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Finished: 10 PM Sun 02 Feb 14 UTC
Fast Europe-267
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1905, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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02 Feb 14 UTC OF course Kangaroo kid resigns when things goes bad. That's twice hes done it to me.
02 Feb 14 UTC What was up with that cancel vote earlier? Why did that happen?
02 Feb 14 UTC Pleasure playing with everyone. And Dipper - you made things quite interesting.
02 Feb 14 UTC Also - did anyone else lose connection to the site for a minute or two?
02 Feb 14 UTC Good game guys! Thanks for keeping me alive france :)
02 Feb 14 UTC IT was when England first NMRed
02 Feb 14 UTC Good game, all.
02 Feb 14 UTC Of course. Once I committed South based on the English support, I was more interested in having the two of you fight each other than in helping either one.
02 Feb 14 UTC No lost connection here.
02 Feb 14 UTC Ya, It sucked he left after I landed in Yorkshirre
02 Feb 14 UTC anyone up for another?
02 Feb 14 UTC Oh shit, last two games I got Austria. Austria or Russia are my nemesis...
02 Feb 14 UTC E/G, why did you guys want the draw?
02 Feb 14 UTC I mean F and G.
02 Feb 14 UTC gameID=13492

And because it becomes a skewed game that's not fair to the other players. It is my custom to draw skewed games so that the person gets a resign on their record. I am equally amenable to cancel, and had the cancel vote up for a while, but I prefer that they get the mark of a quitter.
02 Feb 14 UTC Virtuslex, you were on a roll. Why quit?
02 Feb 14 UTC People like E don't care. In your place, I'd have kept playing. That said, I think you played a great game.
02 Feb 14 UTC Dipper - I was on a roll and could possibly have soloed (would have required me to attack G earlier, and unlikely given the quality of game Czech and Chaqa play). But consider that would have required me to take the time of five other players in a game that wasn't fair. Consider that in your own future games. A polite rule of thumb in live games is that if there is a game altering CD, you should draw or cancel. That's why you saw four votes immediately.
02 Feb 14 UTC Ya, I thnk you and I would of had a epic battle
02 Feb 14 UTC prob would of turned into a stalemate line but Idk since I had control of the northern seas