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brainbomb (128 D)
28 Jul 17 UTC
Webdip Sci-Fi Simulator 2 Sign Ups
It is 2094. Earth is a ruined planet. You and your fellow colonists must choose a planet - settle it, trade, deal with bandits/aliens/inclement weather/droughts/famine/disease/ and intruige. You hire people to assist (droids, experts, and merceneries), manage your economy and make your name in the universe. The signup is open to anyone. There is no maximum number who can play. Phases shift every 48 hours. Game will begin Aug 1st......See inside for more details....
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Bladerunners (844 D)
05:44 PM UTC
Hi all

That;s great about the huge ore find! If those 12 bodies infected with zombie virus - surprised they are still lying there after awhile now ... but still best to be cautious and we may want to search around. Do zombies turn up as life forms? Maybe if we can detect movement?

As to things we are building - Kench as agreed to build a biowell and a bazaar .... and Leon building nuke and hangar. You might need to tell Brainbot to go ahead and follow through on Kench and Leon orders.

Can we build farms now that Kench unavailable? We just need to allocate workers....

CB - you were going to work on Science Lab... unless you feel something better to work on?
brainbomb (128 D)
05:47 PM UTC
Brainbot: I am issuing work orders based on the requests on Cllrs Kench and Cllr Leon1122.

Additionally it should be noted that I do not have a clear scan into the crater. I cannot detect any presence of alien or dead lifeforms in that area. Also, we have not recorded any recent ship crashes onto the planet. If there is a ship in the crater it predates our arrival to Ynbar, unless it was a cloaked vessel that crashed.
Nah, I'll work on science lab.
brainbomb (128 D)
07:51 PM UTC
PHASE XI - The YnBar Crater-

**Food Crisis** -2 Pop, -2 Health, -2 Morale.
We only made enough food to feed 800 people. 200 People have died from starvation, fighting for food. There are long lines at the cafeterias and many were turned away.

**We have built a Nuke! -(1) Steel, -(1) Uranium.
**We have Launched a Nuke**

**We have built Harvesters ** -300 Steel

**We have built a hangar** -1200 Steel

**DS5 has arrived**
**Croatia has Discovered Teleporters**
**Croatia has entered the Transcendent Era**

**We have searched the Crater**

Crisis Card - YnBar Crater

- Natural Wonder -
You have discovered the Crater on YnBar was made when a Comet hit the planet 1.8 billion years ago. This likely cooled the planet and dispersed massive amounts of Hydrogren into the atmosphere which created the ocean. The Crater imparts major scientific benefits to the planet and will generate new research. At the bottom of the crater we found a crashed ship from several decades ago. The skeletal remains are not undead.

Benefits: +1 Science, +1 Credits, +4 Serbium per phase.

-The Battle of CHXR-

The SpaceX battleships settle into orbital formation over CHXR. From above the planet is now beautiful. Crisp new oceans, dense forests, snow capped peaks, and vast tunnels.

Message from Admiral Ghug: Now people of Ynbar, you can observe what will be coming for you next. The Prawn are a pest. It is time to bid them farewell.

Prawn Mothership comes out of cloak...

Prawn Mothership rolls a 3, ARC gun Damages Battleship Elon.
-2 (2/4) Elon Flagship Health.

Battleship Elon Initializes Terraform Protocols 1 of 2.

Battleship Georgia attacks Prawn. Rolls a 4, Prawn mothership damaged
(1/4 Health)

Battleship Gibraltar NAL Stands down.

4 SpaceX Fighters attack Prawn Mothership.

Fighter 1 Rolls a 2 misses
Fighter 3 Rolls a 4 misses

Fighter 4 Rolls a 5, Prawn Mothership is destroyed.

Fighter 2 Rolls a 6, Prawn Mothership is destroyed.

The Prawn Mothership has been destroyed. -4 Prawn Pop

A Corsair Skaregg Falcon Shuttle comes out of cloak piloted by Tweeters!
Rolls a 3.
Battleship Elon is hit for x2 damage by an advanced energy weapon.
(Elon is at 1/4)

A Nuclear Warhead strikes the Flagship Elon.
Rolls a 3 the flagship is destroyed.

