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Finished: 11 AM Sat 15 Mar 14 UTC
Modern - You say L'viv, I say L'vov
1 day /phase
Pot: 102 D - Spring, 2001, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


14 Feb 14 UTC Spring, 1994: Good game to all
25 Feb 14 UTC Autumn, 1996: Hi theire, i joined Poland to keep that game rolling for you.
05 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 1998: does anyone notice italy's unfettered growth?
05 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 1998: Hey, what's that over there?
11 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: Seems like everyone has an ally they can't afford to turn on, plus Egypt. 7 way draw? I feel surrounded.
12 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: It's obvoius that you Italy fells surrounded with 20/21 SCs... you're simply too big...
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: Turkey, Britan , what do you say on the idea of a draw ?
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: I am in!
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: then click the 'draw' button below buddy!
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: Give me a year to handle Egypt first.
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: Done...
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: But Spain please must go back...
13 Mar 14 UTC Autumn, 2000: Otherwise Italy will win...
14 Mar 14 UTC Russia and Turkey we're waiting you for the draw...
14 Mar 14 UTC You know what Egypt I will let you off this time. Good game to all.
14 Mar 14 UTC Italy, I don't know why you accepted a draw...you had a more commanding position that that. Anyway, thanks for letting me survive y'all!
14 Mar 14 UTC Good game folks. I do think if Turkey and Spain were both game for it, we could have swept north for a three way draw. But that kind of end game is pretty boring once the alliances are set unless you're going for the solo, and I'm totally surrounded in the center so it was going to be a draw anyway.
14 Mar 14 UTC Thanks for the game nobody can win a solo and perhaps in next yaer we'ld see some change in the alliances set...