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KalelChase (1253 D (G))
05:30 PM UTC
The history of the 'Draw'
Can anyone point me in a good direction on this?
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yavuzovic (121 D)
05:57 PM UTC
Can somebody find me a Whatsapp friend or offer me a site?
I have to pratice English and best way is chatting. I need a friend to talk about something.
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captainmeme (295 D Mod)
02:38 PM UTC
1v1 Showdown - The Grand Final
110 Players. 500 Games. 2 Finalists.

After 10 months, it’s time to decide the Showdown’s victor.
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A_Tin_Can (1958 D)
11:32 AM UTC
Forum spam
This obviously seems like the best place to advertise for hair products. I can't think of anything better. What else should definitely be advertised on webdip?
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Peregrine Falcon (1411 D Mod (B))
Mon 09 Oct UTC
Fall 2017 School of War Sign Ups
Now is the time of year for the School of War, a program to help inexpert players improve their diplomacy skills. See inside for information on the program and the process to sign up.
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Peregrine Falcon (1411 D Mod (B))
03:37 PM UTC
Hello everyone,

Professor and TAs have now been confirmed, but we're still waiting on a few players. Once they confirm, I'll make the games and threads and we can get underway.

Regular SoW Profs:
..... ckroberts
..... eturnage
..... Djantani

Regular SoW TAs:
..... ghug
..... Ezio
..... ishirkmywork
..... rdrivera2005
..... Szpoti
..... yoak
..... Hapapop

Study Group Profs:
..... Tom Bombadil
..... StackelbergFollower
Oztra (110 D)
11:49 PM UTC
aint got nothin
Ogion (5124 D)
03:38 AM UTC
Oh, I thought I'd volunteered, but I guess not. Use me as a sub as appropriate.

Is it ok if I become a tenure track assistant prof and comment also?

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MoscowFleet (243 D)
Tue 03 Oct UTC
MLB Playoffs
Who ya got?? I really like this Houston team, but Cleveland has been on some sort of roll. Dark horse to win it all for me is Arizona. Looking forward to tonight’s game!
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TrPrado (372 D)
05:01 PM UTC
Maltese Car Bombing
The victim was a journalist who had been doing a lot of work exposing corruption around the world (Panama Papers), and within the government of Malta. I think it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how or why this happened or whodunnit.
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brainbomb (99 D)
05:20 PM UTC
Recent barn wave by Ezio
Can someone tell me what is going on with Ezio bringing incalculable amounts of barnyard animals into my games???
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HBbuc (88 D)
03:36 PM UTC
Country Win Rates
I know that everyone has their favorite countries, but I was just wondering which country is statistically most likely to win. If there any good documents PM me and I will give you my email.
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Jeff Kuta (2081 D)
15 Sep 17 UTC
Rules in first post
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LeonWalras (665 D)
Wed 11 Oct UTC
Advertise Chaos Games Here
There's a great feature on this site that lets you play the 34 player chaos variant, where every supply centre on the classic map is an independent great power. What you do is use the site like you normally would, but log in to instead of It's a weird bug having to log in twice, but I'm sure they're working on fixing it.
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ckroberts (3283 D)
Sat 09 PM UTC
new game
I need a new game.
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brainbomb (99 D)
Wed 11 Oct UTC
USA will fail to reach World Cup for the first time since '76
Is this symbolic of where we are in the world in everything else too?
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Valis2501 (3551 D (G))
Mon 01 AM UTC
18th Annual Carnage Accords Diplomacy Tournament
This year, Carnage is pleased to host the North American Diplomacy Championships. Full tournament rules are available at If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Carnage staff at and we will be glad to help you.
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rebecca02 (0 D X)
09:04 AM UTC
Essential Oils For Hair
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rebecca02 (0 D X)
09:02 AM UTC
Essential Oils For Hair
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Smokey Gem (150 D)
Sun 11 PM UTC
Does picking up a LOSING CD result in RR loss.
If you pick up a hopeless case CD do you lose RR when it is destryoed ??
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jason4747 (129 D)
Sun 06 PM UTC
31,500 points - the Biggest Gunboat Game of All Time
If you're not spectating this, you should. It's picking up stram.
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SpinDoctor (71 D)
27 Sep 17 UTC
Live Gunboat Game
Anyone interested in a Live Gunboat? It's been a few days since live gunboat games are created but always fail to reach 7 players...
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Recent Ban wave by Ezio
Can someone tell me what is going on with Ezio banning half the people in my games???
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KingCyrus (514 D)
Fri 13 Oct UTC
Happy Birthday...
To the U.S. Navy!

Fair winds and following seas.
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brainbomb (99 D)
26 Sep 17 UTC
Dead Of Winter - Zombie survival Forum Game
Sign up here
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springm4 (5 D)
Sun 09 AM UTC
New game, players needed
Something New-2
Password: annapurna
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JamesYanik (208 D)
Sun 04 PM UTC
Another One
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KansasBoyd (279 D)
Tue 10 Oct UTC
California Wildfires
Applying the same logic a couple people used during the hurricanes, we shouldn't feel sorry for those impacted by the wildfires because they are rich and are stupid for choosing to live in areas at great risk for wildfires.
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MadMarx (31664 D (G))
08 Sep 17 UTC
MadMarx Casual Anonymous Classic France vs Austria Tournament
Details within
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NManock18 (185 D)
Sat 09 PM UTC
Is there a reason why most of the public 7 player games are entitled gunboat?
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joshuavoskamp (533 D)
Sat 14 Oct UTC
Questionable behaviour in gunboat?
I'm wondering what constitutes reasonable grounds for suspected cheating/multi. I'm in a gunboat game where nothing seems to be proceeding logically, but one player in particular seems to have thrown all reason to the wind, apparently with the express intent of screwing me over. At what point does suspicion of cheating become reasonable? What happens if those suspicions are confirmed after the game ends?
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NManock18 (185 D)
Sun 12 AM UTC
Password: Murica
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captainmeme (295 D Mod)
Sun 01 Oct UTC
The 1v1 Ryder Cup
Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the Ryder Cup - Diplomacy edition!

In this tournament, a team of players from North America will be pitched against a team from the Rest of the World in a series of France vs Austria games.
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