Finished: 02 AM Sat 28 Dec 13 UTC
Featured Private GB-79
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 21000 D - Spring, 1912, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
25 Dec 13 UTC gg, all
The French retreat to Tyrolia created some interesting dynamics. I also enjoyed battling it out with you, Nesser. I had a hard time trusting you with some of your movements (going for Sweden and Belgium).
25 Dec 13 UTC I don't know if you folks knew but there is a 20% tax on all games over 10,000 points, which in this case is 4200 points. This is how we pay for our other members. So, each of the winners owes me 1400 points. Or you can bankroll my next big pot game. :)

Anyhow, this was a really fun game to watch. Thank you.
25 Dec 13 UTC Gg.Yeah,that Tyrolia thing saved my ass early on.In fact it's hard to say,that or Lando's move to Piedmont which happened earlier,if he didn't maybe Jose wouldn't have turned on him...
25 Dec 13 UTC

For those of you who are interested.
25 Dec 13 UTC Barn,such game has allready been created-->
25 Dec 13 UTC (zultar): By the way, the first message posted by Split was really posted by me by mistake. So my bad.
25 Dec 13 UTC Thanks, Split.

Glad you enjoyed it, Zultar. :)
26 Dec 13 UTC it has been a pleasure to play with you. Good game. I would like play a NO DRAW game...
26 Dec 13 UTC Fairfax...... usually I have nothing but good things to say about your play but this game was something else. Admittedly my reaction to the French opening was too drastic and cost me. But your play was suicidal. And it completely screwed Austria too. I was surprised to see that in this game.
26 Dec 13 UTC Thanks for the game, guys. Congrats to Josemurc, Barn3tt and SplitDiplomat. All three of you played very well!
26 Dec 13 UTC @Lando,I wouldn't say Russian play was suicidal.He just failed to secure Vienna/Budapest on time as he was able to secure it.And it would have changed my game.But at no point I was giving him a chance to stab me so it was very smart of him not to try it.If he had taken Vie/Bud he would have been so much in the game and the game could have finished as FGRT or FRT...
26 Dec 13 UTC But it was obvious after my mistakes in the early game that if R/A/I do not ALL work together they ALL will lose. To me this was obvious, anyway. I don't think going for BUD and VIE was right because I know you could have taken them from him eventually no matter what. The only rational play was to move for defence vs. Turkey, however, its like Russia had a vendetta for Austria. This only made things faster for Turkey because Austria and Italy were forced to throw SCs to Turkey to try and teach Russia a lesson.

Anyway, it's done and I'm not bitter. I am curious as to what was hoped to be gained and also wondering if given the same situation it would be done again. I for one, would probably not freak out about a French 01 Munich like I did this time. Although, it was a very difficult decision for me even this time.
27 Dec 13 UTC I know you aren't bitter,all I'm saying is you are wrong,the play wasn't suicidal.
Comparing to your moves from spring and autumn '03 - leaving Ionian for East Med and then leaving Ionian for Aegean - Russian play was everything but suicidal.
27 Dec 13 UTC GG. Lando, I know my play was far from ideal, I made many mistakes in this game. But I kinda agree with Split here. I really don't think there was an opportunity where I could have successfully stabbed Turkey. I saw taking Vie and Bud as my best shot, which was something I failed at miserably. Anyway, I know I played badly, but I don't think I would be in better position if I stabbed Turkey.
27 Dec 13 UTC <From the Austrian perspective (why is this typing green and not red?)> Fairfax, the reason you failed to get Vie/Bud was because I was taking my frustrations out on you (as Lando alluded to) because you refused to help stop Turkey from dominating. With an English fleet in Stp and no Turkish fleet in Black during '03/04/05, you had a lot of flexibility. You could have jumped into Black at any time, and sent an army to sev-Arm or convoyed to Arm from Rum. You chose not to, and that's okay. I'm not saying you made a terrible choice, but the option was there and could have been successful, despite what Split says. All in all, I was cursing Italy more than you, but you're the one I could take shots at. Besides releasing steam, my goal was to slip into Moscow where I'd have some small chance of getting in a draw. Not much, but better than where I was getting ripped apart by both of you. So, long way of saying that no, I don't think you played terribly. But I can understand why Lando brought it up.

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SplitDiplomat (101466 D)
Drawn. Bet: 3000 D, won: 7000 D
17 supply-centers, 17 units
josemurc (31940 D)
Drawn. Bet: 3000 D, won: 7000 D
9 supply-centers, 9 units
Barn3tt (41969 D)
Drawn. Bet: 3000 D, won: 7000 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
Nesser (480 D)
Defeated. Bet: 3000 D
Defeated. Bet: 3000 D
DipperDon (6457 D)
Defeated. Bet: 3000 D
Fairfax (1915 D)
Defeated. Bet: 3000 D
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