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Hellenic Riot (2385 D Mod (G))
23 Jan 16 UTC
Mafia XVII Signup Thread
See inside for details.
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wjessop (223 D)
02:52 PM UTC
How much land does a man need?
Answers on a postcard.

I'll +1 for the best answer.
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Baskineli (70 D (B))
Sat 30 Jan UTC
How to organize new games
It has become exceedingly harder to organize new classy games without CDs. How do you organize such games? Please share some tips.
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Valis2501 (1934 D (G))
04:42 AM UTC
The longest game of Diplomacy ever just finished!
2012 World Cup Finals: Public Press
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MajorMitchell (1086 D)
Sun 31 Jan UTC
Superbowl 2016
Will Peyton Manning lead his team to Glory ?
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Jamiet99uk (69 D (B))
02:23 PM UTC
Geography Quiz
What is the world's largest desert?
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peterwiggin (14862 D Mod (S))
Thu 07 PM UTC
Gravity waves!
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JECE (652 D)
23 Apr 13 UTC
WebDiplomacy World Cup 2012
Could a moderator revive threadID=814769? The tournament is still in progress.
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brainbomb (70 D)
04:42 PM UTC
Balon Greyjoy
So I find it interesting that based on the photos for Season 6 the show appears poised to go forward with the Ironborn Plot. I feel like they sort of "missed the boat" (ahah) on this. Balon should have died way back in Season 3. Now ironically enough by pacing it out the way they have you could argue Balon won the war of the five kings. (Hes the only one still alive among them!!)
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JEccles (21 D)
Fri 11 PM UTC
2 Day Phase Game
Need 3 more for this game. PM me for the password if interested.
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brainbomb (70 D)
Fri 10 PM UTC
That awkward moment when...
You trans-morph into a Greater Tanarii and devour webdip.
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2ndWhiteLine (3680 D Mod (B))
29 Nov 15 UTC
2015 Gunboat Tournament Second Round
As above, below.
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Sago (71 D)
Wed 27 Jan UTC
UN II Constitution, Resolutions, Interpretations and proposals 2001.
Welcome to 2001. Here you will find the updated Constitution, Resolutions, Interpretations, and the proposals of 2001 for the pacifist diplomacy game UNII
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Valis2501 (1934 D (G))
12 Jan 16 UTC
The 2016 Local Tournament - Round 1
The full ruleset is available here:
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ghug (2640 D Mod (B))
03 Feb 15 UTC
Advertise your live games here and only here.
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brainbomb (70 D)
Wed 06 PM UTC
Nevada and South Carolina
Can Bernie steal another? Nevada is a Caucus. Can Rubio recover? Will Trump get shocked again by Cruz?
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brainbomb (70 D)
Sat 06 Feb UTC
New Hampshire Primary
Who wins.
What does it mean if Trump loses again?
Can Hillary pull the upset?
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brainbomb (70 D)
Thu 01 AM UTC
Roman's never recorded anyone named Jesus being crucified
For an empire which was renowned for record keeping; it always struck me as odd that nobody named Jesus was ever Crucified. I asked my Mormon girlfriend once and they told me it was because Romans were afraid to let the truth get out that they had killed the son of God.
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brainbomb (70 D)
Fri 02 AM UTC
Mandatory Sterilization
figured the fracking thread was popular. Thought maybe we could combine those ideas and discuss the pro's and con's of such. I think its all about being fair however. We should be sterilizing our meat products properly.
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A_Tin_Can (1488 D Mod (G))
Thu 03 AM UTC
How do you pick your allies?
Do you go into a game with a preconceived idea of who you want to ally with? Do you choose based on the country, the press, or the personalities? Do you choose your ally based on your target's press, or your ally's press? What goes in to your decision process?
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VillageIdiot (2561 D)
10 Jun 15 UTC
ODC Tournament Update
.. let's check in and see how things are shaping up.
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steephie22 (182 D (S))
Thu 10 AM UTC
Making a parametric description
Hi guys,
I want to make a parametric description as the basis for my logo, so it has to look pretty enough for that. Can I create the graph online or using some downloadable software? My graphic calculator doesn't really make it a pretty picture.
I just want to enter the parameters etc. and print the result.
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Fluminator (109 D)
Tue 11 PM UTC
What's wrong with this world.
It's the middle of winter in Canada and it's almost 20 freaking degrees outside. I want to go skiing or tobogganing but I'm forced to wear a T-shirt just to stay cool. Not impressed Canada.
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brainbomb (70 D)
Thu 08 PM UTC
Aragorns Orc Genocide post ROTK
So Aragorn basically ethnic cleanses Orcs to extinction after Sauron dies right?
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BGunz (195 D)
Thu 09 PM UTC
North Coast/South Coast
Why can you not move a fleet from the south coast to the north coast as a move?
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JEccles (21 D)
Thu 07 PM UTC
Higher Pay in Game
Below is a game for a higher pay in. 50 D per person. Anon.
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letsgoJays13 (20 D)
Thu 02 AM UTC
vDiplomacy World War IV Sealanes
Going to try to do the impossible.
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Droid (2 D)
Thu 05 PM UTC
Quick question from a beginner.
Is the outcome of this scenario that no one moves or wins a territory?
Unit in territory A supports unit in B to move to C (Player One)
Unit in territory D supports unit in C to move to B (Player Two)
Thanks in advance for any reply to clarify this.
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Xavii (179 D)
Thu 04 PM UTC
I can not understand what happened here in Northwest Pacific.
Is it a bug or may someone explain me?
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ivanlopezmex (100 D)
Tue 10 PM UTC
Hello everybody, someone speaks spanish?
Hello, I´m Ivan from Mexico, this is my first time playing diplomacy and my english level is medium :( so, if somebody want to talk in spanish, please contact with me, thanks°
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