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Finished: 06 PM Fri 27 Dec 13 UTC
You're on your own
16 hours /phase
Pot: 169 D - Autumn, 1907, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Pitsche (281 D)

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Chat archive


26 Dec 13 UTC Congrats to Russia , although i think you and Germany had some communication/agreement what is wrong in a "No in-game messaging" !
26 Dec 13 UTC I would be interested in getting an EOG from Germany
26 Dec 13 UTC Ok, he's a noob ..... he hasn't got a clue !!
26 Dec 13 UTC gameID=130232
26 Dec 13 UTC Oh dear - UserId 57536 & UserId 57538 both joined on 26th November, can't wait to find out who 57537 is !! Are you going to lets the Mods know England ??
26 Dec 13 UTC Sorry 25th not 26th
26 Dec 13 UTC i did sent a message
26 Dec 13 UTC thx for looking at the id nr's Nigee
26 Dec 13 UTC *screaming at computer screen for several game years* "What the hell is wrong with you Germany? Help stop the solo!"

*suddenly notices it doesn't say 'winner take all' at the top of the screen* "What the hell is wrong with you Hazel-Rah? You weren't paying attention and joined a points per supply center gunboat game!"

*thinks about it further* "Fuck you in the ass with a rusty hook anyway, Germany. If you can't win you try to stop the other guy from winning."

I am very suspicious as well, especially with Warsaw and Livonia not advancing into Germany. I sincerely hope we are wrong.
26 Dec 13 UTC got the same feelings Hazel
.........i certainly hope i won't be in other anonymous games with this guy(s)
27 Dec 13 UTC Bad looser....
I was protecting my SCs... And as it was no messages allowed, I was not able to atack Russia. So, if you don't know how to lopse, don't try to play.
28 Dec 13 UTC lol guilherme you r a funny guy.. i certainly know how to play ....and loose , no problems with that .....statistically you can win just 14 % of the time , so loosing is part of the game .... cheating isn't

btw your way of playing could be understandable .. as noob ... but the Russian that didn't move into Prussia and Silesia for so many turns that he could finish the game just made it suspicious ... the fact your Id numbers are almost the same and the time you start playing says enough for me .. you 2 either had some communication or are 1 and the same .. in that case i hope the mods ban you both
28 Dec 13 UTC Ok... You say "go fuck...germany" because I am noob (yes, I am) and because I was not atacked? Ok... understood.
Well... ypu can denauce us and mods will see if we are multi .or other cheaters.
For me I can say: I am not. But I can't say for others.
28 Dec 13 UTC But have something in mind before acusing me: I mantained my army in Munich to protect it from a Russiam atack and it made me loose Dinamark... If we were in contact, it would be very stupid, not just noob.
29 Dec 13 UTC no problem with noobs , everyone is /was a noob once , me too ... and everyone makes mistakes ,i still sometimes make some ...... only problem i have is that 2 persons had definitely some communication somehow in a gunboat ... if this was a "in game messaging " play i wouldn't accuse anyone ... in that case i probably would tried to convince you ( with messages ) to turn against your mate Russia
29 Dec 13 UTC That was the problem... I couldn't find a way of stopping him when I was under atack on my hone SCs....
Well... If you want to give me some hints, it'll be wellcame... But I received lots of insults, just cause I am a bad player.
29 Dec 13 UTC And with bad player I mean: no experienced one.
29 Dec 13 UTC simple advice .. you can only get better by playing more and see how other ppl play ... again the way you played was not exactly wrong ( but experienced players would tried turn tide to move up against russia together , but that is difficult in a non talking game ), the fact Russia did not attacked you was suspicious ( he could finish the game a few years ago by just moving up towards y , but he didn't )... the moment at first year that turkey was CD , had to made all players draw or turn against the player that took most advantage of the cd , in this case Russia
29 Dec 13 UTC I'l keep it in mind for the future. Thanks