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obiwanobiwan (250 D)
12:19 AM UTC
Mahmoud Abbas: Hamas to Blame for the Prolongation of the War ""It was possible for us to avoid all of that, 2,000 martyrs, 10,000 injured, 50,000 houses (destroyed)," Abbas told Palestine TV in remarks broadcast Friday. He said Hamas had insisted on discussing demands first before ending the war, which only served to prolong the violence needlessly." 1. How "unified" is a Palestinian govt. that blames its own and 2. When their leader *himself* blames Hamas...
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krellin (21 D)
02:49 AM UTC
Age Old Question: PS4 vs. XBox One
Time to reward myself -- New job = New toy. PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

What's your preference? Why? And what are the top 3 games I need to buy that will satisfy me, two teen daughters and a gamer wife (So must include at least one multi-player game).
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obiwanobiwan (250 D)
31 Jul 14 UTC
The Greatest Musical Act Tournament: Broup A: 1600s-1960
And so we begin The Greatest Musical Act Tournament with Group A...or, as every group will be called here, "The Group of Death" (as the World Cup has taught me that's the only name to give to any group ever.) :p How will the Great Composers fare? Which immortal band or act will bring about the most outrage? Who will Team Vergil pull for THIS time...while Shakespeare sulks in the corner, STILL wondering how he lost...TWICE. :p Here we go!
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ssorenn (1694 D (G))
08:30 PM UTC
Cheating?? Why?
Can someone explain to me, why people cheat. If you cheat and win, did you really win? If your accomplishment is not on your own merits, what did you accomplish? This game is a great learning vehicle, what reward is there for cheating?

Discuss please--
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Tru Ninja (734 D (S))
03:56 AM UTC
I would love to see the option to have in-game messages sent to your phone via text or text alerts when a season is about to expire. Thoughts?
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krellin (21 D)
Sat 23 Aug UTC
Fantasy Football Act NOW
It's that time, and due hem...I've been unable to get my recruiting going until now.

I've got two leagues from last year that I need replacement players for. Yahoo, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE Flex spot.
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Ogion (1168 D)
01:47 AM UTC
Alternative Color Schemes
So, one of the changes in the works may be a color scheme change. I'll be honest, I think our current one is ugly and people have trouble distinguishing Austra/Germany and Russia/Germany. So I've done a couple of mock ups
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murraysheroes (1165 D (B))
07:25 PM UTC
I don't generally participate in the forum, but...
I just noticed that I've spent the last two months on the overall top-100 GR list. I joined about a year-and-a-half ago, so it's taken a while (I only play full-press games, usually with long phases), but it's pretty sweet.

Congratulations, me.
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tendmote (70 D (B))
Thu 01 AM UTC
What kind of person wants to be "governed"?
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Doug7878 (82 D)
07:38 PM UTC
Someone please join the game "1 day turns". France Autumn 01 - 2 builds
Had to leave - use of same computer by two players
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SandgooseXXI (89 D)
11:46 PM UTC
The Goose Public Press Series
Hi all, as you may know, I've always been a huge fan of public press games. I was hoping to get a 7 game series started where you play public press as each country. Non-anon. 48 hour phase 10 point buy-in. If you think you have what it takes to send subliminal messages to your neighbors, post below.
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Tru Ninja (734 D (S))
Sun 24 Aug UTC
Diplomacy Play Style Quiz
I'm working on a play style quiz and could use help in finishing it. I posted it on and only received 2 responses to the survey, although they were helpful. Here's how you can help:
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`ZaZaMaRaNDaBo` (1922 D)
01 Jun 10 UTC
Utilize this thread by posting new live games here and only here.
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SandgooseXXI (89 D)
06:16 PM UTC
who keeps droppin the N bomb on usernames...jesus man.
seth24c (937 D)
06:51 PM UTC
some repeat multi/ idiot obviously ;)
Al Swearengen (1664 D)
06:54 PM UTC
Yeah and in case any actual black people are actually reading this, 98%+ of us here completely hate racism and think that guy is stupid.
MichiganMan (2518 D)
09:25 PM UTC

