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SYnapse (160 D (B))
10:56 AM UTC
If you could take one piece of current technology back in time
Where you would go and what would you take?
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jmo1121109 (2431 D Mod)
02:25 AM UTC
Mod Team Announcement Part 2 of 2
Please join me in welcoming bo_sox48 to the moderator team. He will be assisting us on the game side cases. Thank you for agreeing to volunteer your time!
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Putin33 (136 D)
03:49 AM UTC
We're due for a cricket thread

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Draugnar (15 D (G))
02:24 AM UTC
Is a single mod or admkn over 30?
Is the site management ageist? Do they really represent the membership of the site.
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semck83 (229 D (B))
09:36 AM UTC
I'm curious. Why was SYnapse's thread locked?
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06:35 AM UTC
who would win
10,000 knights vs 10,000 samurais who will win *weapon hint one of them has a game changer this led to the destruction of both.
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obiwanobiwan (247 D)
06:19 PM UTC
CNN Reporting Russia Firing Artillery into Ukraine
This in addition to a buildup of Russian forces less than five miles from the border.

Good job escalating the conflict there, Vladimir Putin!
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President Eden (2358 D Mod)
01 Jul 14 UTC
cause ain't nobody gonna read 400+ posts in the general thread to find signups lololololol
VashtaNeurotic is the GM for this game, format TBD
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PSMongoose (1801 D)
12:07 AM UTC
Banned by a moderator: moron
I'm glad that the mods banned 'Peyton is back,' userID=63701, for his annoying spamming, but I dislike the fact that they cited such a childish-sounding reason. 'Banned by a moderator: spamming' would be a much more appropriate and 'adult' reason. I guess I'm just disappointed that the moderators would demean themselves and their reputation by acting so deplorably.
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steephie22 (85 D (S))
Tue 04 PM UTC
Anyone needs some webdesign?
I was going to do some webdesign for someone to earn some money in the holidays, but that project apparently got sort of cancelled and it's a bit late to apply for a holiday job now I think, so I'm offering my services again.. See first reply for what I can do. I copied it from the last time I advertised, in case anyone recognizes it.
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Tolstoy (1977 D)
Wed 09 PM UTC
Israel rejects ANOTHER 10-Year Truce
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`ZaZaMaRaNDaBo` (1922 D)
01 Jun 10 UTC
Utilize this thread by posting new live games here and only here.
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superchunk (4113 D)
04:36 AM UTC

I'm back! I have been gone for a few years and decided to come back. Anyone want a quickie with low pts just so I can dust off my diplomacy?
JamesYanik (0 D)
04:50 AM UTC
3 more only in 10 hours classic game ID#:145001
Putin33 (136 D)
04:51 AM UTC
How is a 10 hour phase game a 'live game'?
superchunk (4113 D)
05:08 AM UTC
Its not. Everyone join my game!!! only 10mins and needs players now!!! gameID=145010
superchunk (4113 D)
05:11 AM UTC

ok that one failed. new my return game. 5mins, 10pts, less players needed... and anon.

c'mon peeps!!
superchunk (4113 D)
05:17 AM UTC

only 3 more!!! don't let this opportunity pass you by!
superchunk (4113 D)
05:37 AM UTC
ahhh really. There are no people ready to play a friendly quick match?

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Tru Ninja (696 D (S))
06 Jun 14 UTC
Official Thread for the School of War Summer 2014
As always, this thread is reserved only for the School of War found here: gameID=142994 . Anyone involved may bump the thread as needed, however commentary is permitted only by the SoW professors. Anyone not directly involved in the game is welcome to follow along and ask questions of our professorial staff.
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SandgooseXXI (22 D)
Thu 17 Jul UTC
Webdip Demographics
Curious to know who you're competing against? Where they are from? How old they are? Well introducing the brand new survey monkey survey to get us the results we're looking for! Complete and that's that!
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zultar (3790 D Mod (P))
Mon 21 Jul UTC
Top 100 GR Players of All Time Games
As part of our effort to rejuvenate and grow the site, the mods and I are going to sponsor 3 or 4 "Top 100 GR Players of All Time" games.
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josunice (3860 D (S))
02:28 AM UTC
Entry 250@, Gunboat 36-hour 125@/per game10-game rounds, 5 simultaneously
Spring 2014 Tournament
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Draugnar (15 D (G))
02 Aug 12 UTC
And now for a truly original thread topic!
Last Person to Post Wins!!!!!

And we can play some Ankara Crescent while we are at it.
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Lando Calrissian (0 D (S))
28 May 14 UTC
2014 Gunboat Tournament Round 2
Inside for details
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SYnapse (160 D (B))
07:51 PM UTC
Why do we tolerate people within our society like obiwan?
I sometimes agree with these kind of people, that if we locked them all in a prison and killed them, we could free the world of ignorance and hatred within a week. Maybe the last war of man will be between the progressives and the ones holding us back.
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KingGuru (88 D)
Thu 01 AM UTC
Diplomacy World Championships Story on This American Life
Heard something about it on my local NPR station. Check local times, but I don't find anything about it on the TAL web site. Thought all y'all should know.
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pjmansfield99 (207 D)
Tue 09 PM UTC
UK Webdip Face to Face
So spinning off from Abge's thread. Its been raised before but what are chances of a UK f2f? I think theres enough of us on here. Im Leeds based but spend a lot of time in London and willing to travel all over.

Ive got decent contacts for venues in a couple of cities if we can raise the interest. Thoughts below....
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11:33 PM UTC
Allies vs Axis Yes or No and a new map
basically WW2 map with teams Free France GB Russia USA vs Germany Italy Japan Vichy France. If a teammate gets taken over your team can liberate your teammates territory which would bring him back but its only the territories he started out with. you can also move through your teammates territories and help defend them if a team dominates the map it would asked them to continue if all 4 players say yes this reverts back to the old diplomacy game type as a free for all.
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dirge (558 D (B))
08:06 PM UTC
join game

peru. good fair position.
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CommanderByron (97 D)
Wed 06 PM UTC
Let's rename Detroit
Okay, so we know detroit is in a bad spot. No one wants to visit "Detroit" so let's rename it. What could we call it to attract more visitors and help Detroit out of this.
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Maniac (580 D (B))
Thu 01 PM UTC
AH 5017
Another crashed plane. Play crashed-plane-bingo here. This is intended to be a comment on how the media covers events, no disrespect to the victims or their families/ friends is intended.
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SantaClausowitz (348 D)
Sun 20 Jul UTC
The Great Filter

In short the great filter theory suggests that we have not encountered intelligent life yet because there is a "great filter" that prevents planetary life from reaching advanced intelligence necessary for galactic expansion.
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Mujus (1880 D (B))
08 Jan 14 UTC
Daily Bible Verses
"You have the words that lead to eternal life." This thread includes selected excerpts from the Bible.
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abgemacht (458 D (G))
10 May 14 UTC
Forum Chess!
Let's play chess!
Rules: Play to win. You can only play for one color. You can not move two turns in a row.
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CommanderByron (97 D)
Tue 10 PM UTC
Introducing WebDip Census
So I have seen a ton of people trying to figure out the population of this site. I introduce my project the WebDip Census.( ) I hope you all take the time to fill out the census survey.
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abgemacht (458 D (G))
Thu 03 AM UTC
The Boroughs Diplomacy Tournament
While planning for the webDip F2F Tournament next Summer, some locals expressed interest in a tournament this Fall. I'm planning on hosting a new F2F Tournament, the Boroughs, this October. This is not the official webDip tournament, but ya'll are welcome to come. Details will be updated in this thread and here:
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