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Crazy Anglican (143 D)
30 Dec 16 UTC
Word association thread
It has been a while since we did one. Post the first single word that comes to mind when you read the last post in the thread.
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yaks (280 D)
06:52 AM UTC
Ftf in NYC
The biggest city in America. And yet, I can't find any Dip groups that play Ftf here. Does anyone know of any groups in NYC, or if we can get enough people, to make one?
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OB_Gyn_Kenobi (85 D)
05:06 PM UTC
I muted your dumb thread
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DemonOverlord (414 D)
06 Feb 17 UTC
Mafia 27: Welcome to Westworld
Game thread
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DemonOverlord (414 D)
27 Jan 17 UTC
Daily Trump News Thread
Instead of having 17 threads each time he does something new, let's have this one so anyone that doesn't want to deal with Trump can just mute it! (ps is it possible to self mute?)
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Jamiet99uk (80 D (B))
05:25 PM UTC
Daily Abortion Debate Thread
Instead of turning every debate about social policy into a debate about abortion, please conduct your never-ending abortion debates HERE AND ONLY HERE.
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Deinodon (220 D (B))
03:42 AM UTC
TIL getting to know the other players in Global is a bad idea.
Intricate, fun, risky plans are made.
Other player totally on board.
Sudden, horrible stab utterly destroys me.
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Australia (45 D)
Mon 20 Feb UTC
Lets play a game
The first word is "The" add on to the sentence. You can only add one word per post and you can only post again if someone posts after you
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captainmeme (561 D Mod)
Fri 12 AM UTC
CasualDip 1 - 4 Player Voice-Chat Diplomacy
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orathaic (1009 D (B))
Sat 09 AM UTC
And how they affect our mental health...
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brainbomb (295 D)
Fri 02 PM UTC
ISIS defeated
Trump has defeated ISIS within 30 days as President as he promised. Were not sure how he did it. Were not sure how many nukes it took. Were not sure what the secret plan was. But I for one am glad ISIS is gone. Now we can move on to Anubis, Ra and Osiris. I never liked them either.
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kaner406 (341 D)
01:28 PM UTC
When did you realise that other people had a different point of view?
see below:
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ilailailaila (107 D)
05:22 PM UTC
Players wanted!
password: itsasecret

Join this big map for a fun time!
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Sevyas (717 D)
Fri 17 Feb UTC
Fall of the American Empire, full press, 48 hours, RR 90+
I don't care about the scoring method and have a slight preference for anonymous games. Bet 25 - 150. Who's in?
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How do you get a password to play?
Sorry for the newbie question, but how do I get a password to play?
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chluke (12663 D (G))
Sun 19 Feb UTC
mobile press view window problem?
Did the format for mobile press display recently change? Press text on my Android Galaxy S7 Edge no longer fits in window and is now cut short on the right hand side. Is anyone else suddenly having this new problem?
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WyattS14 (13 D)
Fri 01 PM UTC
Resolution discussion time!
Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.
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Condescension (49 D)
Sat 07 AM UTC
Germany attacking Austria in 1901 Spring
Is there any rationale for doing this under any circumstance? I've seen this more often in my newer games and it really perplexes me. Can there be any justification or situation where this is worth doing?
Same goes for Austria attacking Germany in 1901 Spring.
I'm talking full press.
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Condescension (49 D)
Sat 07 AM UTC
Spiked DHS report indicates that there is no national security rationale for Muslim Ban

I wonder what mental gymnastics Brad and ND will use to get around this?
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captainmeme (561 D Mod)
29 Dec 16 UTC
The Inaugural 1v1 Showdown!
With the addition of new variants comes a new official Tournament! Only one can triumph - and that could be you!
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Qualtagh (160 D)
Fri 11 PM UTC
AI disbands
How does this site determine which units will be disbanded if a player doesn't enter orders for a build phase?
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cspieker (8121 D)
Fri 07 PM UTC
new game tourney simulator
standard tourney rules: rulebook press, anon draws, SoS
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pastoralan (109 D)
Fri 07 AM UTC
My punctuality is well known
When the revolution takes place, I will be late, and I will be shot as a traitor.
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Savage Cabbage (13 D)
Fri 06 AM UTC

Only 5 slots left! Join while you can!
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brainbomb (295 D)
Thu 01 AM UTC
Where was Gondor when...
(Finish this sentence)
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SuperMario0727 (95 D)
Thu 05 AM UTC
Diplomacy: Convoy Chains
This thread is purely for fun and entertainment. Convoys can make for really interesting, exciting, and unusual moves in Diplomacy, allowing armies on one half of the board to reach the other half in one turn. My question is . . . What was the longest convoy chain you ever successfully made?
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JamesYanik (407 D)
Thu 04 AM UTC
Fake News on the Rise
They're still trying to get us believe that planets are round. When will the media ever learn we aren't that stupid?
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Manwe Sulimo (661 D)
Sun 12 Feb UTC
Speech about the role of government
Not a perfect speech, but still a fairly good one. Perhaps it will help those who claim to believe in freedom and liberty but have lost their way recently to see the error of their ways.
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Fluminator (324 D)
Thu 12 AM UTC
Intersectional Feminism
see below
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MajorMitchell (1048 D)
Thu 16 Feb UTC
Excellent Player Names, clever & witty
Some members have chosen very witty, clever player names, here's a thread where we can share & celebrate those names
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