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Finished: 07 PM Fri 07 Feb 14 UTC
Fast Europe-272
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Kraeklyn (318 D)

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Chat archive


07 Feb 14 UTC good game
07 Feb 14 UTC Idiot in England - just an idiot!!!
07 Feb 14 UTC gg?
07 Feb 14 UTC sorry Strauss! ... but when i toke St. Pet the game was already over nevertheless
07 Feb 14 UTC LOL!
07 Feb 14 UTC gg Austria
07 Feb 14 UTC well ... one can argue about that Strauss ... one could say ... Germany just had to put up draw at the beginning and stop attacking the CD frenchman
07 Feb 14 UTC I am surprised at you Tibarius
07 Feb 14 UTC I put up my cancel ... which is what should have happened ... nobody wanted to cancel so I played on. WtG
07 Feb 14 UTC yeah Germany ... you alone had cancel put up - so i expected you to Switch to draw
07 Feb 14 UTC in the end Austria just sacked it ... because Michigan Man had to express his Frustration by playing pro Austria ... i think we could have hold a draw ...
07 Feb 14 UTC why? it's not a draw situation...it's a cancel situation...and you couldn't do anything ... why not move north in full force? I have NO fleets! All you did was bang your head against a wall and keep me from confronting Austria ... such a shame.
07 Feb 14 UTC Anyway - i have no bad feelings towards anyone - was my mistake to not counter Austria in the med earlier.
07 Feb 14 UTC why shouldn't I let AH win? You were being stupid ... I tried to go confront him and you STILL attacked me. WTF?
07 Feb 14 UTC yeah - Turkey had neither cancel nor draw ... so i had to Play on MM and give my best to have a strong Position myself
07 Feb 14 UTC i already stopped attacking you for the last 4 moves (or the like) - there was still something able - you disbanded berlin for example ....
07 Feb 14 UTC That's the point, he stabbed both (G and R) who face an Austrian solo. What a shame, what a stupid sucide express...
07 Feb 14 UTC but why continually attack me when I was OBVIOUSLY trying to confront Austria? I had only armies and was stuck. You had only fleets. It's dumb dude.
07 Feb 14 UTC You stopped too late. You should have been all in working against Russia and moving south. I had ONLY armies and posed no threat to you anywhere ... but you wou;dn't stop attackig me
07 Feb 14 UTC Look at all my armies ...sitting on the coast because YOU wouldn't let me move into the center because I was defending against your idiotic attacks. I tried to move away en mass and you just took from me. So, fuck it ... let AH have his win.