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Pot: 7007 D - Autumn, 1913, Finished
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19 Jan 14 UTC GG.
19 Jan 14 UTC Gg Dipper,well played. It was a nice try for the solo,you were right to go with it considering the Italian strategy.
@anlari,well,what to say,eh?
19 Jan 14 UTC Thanks - I thought it was worth a shot. If I'd made it into Boh (and not screwed up the convoy to Lvn), I had a chance. But once you got into Bohemia, it was over. Nice game by all.
19 Jan 14 UTC I was Russia, enough said :)
19 Jan 14 UTC Excatly,this was the last turn in which I could have entered Bohemia if Italy had continued bouncing me.
19 Jan 14 UTC No,Roka,I was Russia,look!:)
19 Jan 14 UTC Stupid move to EC in 03 blew up my game. Was doing well before that. England is probably my least favorite country at the moment.

Congrats, Dipper, Split, and Anlari. :)
19 Jan 14 UTC Split: hahahaha, I laughed out loud, seriously :D
19 Jan 14 UTC anlari: how was your first big pot game? I know I invited you, hence I would appreciate a little feedback, how did it feel from the inside compared to those you usually play?
19 Jan 14 UTC It seems he plays non-wta a lot.I realy didn't understand his game at all. From the moment when he entered Adriatic I was sure France would solo the game. And he fought for Trieste even in the end,hilarious!
19 Jan 14 UTC I think Italy played okay. He saw the solo threat and stopped it. Trying to get into Boh instead of supporting you in was legit, and would have sealed the door just like Austria moving there. I considered pulling back all my armies and putting a fleet in St Pet to tempt into trying for a two-way. Anlari, would you have moved against Austria again for a two-way if I pulled back from Sil/Pru?
19 Jan 14 UTC Thanks for the game and congrats to F,I and A, I am happy I was part a game with such high ranked players.
England , even if you not at the and I think you played a great defense game that I was not able to break :-(
19 Jan 14 UTC Agreed. England played tough defense.
19 Jan 14 UTC @Dipper I doubt you would leave Warsaw and Moscow alone as I was ready in every turn to move all my units down south again as soon as a single unit of his would have moved nortwards.
19 Jan 14 UTC Enjoyed playing with you, el maestro. I hope you join in on another high pot game.
19 Jan 14 UTC @SD, yeah, I'm sure you would have. But I had nothing to lose by pulling back. I was going to try it, but decided there was about zero chance he'd take the risk for a two-way, fearing I'd end up getting Moscow somehow. I'm just curious if he'd have gone for it.
19 Jan 14 UTC It IS possible now in the end,I saw the possibility as well.You would have to leave Sil/Pru/Stp away enough to be more away from War/Mos then his units.And not to move it back when he takes Vie/Bud/Rum and I disband all north units.But I think you wouldn't miss the oportunity to take War/Mos in that case.
19 Jan 14 UTC I was talking about earlier events though,take a look at the map when I disbanded Berlin and tell me it wasn't clear you had the open road for the solo in case he had continued attacking me.And then look what he does in the next year.@Anyone else - am I wrong about it?
19 Jan 14 UTC Hi, thanks for inviting Rokakoma, there is definitely a major difference from the lower pot games I am used to - It takes a lot more strategizing here, but it is also more rewarding as no one ruins your game by behaving erratically. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A few points:

1- It was pretty obvious to me in 1906 that this would likely head to a 3 way draw. I thought I had a minor chance to slip through with a good stab, and it looked like my chances were better with Austria because:

i- It would have taken me 2 years just to get to the French coast, and even then it would have been easy for him to defend.
ii- Similarly, it would be hard for France to interfere against me, but I could not say the same for Austria with his fleet in Greece in case I attacked France
iii- I did not expect the German-English line to collapse so rapidly - I think, ironically, Austria's best defensive maneuver against me was to take Berlin. In many ways, that forced the ending we had.

2- I did not fight for Trieste, I just wanted to swap it with Serbia to shorten our border, but there wasn't much point of taking it by then. I think in the end I wasn't too late to change direction to stop France. We may have fought for a turn or two longer than necessary, but I don't think it risked a solo.

3- I am not sure why Austria insisted on putting his own army to Boh - If anything, extra army there would help / not harm. At first, I thought he may change his mind and support me, in which case not moving would be a big mistake as neither of us would order there. Once I realized he wouldn't, I reverted to supporting as well.

4- Regardless of how far he withdraws, I don't think France could credibly promise not to solo if I went for a two-way draw. It would only work if he gave me Marseilles and Spain, perhaps, but then I could have gone for the solo.
19 Jan 14 UTC Russia, why disband Sev in 1906?
19 Jan 14 UTC Good comments - thanks.
19 Jan 14 UTC anlari: I am happy to hear that, that's exactly what I am trying to say small pot players all the time, that it's different "up here" :) I'm honestly happy you've experienced it and you see it the same way.

