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webDiplomacy Tournaments
Information on Tournaments and Feature Game rules and setup.

Tournaments and Feature games:

There are two types of special games on the site. If you're interested in starting or running either type please email the mod team (see the contact details below) and explain your idea to the moderator team.

1. Feature Games

These are special rule games like Chainsaw diplomacy, Pacifist diplomacy, or School of War games. They may involve violating some site rules so a predefined set of rules must be agreed upon by every participant.

  • No more than 14 players (exception being a world game)
  • May require shuffling players by the moderator team
  • Must email webdipmod@gmail.com for quick approval, this email should include participants, pause agreements (if any), end game requirements (if any), and alteration to press rules (if any).

2. Tournaments

These are larger series of games with unique scoring rules to determine a winner. These games will have a Tournament Director (TD), who will oversee all aspects of the tournament. This person will be responsible for making decisions relating to the scoring, pauses, and anything affecting game play.

  • Potential TD's must request approval *before* advertising. The moderator team reserves the right to deny tournaments or tournament directors.
  • TD's must include a set of rules for potential participants to agree upon, that all participants must agree too. Mid-Tournament rule changes are discouraged and require new permission from the moderator team.
  • The moderator team will enforce site-wide rules in tournaments as they do other games.
  • Discussion related to your or other players' usernames, as well as other potentially identifying information is strictly forbidden in all anonymous tournament games.
  • All press and negotiations must take place within game chat in all anonymous tournament games.
  • Players within tournaments must accept that the TD moderates their own tournament decisions. Please choose which tournaments to join carefully.
  • TD's may not play in their own tournaments.
  • TD's may utilize WFO (Wait for Orders) mode to prevent NMR's in games.
  • TD's may request the list and position of players in their tournament even in anonymous games.
  • TD's may request the moderator team pm or email any player with questions or warnings regarding the tournament.
  • TD's may request a message be posted in every games public messaging, including anon games, to remind participants of tournament rules or for tournament scoring updates.
  • As with all mod/admin decisions if you disagree with a TD's decision you can appeal it directly to an admin or owner. See below for the mod/admin contact details.

Please e-mail the mod/admin team at webdipmod@gmail.com if you want to start a tournament (see the contact details below), and you will be asked to fill out an application form that will help us set the tournament up.