Finished: 01 PM Tue 01 Sep 09 UTC
new game-17
12 hours /phase
Pot: 186 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by allanxo (1179 D (G))

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29 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: 'Ello everyone! This promises to be a good game!
29 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Hello all, good luck!
04 Sep 09 UTC Autumn, 1906: wow - very pretty convoy - congrats!
will ypu be moving SIL-GAL and WAR-UKR this move? - i may need your help in breaking austria open!
05 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1907: Okay, guys, white flag
The rest of us are backing up so you can get to the main event
Turkey + the Balkans = 7 points
We would like to split that up 3 for me, 3 for Turkey, 1 for Germany
You two can have the whole rest of the map to fight for 18
There will be no more attacks from any of us
05 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1907: Co-sign. Up to you whether to honour our white flag or massacre us as we offer no resistance. Think of it as a test of human nature, if you like.
06 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1908: Yeah, I told those guys that's about how much human nature is worth.