :)
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:I think I'll hang out there, FA, though we appreciate the offer!

Hear that guys? China lost Greenland to a child.
25 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:BTW FA, can you explain why the army is in Scr? Why was that such an important goal?
26 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Frozen-Antarctica]:Same reason you did lol. Just solidifying my position.

And do us all a favor and figure out Iraq between the 2 of you, otherwise NE just hangs around and prevents a draw should we all want one.
26 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [Western-Canada]:Yeah. As much animosity as there is floating around here, I don't think anyone wants to play for another 10 years just to get 40D instead of 30.
26 Apr 14 UTC Spring, 2012: [China]:I am prepared to take it, or to cede it to Kenya to compensate him for the loss of Britain.
26 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Frozen-Antarctica]:What's with the attempted move to SEP Canada?
26 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Western-Canada]:What's with the move to Mendoza? Clearly I wasn't trying to actually take it since Chile just held, but I am glad now I bounced you. Are you getting bored in the pre-draw interim?
26 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:WC, will you keep pressure on Norwegian Sea? I need to get into NE Atl and North Sea to get GB back.
26 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:Looks like China might be fixing to have a disband this year. Thank you for holding to our deal about Rio- I'm going to be focused on China from here out so I won't ask for anything else down there.
26 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Western-Canada]:Great, Kenya. China wasn't just jabbering when he kept going on about his friendship with FA. I'm worried about that move to Mendoza and the double support to SWI. It's becoming clear that if he doesn't go for the draw he's going to help China win.
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:I've never had a problem with FA and I've let him keep most of the Indian Ocean and use south Africa's coastline. I think FA and I both understand that trying to invade eachother would be pretty futile. I still have 4 builds plus whatever I get from this turn to put down.
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [China]:Antarctica has always been a good and honorable neighbor. Did I miss a move? I am playing 16 games; and I have been out all day; I may have most track.
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:FA, why enter WAO? I'd like access to rio...
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Western-Canada]:And he booted me out of Uruguay, Kenya. What we gained from China's temporary absence we seem to have lost in FA aggression. The game SHOULD be over now though, unless FA gets greedy.
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:China would have lost Turkey and Iraq to me regardless of whether or not he entered his turns.
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Frozen-Antarctica]:Didn't you specifically want to move out of Uruguay WC? Something about "connecting your units..."

Anyway, I was indeed worried that someone might miss a turn, but why are we still sniping at each other. Let us draw if we all agree (which seems to be the case).
27 Apr 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [China]:I'm in for the draw.
27 Apr 14 UTC [Western-Canada]:Tensions are high, FA, that's all. Uruguay was for Ken though, not you!
27 Apr 14 UTC [Frozen-Antarctica]:Like I said before, I'm good with a draw, but also happy to keep playing. The 7 point wager in this game is hardly concerning (and I doubt the 2 point difference between a 3 and 4 way draw is concerning for anyone else either) lol
27 Apr 14 UTC [Western-Canada]:It's not about the points to me--it's finals week and I'm designing my own board game so I prefer not being obliged to order my gobs of fleets around every 12 hours.
28 Apr 14 UTC [Kenya]:Gg y'all, I wanted to enter my moves but this pussy just won't let me...
28 Apr 14 UTC [Frozen-Antarctica]:Fun game gents, look forward to playing with y'all again.
28 Apr 14 UTC [Western-Canada]:There's Kenya ending things on a classy note. GG.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

awmunro (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 7 D, won: 32 D
27 supply-centers, 23 units
Ruisdael (1524 D)
Drawn. Bet: 7 D, won: 32 D
23 supply-centers, 23 units
Norman Conquest (1218 D)
Drawn. Bet: 7 D, won: 32 D
22 supply-centers, 22 units
dagabs0 (24497 D)
Drawn. Bet: 7 D, won: 32 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
karlos (698 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
bpq (814 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
helms (100 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Defeated. Bet: 4 D
Kargo013 (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Pisacraneos (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Jonny3x37 (100 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Vampiero (3525 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Blue Baboon (755 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
redfury (115 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
johnrodjohn (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Yakoska (496 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Civil Disorders
MrHarvie (100 D)Ghana (Autumn, 2003) with 4 centres.
All-Terrian-Mexican (100 D)Pacific-Russia (Autumn, 2000) with 3 centres.
ryan_kingstone (100 D)Ghana (Autumn, 2007) with 0 centres.
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