(+6 Morale to Ynbar)

**SpaceX Admiral has died**
**SpaceX Medic has died**

Battleship Belgrade has arrived!
Belgrade attacks Battleship Georgia
Rolls a 2, Ineffective, miss.

Serbian Fighter attacks Georgia
Rolls a 4, damages a system.

Battleship Georgia Initiates emergency FTL jump.
2 Fighters attack Falcon shuttle
2 Fighters attack Belgrade

Battleship Gibraltar opens fire on fighter 1.

Rolls a 1, misses.

Skaregg Falcon shuttle attacks fighter 2
Rolls a 6, Fighter 2 is destroyed.

Fighter 1 rolls a 3, misses
Fighter 3 rolls a 3, misses
Fighter 4 rolls a 2, misses

Serbian Fighter attacks Fighter 1
Rolls a 1, misses

Battleship Gibraltar fires on Fighter 1
Rolls a 3, fighter 1 is destroyed.

Battleship Belgrade fires on fighter 3, Ftr 3 is damaged and falling out of formation.

Skaregg Falcon Shuttle attacks Fighter 4
Rolls a 6, Fighter 4 is destroyed

Serbian fighter attacks fighter
Rolls a 4 misses

Gibraltar attacks fighter 3
Rolls a 3, fighter is destroyed.

Message from Odunlade: I surrender. If you must kill me, know that I abhor violence and wanted a peaceful resolution. Had I not come on this mission SpaceX planned to assassinate you. I bought you time. I would like to go home and tell my people we have declared war on SpaceX.

(Decision, let him leave, attack them, capture their ship and apprehend)

Order of business

H+H Allocations:
##Healt..... ousing budg.....location:
- give 200 steel to defe......partment
- build Extra Harve....... 300 steel
- build a Baz.......h 30 workers, 300 steel and 500 cred.......sing 1 petrified wood as lux....
- ...ild a Biowell with 400 stee...

Given th.....are no longer crea.....g any steel, I wi.......eep my 800 for now. If an.......lse needs to 1500 credits, just ask!

Result: Harvesters built
**System could not interpret Allocation**

(Clarification: Crater Magnetic interference scrambled this message. The only part the system affirmatively understood was harvesters as it was also requested by a specialist. The bazaar was mentioned by only blades as the system understood it. Baz was not enough to know if H+H was affirmatively confirming this. H+H emerged from crater but never reaffirmed definitively what they had allocated in a clear understandable manner. Brainbot system can anticipate orders but your new system of government and the removal of proposals to complete tasks has rendered your current brainbot woefully inefficient at reading minds.)
Proposal 10.1 Build Nuke


Proposal 10.3 Nuke Flagship, launch Battleship and 1 fighter to join the battle.


Defense Allocation

If the health and housing department (Kench) is able to transfer 200 steel, I will build the hanger as General Jadran suggested. Otherwise, I hold the remaining 1000 steel until next phase.

Approved Nuke built, Launched. Hangar Built, Jadran builds a fighter.

President attempts to build
Science Lab: 3000 Steel, 1400 Credits, (3) Ore, 300 Workers. Takes three phases to build. Improves Scientist abilities to rush technologies. Allows research agreements. Allows Tech level 4 technologies to be researched. Scientist can spend a phase and upgrade themself in focus on a study: Botany, Marine Biology, Ecology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Alien Sciences, Cyborg Science.

Insufficient Workforce
Insufficient Steel
Cannot Begin Project

Population (8) -2.
200 citizens of Ynbar have starved to death.

Food (-2) +4 Harvesters, +2 Fishing, +1 Recyclers, +1 Farming, = 8 FOOD to feed 10 pop.

Morale (12) +6 Destroying SpaceX flagship
-2 starvation.

Health (7) -2 Starvation

Uranium (3) -1 Nuke
Ynbarium (11) +4
Opium (1)
Petrified wood (2)

Fuel (3) +3 Turbines -2 Launching Nuke to CHXR. -2 Sending Battleship Belgrade -2 Sending Ftr. (Prawn are refueling us for helping)

Steel- 1500 (-1 Nuke, -1.2 from Hangar)
(We arent producing Steel)

Credits- 8500
(+3 From Turbines)(+1 Crater)

Scientific Research : (+1)

Space Ships: (3 fighters, 1 battleship)
Vehicles: (6 harvesters, 3 jeeps)

Weapons: (+1 plasma weapons, emp weapons, ARC, Terraformer)

Approval : 68% Citizens have starved to death and are losing faith in the council.

