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brainbomb (279 D)
05:29 PM UTC
Rap and Hip Hop promote better capitalist values than Country or Rock
Rims, Gold Chains, Fancy Cars, Implants, Gold Teeth, Swimming Pools, Palm Trees, Mansions, "Ive made it culture", "Look at me". Are values pure to American capitalism and more purely espouse what America is.
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brainbomb (279 D)
Fri 01 PM UTC
Theory about ending homelessness/panhandling
Would homelessness end entirely if people stopped giving homeless money? The Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska has advised citizens to stop giving panhandlers money as they are on the rise. Here they wait by the interstate exit off ramps with ignoring them a moral decision?
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ND (613 D)
Fri 06 AM UTC
Cryptocurrency discussion
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bo_sox48 (4259 D Mod (G))
Tue 23 May UTC
See inside for game details.
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Hellenic Riot (1469 D Mod (G))
Wed 10 May UTC
The Official Spring 2017 1v1 Champions League
Now that 1v1 ELO has been up for a while, it's time to put the best to the test. See inside for details!
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VashtaNeurotic (1049 D)
28 Apr 17 UTC
Official Greatest Movie Tournament Thread
See details inside:
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Ogion (3961 D)
03:56 AM UTC
Another terrorist attack kills two
How many more of these do we need to have before we start deporting these people or locking them up?
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Crazy Anglican (201 D)
30 Dec 16 UTC
Word association thread
It has been a while since we did one. Post the first single word that comes to mind when you read the last post in the thread.
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brainbomb (279 D)
Sat 06 PM UTC
Is Trump secretly movong left of center?
Just noting that between the promise to send a manned mission to mars which will cost a fortune, and the recent hint that the US may stay tye course with Paris Climate accords; is Trump actually going left?
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Hauta (1423 D (S))
Wed 09 PM UTC
First advertiser pulls ads from Sean Hannity show just pulled their ads from Hannity over the Seth Rich fake news propagated by Hannity even after Fox retracted the story. Corporate censorship of the press? Nope.
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Hippopankake (5 D)
Sun 21 May UTC
James Bond
If James Bond is the worlds most famous spy
Doesn't that make him the worlds worst spy?
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Hauta (1423 D (S))
Fri 03 PM UTC
Should Jared Kushner security clearance be suspended?

The DNC, for political purposes obviously, wants to suspend Jared Kushner's security clearance. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason by Jared secretly met with the CEO from VEB, the Russian state-owned bank.
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Valis2501 (3277 D (G))
Sat 02 PM UTC
Need F2F player (Skype?) Right now urgent
Our 7th flaked need a warm body in Boston or someone who can telecon ASAP, PM or email me if available in next 20 minutes
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Jacob63831 (61 D)
Fri 01 AM UTC
Jelly or Jam
Which is better?
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JimTheGrey (994 D (S))
Sat 01 PM UTC
Weasel Moot XI--the premier tournament of the Windy City Weasels Diplomacy club and past host of two WDCs--will be June 23-25 at the Diversey River Bowl in Chicago.
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CptMike (2054 D)
Thu 12 PM UTC
Survey - Diplomacy boardgame
I was just wondering... 100 % of us play on But how many of us have the boardgame, with the wooden blocks for the armies and boats... ?
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DemonOverlord (447 D)
27 Jan 17 UTC
Daily Trump News Thread
Instead of having 17 threads each time he does something new, let's have this one so anyone that doesn't want to deal with Trump can just mute it! (ps is it possible to self mute?)
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Hauta (1423 D (S))
Fri 03 AM UTC
WSJ article about collusion between GOP and Russians

Yeah, I know that the WSJ is not conservative enough for some of y'all, but it is intriguing nonetheless. You know, the way journalists connect dots and shit.
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ntrung670 (95 D)
Sat 04 AM UTC
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lalaland (94 D)
Fri 09 PM UTC
One spot left live game
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Jamiet99uk (29 D (B))
Wed 10 PM UTC
US intelligence leaks compromise UK terrorism investigation.
After the Manchester bombing, US intelligence has repeatedly leaked confidential information about the UK's investigation. Seems like US officers are taking after Trump.
Could you just fuck off instead please?
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RLH (185 D)
Thu 02 PM UTC
FtF Tournaments
Hello webdippers. Some of you know me already, but for those of you who don't, I'm an active FtF player, tournament-goer, and on the board of the North American Diplomacy Federation (NADF), which seeks to encourage FtF play, at both house games and tournaments, throughout North America.
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Technostar (236 D)
Sun 21 May UTC
Diplomacy and MBTI
I'm curious, what Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality types do Diplomacy players have? Post your type here!

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MajorMitchell (985 D)
Sun 21 May UTC
US politics is now the best & worst "reality show" around today.
It's damaging the credibility and reputation of a once great nation
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Lex1 (45 D)
Sat 20 May UTC
New game
Hey guys I'm going to start a new modern diplomacy game soon. If you want to sign up then please write your username followed by I WANT TO SIGN UP in all caps.
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Jamiet99uk (29 D (B))
Sun 21 May UTC
Who would you kill?
I was having a deep and thoughtful conversation with a beautiful friend and, to my slight surprise, they mentioned that they would be happy to assist with the killing and disposal of several individuals we both know.
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Chaqa (3124 D (B))
Thu 07 PM UTC
Need replacement for team game
Hey everyone, Team MOAB needs a replacement for Spain in gameID=197073. The only requirements are:
1. Use Google Hangouts
2. Be willing to drop MOAB on enemy
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Hauta (1423 D (S))
Wed 24 May UTC
Time to end Obama era sanctions on Russia?
Would it be better to let job creating trade flourish rather than hurting both countries economically? Can Russia be our friend?
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orathaic (1009 D (B))
Thu 08 AM UTC
The Phillipines
Just because i've been away for a few days, somehow there is no thread about this... One news headline (paraphrased) 'ISIS captures city in Philipines!' Is rather click baity... But goes in to refer to the 'Most Catholic country in south east asia'.
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Carebear (95 D)
Thu 11 AM UTC
ODC @ PDET - Assignments Out
The assignments went out 24 hours ago and some of you all have not yet picked up your messages. Please come on over and join your games. :D
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