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Finished: 04 PM Sat 08 Aug 09 UTC
Epic Matchup -2
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by chucknorris (129 D)

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04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: uh ohez, it's chuck norris!
04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Happy Gaming everyone!
04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: *sigh* even though every game starts off the same, it is nevertheless an interesting board to look at. haha
04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: I'd have to agree. I know it'll always look the same but its always fun to stare for much longer than I actually have time for
04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: and normally first orders are almost the same each time as well.
04 Aug 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Goodluck & Have fun! ;)
18 Aug 09 UTC Autumn, 1906: GoodGame
25 Aug 09 UTC Autumn, 1908: this is going to be interesting. austria can get 16 and france can get 15 without either hitting each other. but to win, one will hafta take from the other.
25 Aug 09 UTC Autumn, 1908: Holy shit?! When I left, I didn't leave this game like this?! >.<
26 Aug 09 UTC Autumn, 1908: can u sneak this one through france?
28 Aug 09 UTC looks like it is Austria's game to lose
28 Aug 09 UTC Lmao. I can't believe what's Turkey is doing hahahhaha. He is driving Austria totally mad LMAO!! XD
28 Aug 09 UTC Austria don't need to leave so many around there because if for example they took armies out of bulgaria and sev then they could get Ankara if Turkey went to Bul/Sev then there would be enough armies in Rum,Con or Arm to kick them out then they'd have to destroy that army
28 Aug 09 UTC I wouldn't be able to get them anywhere that would be needed in time anyway.
29 Aug 09 UTC what happened in pied-tyrol-vie? an army in tyrolia would have sealed the game.
29 Aug 09 UTC Tyrolia moved to Munich. Tyrolia would be taken by Vienna, but France's Piedmont bounced on Tyrolia.
After: The French Piedmont had to disband, because it was assaulted by a supported attacked coming from Tuscany.

That's what happened ;)
29 Aug 09 UTC Good Game!
29 Aug 09 UTC If the game would go on, France would win it.
29 Aug 09 UTC I would have to disagree but I might be a little biased lol
29 Aug 09 UTC good game all