Literacy: 69% Many of our newer colonists are lacking in basic reading.

Presidential Approval: 39% Many voters feel they should have voted for Jadran who had a clear plan for food management.

Labor available: 689/800
(Many personnell were on holiday last phase. )

-1 year progress overview-

Military Grade: A-, we are stronger than most neighbors and our enemies fear us.

Science Grade: C- We are falling behind our friends and neighbors.

Luxury Grade: D, we are not trading with anyone. The people are bored.

Economy Grade: C, we are not making much money.

Strategic Resources: A-, we have the ability to make Nukes, Teleporters, Battleships but we lack a steel source.

Work Development: B-, We have made many advanced building projects, we have developed Ynbar but we lost some buildings, and we have not developed our planet.

System Upgrade
Brainbot can be upgraded by Croatian Science if we want it. They offer for free as a show of good faith among allies.

Brainbot will become Rańćunar a highly advanced supercomputer with universal translator.

My system will simplify build options into suggestions based on need. This looks pretty slick. Like going from a Buick to a Maclaren. My diagnostics will be available at any time for perusal based on what any policy/propsal will produce by issuing the command ##Diagnostic. I am capable of translating all messages. I also will be able to list friendly factions luxuries and science advancements upon request by simply asking (##Croatia Information) for example.

(Accept upgrade offer or Decline)

(3) Unread Messages

1) Rattatat Skaregg King: We offer you peace and advanced tech in exchange for housing 3 pop somewhere anywhere.

2) Macedonia: We offer you (5) Steel for (5) Food. Were overpopulated a bit.

3) Bulgaria: We would like Greater Terraform in exchange we will give you (2) Pop, and (4) Food. We have no room for people and your colony is liked by our people.

(If upgraded:)

For Building Projects say

For Tech tree say

For Terraform options say

For Current UNECP bulletins say
Tweeters (100 D)
08:26 PM UTC
Friends, thanks you. We are friends now. What you want me do with surrendered ship? Ship make good scrap and tech!

Skareeg good pilots, good spies! We have tech you like, we get more too. You help Skareeg, Skareeg help you!
Prop 11.1 accept upgrade offer
Prop 11.2 Devote ALL resources toward food production. (Allocate work and build instructions in this area as a sub prop)
-Defense Department please focus on maintaining order and ensure security personnel and their immediate families are fed first.
-Health and Housing Department you have my support to build whatever you deem nessecary to the growth in food supplies.

##Brainbot- Can we fish again? Can we improve fishing? I need ALL information on fishing related tech and what restrictions on fishing we have.
Prop 11.3 Capture Odunlade's ship. Imprison him in a humane and respectful manner. Prop 11.3.1 Notify UNECP we have taken Odunlade prisoner and offe to hand him over at their request.
Prop 11.4 Allow Skareeg to settle on CHRX with prawn to assist the prawn in their advancing colony. (express that we simply do not have enough food to support 3 pop)
(sorry i wasnt as involved last phase my phone broke so could only be on between shifts at work, I am back now however and we have a phase with manageable problems for once.)
**people of Ynbar**

We have deflected yet another belligerent faction. It came at a great price however as our nation was ill equipped to sustain our population. I want the people to know that this administration will not settle for anything less than what you deserve and are working hard to find a means to feed our families. I ask that we work together, and stay gainfully employed to see our nation grow and prosper. With allies all around us and the enemies that once threatened us now destroyed we stand ready for the forward movement of a population ready for triumph. What we can ALL do to help is simple albeit a commitment:
Recycle , do not throw away scraps, bring them to our farms as a way to increase yields.
Eat all that you can, do not leave even the smallest edible scrap on your plate. If you can not finish your food give it to a friend or family member. Waste is unacceptable.
Follow the lead of Councilor Kench and the health and housing department as they work hard this phase to find food for our people.
Never give up, there is always hope and withe the team we have here on Ynbar i am confident we can get through this.
##Brainnbot please advice the affects of my speech

##Brainbot i want to spend this phase among the people, going room to room and hearing about their lives here on Ynbar and what they did back home.
-I will be accompanied at all times by 5 of my loyal secret service
-I want to have a document of the most interesting people in our colony put together, these people may be up for promotion at the councils suggestion.

