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Finished: 10 AM Wed 10 Jun 09 UTC
Private Chemistry losers
1 day /phase
Pot: 35 D - Spring, 1901, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


09 Jun 09 UTC Adaaaam
09 Jun 09 UTC LESH!!
09 Jun 09 UTC is not here.
09 Jun 09 UTC but i am
09 Jun 09 UTC Oh man its gonna be a good game!
09 Jun 09 UTC Im moving into norway and the mid-adlantic ocean but im holding in st. petersburg!
09 Jun 09 UTC GameMaster: beano003 was banned (probably for having more than one account), and the game has been paused so you can find a new player to take his place if you want to.
Enter /unpause into this Global chatbox tab to vote to unpause now, and the game will be unpaused once everyone has voted.
09 Jun 09 UTC do not unpause the game yet Bean is working on getting his account back
09 Jun 09 UTC ok, what happened?
09 Jun 09 UTC they banned wedyck oonk and bean because they thought it was bean entering 3 names into games so he could automatically win
09 Jun 09 UTC why did they think that? did they create their accounts from the same computer or something? wedyck did his from the computer room next to physics.
09 Jun 09 UTC does that even work...
09 Jun 09 UTC we might as well start unpausing case someone else is not here when this is resolved
09 Jun 09 UTC everyone here right now vote, just make sure Zach doesn't
09 Jun 09 UTC uhhh but that would mean its just us 4 left
09 Jun 09 UTC but if just one of us doesn't vote, it stays locked
11 Jun 09 UTC im not voting foo. I am a rebel.