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Strauss (2251 D)
Thu 02 AM UTC
Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will
A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s [photo top left] agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn President Obama that the“time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own…..
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redhouse1938 (926 D)
Thu 10 AM UTC
Dutch society is slowly getting split in two.
Essentially, we have a group of networking, pro-European and highly educated ruling class of about 30% of the population and a group of family-and-friends based, anti-European and professionally educated 70% ruled class.
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Draugnar (25 D X)
02 Aug 12 UTC
And now for a truly original thread topic!
Last Person to Post Wins!!!!!

And we can play some Ankara Crescent while we are at it.
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krellin (46 D)
02:20 AM UTC
Political Revulsion...

IT is now scientifically proven: Liberals are insensitive bastards. No surprise. None at all.
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obiwanobiwan (250 D)
Tue 07 PM UTC
The Worst President in American History Is... James Buchanan. That'd be my pick. Those on the Left can shout Dubya Bush, and those on the Right can scream Obama...and claim both have divided the nation...Buchanan had the effing Civil War happen on his watch! When the country *literally* breaks apart and begins its most deadly war during your term, I think that's grounds for calling you the worst. Nominations for the worst?
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JamesYanik (10 D)
12:58 AM UTC
TV Duos Battle!
Gus & Shawn -vs- Drake & Josh
Freeman & Cumberbatch -vs- Jude Law & Downey Jr.
Which out of each two do YOU prefer?
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`ZaZaMaRaNDaBo` (1930 D)
01 Jun 10 UTC
Utilize this thread by posting new live games here and only here.
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JamesYanik (10 D)
02:14 AM UTC
1 MORE!!! gameID=149604
JamesYanik (10 D)
02:19 AM UTC
1 MORE 5 MINUTES JOIN!!!!!! gameID=149604
JamesYanik (10 D)
02:20 AM UTC
1 MORE 3 MINUTES gameID=149604
JamesYanik (10 D)
02:22 AM UTC
2 minutes 1 more GET IN!!!

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metaturbo707 (59 D)
02:03 AM UTC
Live Game Saturday @ Noon EST Classic
See "Weekend Live 1 11/1/14" !

5 min phases.
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2ndWhiteLine (4652 D Mod (B))
31 Jul 14 UTC
Gunboat SOW - Summer 2014
This is the official thread for the summer 2014 gunboat School of War. gameID=145303
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DaddyO (96 D)
01:15 AM UTC
question about rules on bouncing
Can someone please answer a question about bouncing? If I bounce a country to keep someone else from moving in, and at the same time they are attacked and dislodged, can they retreat to the place I bounced? I can't find an answer in the rules or FAQ...
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JECE (638 D)
23 Apr 13 UTC
WebDiplomacy World Cup 2012
Could a moderator revive threadID=814769? The tournament is still in progress.
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Ruisdael (767 D)
08:12 PM UTC
speedy world
Hey all I hope speedyooby, a 12 hour anon world,, will start in time, but since we have some interest I hope the creator will make a second edition if this fails.
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NigeeBaby (93 D (G))
Wed 05 PM UTC
Are you a feminist?
Would you wear a t-shirt declaring this?
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goldfinger0303 (657 D)
Tue 07 PM UTC
Interest in Tournaments (no promises)
There hasn't been many non-gunboat (or player-sponsored) tournaments lately. This thread is to gauge the interest in the site of bringing back any of the following tournaments: The World Cup, The Masters, The Leagues. The GFDT is abge's thing, so I won't ask on that.
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VirtualBob (1223 D)
Tue 09 PM UTC
Metagaming Tournament/Series?
Had this crazy idea for a series or tournament ...
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abgemacht (700 D (G))
Fri 24 Oct UTC
SOW Fall 2014 Professor Commentary
This thread is for Professor Commentary for the Fall 2014 semester of the SOW. Please feel free to follow along and ask questions, but please do not post if you are in the SOW game. Please be courteous to those running the game and respect any reasonable requests they may make. This semester's Professor is peterwiggin, assisted by Adjunct Professors TruNinja and uclabb. gameID=149309
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Yellowjacket (835 D (B))
Tue 03 AM UTC
The most offensive videos thread
Rememeber no pronz. I'll start. I simultaneously find this video hilarious and profoundly disturbing.
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abgemacht (700 D (G))
Tue 14 Oct UTC
Carnage! Nov 7-9
I've caught the F2F bug, so I'll be heading up to VT for Carnage Con. It would be great if there was a strong webDip showing to promote the site. More info here:
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bo_sox48 (3346 D (G))
Sun 12 Oct UTC
Experimental Opening Games
Just a random thought I had:
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abgemacht (700 D (G))
Fri 24 Oct UTC
SOW Study Group Fall 2014 Commentary
This thread is for commentary from the TAs for the SOW Study Group Fall 2014 game. Please feel free to follow along and ask questions, but please do not post if you are in the Study Group game. Please be courteous to those running the game and respect any reasonable requests they may make. gameID=149304
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obiwanobiwan (250 D)
Thu 03 AM UTC
The Giants Win the World Series: All Hail Their Dynasty!
I won't lie, I was pulling for the Royals to win it, just because they'd been 29 years without a playoff appearance and were such a Mets fan, I can identify with such agony. :p And they had a better run than *ANYONE* could've imagined, one base away, BUT...MADISON BUMGARNER! :D WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! 3-0 IN THE WORLD SERIES WITH AN 0.43 ERA! 5-0 IN THE PLAYOFFS, 0.25 ERA OVERALL! BEST. PITCHER. IN. BASEBALL! ALL-TIME PERFORMANCE!
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JohnDawson (100 D)
Wed 08 AM UTC
hello there
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Mujus (1143 D (B))
08 Jan 14 UTC
Daily Bible Verses
"You have the words that lead to eternal life." This thread includes selected excerpts from the Bible.
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Octavious (1350 D)
Thu 10 AM UTC
It's Punkie Night Tonight!
It's Punkie Night Tonight.
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sinistersamxiii (100 D)
Wed 04 PM UTC
Diplomacy MBTI
Hi everyone,
As of late, I have been studying the Myers' Briggs' personality type indicator, and find it very interesting. So I've decided to poll certain groups of people. If you don't know your type, take the test here.

I'm an INFP, and I suspect most of you here are some type of rational(analyst), or NT. Let me know what it is!
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VashtaNeurotic (679 D)
Thu 12 AM UTC
So, I definitely missed something
So I was checking through some old threads and I notice that maple got banned. I'm not complaining that it happen or anything but when and why (well why is obvious) did this happen and how did I not notice it until now?
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jmo1121109 (2431 D Mod)
Wed 10 PM UTC
Mod Team Updates
Join me in welcoming GOD as the new crossover moderator from vDip. He'll be helping with cross site relations, but not actively running cases.
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Tasnica (1860 D)
Mon 20 Oct UTC
High Quality Variant Invitational
So, I'm taking a break from taking a break from this site, and want to play a few games.

I've noticed that we have two new variant maps, which I'm sure people put a lot of time and effort into making! Alas, variant maps rarely seem to get high-quality players, but I'd like to try them and I'd like to change that.
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abgemacht (700 D (G))
Mon 13 Oct UTC
webDip Player Map
We used to have a Player Map, but it seems like the server it was stored on is gone. I've started a new one here:

Post your city here (no street address, please) and I'll add you to the map!
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cardcollector (920 D)
07 Oct 14 UTC
Card games are fun too
Join my card games!
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