This administration will be one of the people.
brainbomb (128 D)
12:30 AM UTC
##Brainbot- Can we fish again? Can we improve fishing? I need ALL information on fishing related tech and what restrictions on fishing we have.

Technically yes.

We have two options, we can send additional fishermen out to fish whales. 30 workers will add +4 food per phase if we begin whaling. There are 117 whales alive on our planet. Each whale caught adds +4 food.

Our other option is to research offshore colony and devote our faction to living on the sea with our colony. Itll add a ton of food doing this since theres tons more food and marine life than in the desert. As long as were not too far offshore we keep our land benefits or we can build a monorail back to land.

We should prioritize food. Lets get food. Farms are cheap. We can build 2 with 60 ppl and get +2. We should stop using steel until we get a way to fix our steel production shortfall. So id say we either trade, build mines, or get nuclear reactor and shoot for conversion of uranium to steel.

An interesting angle we could take to get to tech level 4 is to steal it. This involves blade agreeing to go on the space station and to essentially have the skaregg try to hack them and blade installs a spyware program on there.

Our terraformer indicates that we could terraform our moon for purely steel production and build tons of mines on it.

China has left the UNECP
USA has left the UNECP
Great Britain has left UNECP
Japan has left UNECP

South Africa has joined UNECP
Turkmenistan has joined UNECP
The Brotherhood of steel has joined UNECP

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Maltir (90 D)
04:23 PM UTC
I know the dictionary definition, but what is this in game? How to you create one/deal with one that has been created?
23 replies
Maltir (90 D)
05:47 PM UTC
Length of Time
What is the average amount of rounds/years of one game of Diplomacy?
12 replies
Maltir (90 D)
03:34 PM UTC
Bounce vs DMZ
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bounce? Same question with a DMZ.
15 replies
Biggest Pot Game in webDiplomacy HISTORY
Just as it says in the subject line. I've been tasked with helping set up the biggest point game in webDiplomacy History. Probably in part because it's way above my number of points so I'm beneath taking part myself.

It's going to be *fully* anonymous; aka no one (besides myself) will know which 7 players are in the game. If you want to take part, or have any questions about the game, PM me for the password/details. Game link here:
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bo_sox48 (4288 D Mod (G))
Mon 02 PM UTC
Eclipse Day
I'm in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky but NASA is set up across the road from me so I assume I'm in a good spot. Anyone else have plans?
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Hellenic Riot (1479 D Mod (G))
10 May 17 UTC
The Official Spring 2017 1v1 Champions League
Now that 1v1 ELO has been up for a while, it's time to put the best to the test. See inside for details!
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chluke (12263 D (G))
Tue 12 AM UTC
2015 Gunboat tournament results?
Who ran the 2015 Gunboat tournament? Would love to see the final scoring table here:
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2ndWhiteLine (3592 D (B))
Mon 14 Aug UTC
New ex-mod game
PM for info. Non-anon public press. Former mods preferred.
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TheWizard (5364 D (S))
Thu 10 Aug UTC
Dutch FtF championships, Utrecht, Sept 30 -Oct 1
The Dutch Diplomacy Championship 2017 will be held this year in Utrecht on the weekend of 30th September / 1st October. Utrecht is a lovely
city and just half an hour train ride from Amsterdam, with its excellent international airport and easy connections to pretty much anywhere in the world.
15 replies
steephie22 (182 D (S))
Mon 09 AM UTC
Second Opinion on company name
Hey guys,
My company is called Broad Expert and someone recently asked me if a native English speaker would initially associate Broad with 'wide' in a literal sense, rather than the intended association with a broad expertise. The question of whether the name is proper use of English was also brought up.
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brainbomb (128 D)
04:03 AM UTC
Remove Discussion phase on the forum as a variant
The reason I want a forum without the discussion is because we already have a lot of threads, most being about steephies company, and punching shit, and I find the extra time it takes to mute them all a bit excessive.
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goldfinger0303 (1032 D)
Mon 14 Aug UTC
WebDip World Cup Results
The last game is in the books and we have a winner!
72 replies
michael_b (573 D)
Sun 06 AM UTC
Planned Parenthood's "Monthly Abortion Quotas"
I welcome all fellow Pro-Lifers and all all Pro-Choicers alike to discuss their reactions/thoughts about this interview with a Ex-Exec from PP in a CIVILISED AND RESPECTFUL MANNER. Is this the right direction? If not, what is to be done? I know its Fox News, but its what she says that matters.