WTA GB for 40 D in 20 minutes. Come play!
PiC (1502 D)
10:16 PM UTC
new live game in 30 join
PiC (1502 D)
11:16 PM UTC
PiC (1502 D)
11:41 PM UTC
no cds this time...
shadow2 (1806 D)
12:56 AM UTC
One more needed: gameID=146734
shadow2 (1806 D)
12:57 AM UTC
Anc. Med. 15 D
shadow2 (1806 D)
01:01 AM UTC
3 min starting.
shadow2 (1806 D)
01:02 AM UTC
need 1 more
shadow2 (1806 D)
01:07 AM UTC
Last Try: gameID=146735 Ancient Med, 15 buy in, starts in 12 mins. need 3 players.

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Lando Calrissian (220 D (S))
28 May 14 UTC
2014 Gunboat Tournament Round 2
Inside for details
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NigeeBaby (264 D (G))
Thu 03 PM UTC
Don't panic Mr Cameron .... just keep calm and carry on
Cameron is so arrogant he won't change but today it was announced that net migration to the UK was 243,000 last year, Cameron has promised 50,000. He and his Old Etonian cronies seem to be the only people that don't realize there is a problem ..... he talks tough but acts like a pussy !!
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zultar (3790 D Mod (P))
21 Jul 14 UTC
Top 100 GR Players of All Time Games
As part of our effort to rejuvenate and grow the site, the mods and I are going to sponsor 3 or 4 "Top 100 GR Players of All Time" games.
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abgemacht (429 D (G))
24 Jul 14 UTC
The Boroughs Diplomacy Tournament
While planning for the webDip F2F Tournament next Summer, some locals expressed interest in a tournament this Fall. I'm planning on hosting a new F2F Tournament, the Boroughs, this October. This is not the official webDip tournament, but ya'll are welcome to come. Details will be updated in this thread and here:
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Mujus (2143 D (B))
08 Jan 14 UTC
Daily Bible Verses
"You have the words that lead to eternal life." This thread includes selected excerpts from the Bible.
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Tru Ninja (734 D (S))
06 Jun 14 UTC
Official Thread for the School of War Summer 2014
As always, this thread is reserved only for the School of War found here: gameID=142994 . Anyone involved may bump the thread as needed, however commentary is permitted only by the SoW professors. Anyone not directly involved in the game is welcome to follow along and ask questions of our professorial staff.
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Draugnar (25 D X)
02 Aug 12 UTC
And now for a truly original thread topic!
Last Person to Post Wins!!!!!

And we can play some Ankara Crescent while we are at it.
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Bayclown (27 D)
Fri 22 Aug UTC
Which to buy? My brother and I are looking to get into one of them. Looking primarily at 4 and 5 including expansions for either. Opinions!
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Thucydides (1012 D (B))
Thu 09 PM UTC
The Tea Party is the Confederate Party
Read this and comment:
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s3xnigger (0 D X)
Fri 03 AM UTC
bo_sox can get cancer
bo_sox and his entire family deserves cancer
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eureka84 (110 D)
Fri 02 AM UTC
cancel a game
anyway to cancel a game before it starts? we had 7 players which started the timer but now one was banded so we are down to six.
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Ayreon (1287 D)
26 Jun 14 UTC
Biggest Loser Game Tournament Situation...
What is the situation of this tournament?
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JECE (638 D)
23 Apr 13 UTC
WebDiplomacy World Cup 2012
Could a moderator revive threadID=814769? The tournament is still in progress.
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nicepete (91 D)
Thu 08 PM UTC
Necromancer: LOTR Variant

Has anybody played it? Anybody interested in giving it a go? I think we've found a GM, looking for six more player.
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Yonni (83 D)
Wed 02 PM UTC
Crowning the worst sports city in North America
Obviously Toronto
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Jamiet99uk (67 D (B))
Wed 01 PM UTC
Should a nine-year-old child be handling a sub-machine gun?
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JamesYanik (24 D)
Thu 04 PM UTC
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