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DemonOverlord (419 D)
27 Jan 17 UTC
Daily Trump News Thread
Instead of having 17 threads each time he does something new, let's have this one so anyone that doesn't want to deal with Trump can just mute it! (ps is it possible to self mute?)
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Crazy Anglican (143 D)
30 Dec 16 UTC
Word association thread
It has been a while since we did one. Post the first single word that comes to mind when you read the last post in the thread.
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DemonOverlord (419 D)
Mon 06 Feb UTC
Mafia 27: Welcome to Westworld
Game thread
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captainmeme (561 D Mod)
29 Dec 16 UTC
The Inaugural 1v1 Showdown!
With the addition of new variants comes a new official Tournament! Only one can triumph - and that could be you!
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Deinodon (211 D (B))
03:21 AM UTC
The Game Where No One Ever Moves
I kinda wish I could join as France. I kinda think I would be committing myself to an eternity of hell, though.
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Gen. Lee (7473 D (B))
06:00 AM UTC
Personal Finance
Who is interested in this? What do you read/consume on the subject?

What are your goals for 2017?
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stupidfighter (232 D)
02:34 AM UTC
Is WebDip the best?
I've heard Playdip has variants and junk. Why do we hang out on Webdip? I can't recall my own reason.
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MajorMitchell (1048 D)
Thu 07 AM UTC
Excellent Player Names, clever & witty
Some members have chosen very witty, clever player names, here's a thread where we can share & celebrate those names
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Australia (80 D)
01:03 PM UTC
What happens when you run out of points?
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saulberardo (2111 D)
Sat 11 PM UTC
Any chance there will be a live game this night?
If someone is interested, please, let me know...
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MyxIsMe (365 D)
05:34 AM UTC domain for sale
it'd be an expensive forward but hey it's for sale for 2k (which means its you could probably negotiate that down to 1-1.2). only know cause I hit it all the time accidentally.
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chluke (12663 D (G))
02:20 AM UTC
mobile press view window problem?
Did the format for mobile press display recently change? Press text on my Android Galaxy S7 Edge no longer fits in window and is now cut short on the right hand side. Is anyone else suddenly having this new problem?
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abgemacht (831 D (G))
Thu 09 Feb UTC
webDip Player Map!
Post here with your City, Country, and Color Preference to be added to the map!
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Manwe Sulimo (623 D)
Sun 12 Feb UTC
Speech about the role of government
Not a perfect speech, but still a fairly good one. Perhaps it will help those who claim to believe in freedom and liberty but have lost their way recently to see the error of their ways.
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brainbomb (296 D)
Sat 04 PM UTC
New Variant Request
I want a diplomacy variant where barbarian dinosaurs spawn in Tyrolio, Syria, Burgundy, Clyde (because fuck clyde), and Funland.
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wpfieps (520 D)
Sat 02 PM UTC
Favorite Game Names
Having already discussed some of our favorite player names, how about any favorite game names?

For example, there's
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orathaic (1009 D (B))
Wed 15 Feb UTC
A scientist's answer to climate change

Unsurprising that techie people find a technical solution (which probably won't work) rather than a social solution to the problem of human behaviour...
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Jeff Kuta (2150 D)
Tue 14 Feb UTC
PewPewPew! Die! Die! PewDiePie!
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Hauta (1217 D)
Tue 14 Feb UTC
What makes you so smart?
Either y'all are looking shit up before you post or some of you have way too much walking-around knowledge. It's pretty impressive. So really, what makes you smarter than the 99%? (I want to hear about schools, majors, studies, publication.) This question is directed only to people who've written something intelligent. (Sorry, Capt-Brad)
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brainbomb (296 D)
Fri 07 PM UTC
Have we created a world of semi-intelligent gelatinous cubes ??

Interesting Image. Love to see what all ages think--
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goldfinger0303 (947 D)
24 Jan 17 UTC
2016 World Cup Finals
This thread will be for announcements and updates regarding the Finals of the 2016 World Cup
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Sevyas (717 D)
Fri 03 PM UTC
Fall of the American Empire, full press, 48 hours, RR 90+
I don't care about the scoring method and have a slight preference for anonymous games. Bet 25 - 150. Who's in?
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Ezio (802 D)
Tue 14 Feb UTC
Chaos on Vdip
This is an awesome variant where everyone gets 1 SC. We need lots of players!
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ssorenn (2535 D (G))
Fri 04 PM UTC
Have we created a world of spineless people ??

Interesting video. Love to see what all ages think--
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SuperMario0727 (90 D)
Thu 04 AM UTC
Coast To Coast: The Various Coasts Of The Board.
There are only three territories on the entire board that have more than one coast—Spain, St. Petersburg, and Bulgaria. For each territory, which coast is the most commonly occupied by a fleet? And for coasts that are unpopular, in what situations might they be occupied?
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SuperMario0727 (90 D)
Tue 14 Feb UTC
Italy: What Are The Benefits?
In response to a thread I posted earlier, titled, "Italy Opening Strategy: Early Attack on France?," I decided to post another thread regarding Italy. Italy is the slowest nation to develop, and also the hardest to win with. Are there any benefits to playing Italy? What advantages does Italy have over other players?
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orathaic (1009 D (B))
Thu 03 PM UTC
Shared without comment:
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trstno1 (95 D)
Thu 04 PM UTC
Anybody play live games anymore?
When I started on this site years ago, everybody and their mama was playing, a lot of live games happening. I took a few years off and now that I'm back there seems to be a huge drop off in total games being played, and there are NO live games at all. I havent seen one I havent created. None of mine ever get full, or even a few people. What the heck happened?
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Sevyas (717 D)
Wed 15 Feb UTC
Looking for players for a 48hrs/phase full press game
Details inside
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Smokey Gem (5 D)
Fri 07 AM UTC
Bug In Get it Before Its gone gameID=189077
I am aware of other bug issues but now wondering why my displaced army in KAM cannot retreat as I wish and is forced to retreat to one location Cham and cannot retreat to Annam ?? The Amna stae is not occupied or moved into by any other unit . If normal retreat rules apply the ( shrugs)
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