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Oztra (27 D)
Sun 08 AM UTC
What are the best threads over the past few years that people have had
e.g. funny ones
submit my own
did that one myself heheh
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podium (498 D)
Tue 15 Aug UTC
Fantasy Football Time
Let's get this thing started up again.
We had a great group last year. Maybe we can recruit a few more players this year.
Post here if you want in.
Think Aug 27 or Sept 3 are good to host draft. We can discuss other dates if you wish.
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MangoDude (50 D)
Tue 01 AM UTC
Remove Diplomacy phase as a variant
The reason I want a variant without the diplomacy phase is because we already have very long phases, most being a day, and I find the extra diplomacy time is a bit excessive.
10 replies
Need 1 more for a live game!
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captainmeme (410 D Mod)
Mon 11 PM UTC
Age of Empires IV Announced!

No gameplay footage, but I'm still hyped already :)
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jengamaster (927 D)
Mon 12 AM UTC
How abusive are you comfortable getting in your diplomacy?
I know flies with honey and vinegar and all that. But how fall are you willing to take it to accomplish your diplomatic aims?
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dargorygel (332 D Mod (G))
Mon 09 PM UTC
The Eclipse is over... and the Apocaclypse didn't happen!
Just saying...
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captainmeme (410 D Mod)
10 Jul 17 UTC
Petition to Introduce Chaos
Attempt #2. Let's get Chaos available to play on this site!
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Ogion (5391 D)
Wed 16 Aug UTC
It is not OK to punch even Nazis
Look, the question of justifiable violence has been a profound and difficult problem in moral philosophy for ages.
I posit that violence is not justified as a political tool ever
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abgemacht (840 D (G))
Sat 12 Aug UTC
Boston Massacre Diplomacy Tournament!
The largest F2F tournament in Mass and the successor to The Boroughs and webDip F2F tournaments!
September 16-17
Cambridge, Mass
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abgemacht (840 D (G))
Sat 19 Aug UTC
A new Zombie killing/fort building FPS. A little heavy on the P2W aspect, but worth checking out, imho. I have a couple extra copies; PM me if you want one.
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AdmiralGeneral (68 D)
Wed 16 Aug UTC
Imperatorum Syndicate
I am forming a group of players who are intelligent and committed to participate is a sort of WebDip league.

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wpfieps (480 D)
Sun 02 PM UTC
Stakes Diplomacy Game
Would anyone be interested in a tent stakes diplomacy game? The notion is that we'd all chicken-wire together some tarps into a tent sitting in the backyard of a trusted party, and fasten it to the ground with tent stakes. The pay-out is that if you solo, everybody else has to sleep out in it at the end of the game, with Krellin visiting the tent to wake y'all up every morning.
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brainbomb (128 D)
Sat 10 PM UTC
Game of Thrones Season 7 is terrible
So this is probably gonna make people dispise me. I wanna explain in great detail why Game of Thrones is sub-par at best at this point. Let me preface this by letting you know I am a die-hard fan. Ive read the books. I play the LCG, I am truly a GOT obsessed fan. But this is awful writing
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brainbomb (128 D)
Sun 02 PM UTC
Steaks Diplomacy Game
Would anyone be interested in a -whoever wins grills- steaks diplomacy game? The notion is that we'd all have a potluck some amount of roasted veggies on a grill, and some ribeyes. We go to a ftf party, then get naked.
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captainmeme (410 D Mod)
28 Jul 17 UTC
Dramatic scenes as unprecedented movement occurs in webDip's longest running game
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