About the game, and you comments, well, I wasn't following this game at all, I was Russia :) that purple splosh which usually is cleaned up first :)
19 Jan 14 UTC Great EOG anlari,I agree with everything what you pointed out here.
That was the exact reason why I took Berlin - to help Germany collapse soon and to make France a solo threat - nothing ironicaly about that.
The problem was you didn't see that threat even after I disbanded Berlin and you kept attacking me.Some other Austrias would have given the solo to France in some other games.
I hope you can agree attacking Austria after I had taken Berlin was a wrong call.
19 Jan 14 UTC "Some other Austrias would have given the solo to France in some other games."

Split I already wanted to comment earlier, but after this sentence I MUST, my original comment would have been:

"Split that's the difference between you and MichiganMan, you don't throw the game just because Italy was pressing Trieste"
19 Jan 14 UTC Of course.You can immagine how tough was to disband Vienna and Budapest in winter '09! But I was hoping he would open his eyes finaly.It was allmost too late,allmost!
19 Jan 14 UTC OK, you have a good point there. I should have stopped immediately when you disbanded Berlin, if not when you took it.

I think part of me was hoping either to surprise France with a build in Nap and snatch a couple of SCs, or that you would collapse very rapidly. Playing low pot games does that to you.
19 Jan 14 UTC Yeah,that's what I think too,after Berlin disband it was just suicidal to attack Austria.
You just needed to realize France only needed Warsaw or Moscow for the solo at that moment.He can defend Spa/Mar easily,nothing you can do down there.
Regarding fighting Trieste - I'm talking about fall '11 - you didn't think another Austrian army could have helped us a bit? Instead of - let's say - fleet Ankara or Adriatic?
19 Jan 14 UTC Good discussion.

I think Split's explanation of why he took Berlin to speed French growth is an example of why he's such a great player. Most people, including me, have a tendency to avoid actions that help the leader, but he knew that it would help him gain a share of the draw. Well done!
19 Jan 14 UTC Well,I didn't take it because I thought I could have kept it. Or because I was going to solo the game. I don't sneak into sc-s with a single unit just to have it for a year. I realized Italy was about to attack and I needed you Dipper.
19 Jan 14 UTC lol. It was nice to be needed. But seriously, I admire your skill and creativity. You often put my generally competent but workmanlike efforts to shame.
19 Jan 14 UTC I think I misused the word workmanlike. Substitute "uninspired", and it conveys the correct feeling. Watching the really good players, I feel like the character Salieri in the movie "Amadeus". He wants to be great, and is proud of his work. But when he hears Mozart's work he realizes the difference between good and great.
19 Jan 14 UTC Well,you are exaggerating now DD:) I just had a lot of time to think about it before all the others submited their moves.I changed some orders in that turn too.
Take a look - I realized I couldn't defend both Greece and Bulgaria for sure.So I've "dislocated" the support of Serbia from Greece to Rumania and the support of Galicia from Rumania to Warsaw so I had Silesia free. I left Gre&Bul alone knowing only one can be taken but only with a fleet so Italy can't proceed further from there. Basicaly I just gambled a bit!:)
20 Jan 14 UTC Fall 2011 was just messing around - by that point I was quite sure that you had things under control. Only problem was a possible slip up with Boh (not because we wouldn't have sufficient support, but because we may both decide to support and no one moves)

I was actually surprised how easy Gre and Bul fell. I thought you could have stopped me if you managed to keep me out of Alb.

Finally, I like how France acted like he was going for a 3 way draw until 1911 to make Austria pull back, and then went for a sneak attack :)
20 Jan 14 UTC That's a good explanation about Trieste anlari,I agree with it completely:)
As you were messing arround you can understand why I insisted on Bohemia - me too couldn't have taken chances with both of us supporting eachother there.Besides why would I leave the army in Vienna unoccupied? So you can stab me easier when France invites you to it?
Gre&Bul --> I needed to disband the fleet so I could build another army.And it was clear I couldn't defend Serbia and Bulgaria in a long term so why to be forced to disband those armies when I could have found the safe corner in Russia to put them there and to form the stalemate line for a future draw?
21 Jan 14 UTC Yes, it does all fit in place with the strategy of taking Berlin.

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DipperDon (6457 D)
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17 supply-centers, 17 units
anlari (8640 D)
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11 supply-centers, 11 units
SplitDiplomat (101466 D)
Drawn. Bet: 1001 D, won: 2336 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
Barn3tt (41969 D)
Defeated. Bet: 1001 D
el_maestro (14888 D (B))
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The Czech (43126 D (S))
Defeated. Bet: 1001 D
rokakoma (19138 D)
Defeated. Bet: 1001 D
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