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goldfinger0303 (822 D)
Mon 03 AM UTC
Announcing the 2016 WebDiplomacy World Cup!
Come one, come all! This storied tournament is a clash of nations, so gather your pride and some comrades in arms to show this site why YOUR Country/Region is better than the rest!
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Maniac (357 D (B))
Sun 04 PM UTC
New players
If any new players (less than six months) want to play with a true webDip Legend please PM me for the password.
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Deinodon (439 D)
Tue 20 Sep UTC
webDiplomacy continues to lose players
The number of players listed each month in the Ghostratings continues to decline. Every year, there is a peak around May/June. We peaked in 2011 with 3,571 players, and steadily lost players from then to now (if you don't count the 2013-2014 inflated numbers anomaly). This last May peak we hit 2,503. At this rate, I figure there will be seven of us left in 2029.
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Ezio (20 D)
08:43 PM UTC
1v1 games
Is it possible to play 1v1 games on this site? I love playing them in person, but can't seem to figure out a way to set one here. Am I not seeing an option somewhere?
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ND (89 D)
Mon 12 Sep UTC
See inside for details.
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Maniac (357 D (B))
03:45 PM UTC
It's been a while...
Who's up for a game of Anakara Crescent? I'll start with the Corbynista Opening.

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Ezio (20 D)
03:24 AM UTC
How do people communicate in Gunboat?
I'm playing in a couple gunboat games, and it seems like other players are working well together, with regards to support and such. I trust they are not messaging each other, and so I would like to know how they figure out what the other players are going to do.
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pjmansfield99 (100 D)
05:26 PM UTC
PJ Gunboat (the return - yet again)
As above below
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abgemacht (836 D (G))
Tue 01 AM UTC
Trump lasted a record 15 minutes before foaming at the mouth. A new personal best
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Hannibal76 (136 D)
Sat 17 Sep UTC
US bombs Syrian army positions surrounded by ISIS
in Deir Ezzor. 60 soldiers dead, tens injured. They've been surrounded for 2-3 years, and the US is contributing. Swell.
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Ikaneko (80 D)
09:08 PM UTC
Please come and join this massive WW2 map on vDip
Over on vDip, there's a massive 36 player game in the works. We need just four more to achieve the dream of this fantastically ridiculous game!
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NathanStr (105 D)
Tue 02 PM UTC
Leaving a game
Hi, I can't figure out how to leave a game? Help?
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TheBritishGent (100 D)
Tue 09 PM UTC
Creating an app for webDip.
Because of my schedule, I have gotten into the habit of using my phone for webDiplomacy, but the web format isn't the best for a small screen on a phone.
This thread is more about a discussion on how the app should look, support, etc.
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abgemacht (836 D (G))
03 Sep 16 UTC
I'm married!
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abgemacht (836 D (G))
08 Mar 16 UTC
webDip Player Map
Use the webDip Player Map to help organize F2F games/tournaments or to see peanuts near you. Post here with your City and Color Preference to be added to the map:
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ghug (2496 D Mod (B))
03 Feb 15 UTC
Advertise your live games here and only here.
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Rabid Acid Badger (100 D)
Tue 01 PM UTC
New game - Warzone 2
Sorry if wrong thread. All Free to Join. Turns 24 hours :)
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podium (498 D)
09 Aug 16 UTC
Fantasy Football
Now is the time of the year to get ready for the NFL. We've had a league for the past couple of years. Tru Ninja set up last years.ESPN or Yahoo doesn't matter. State interest here.
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BusDespres (154 D)
Mon 05 PM UTC
Question for Moderators about Reliability Ratings!!!
So I have been a member since 2009, and played on and off. In 2009 I was 15 years old and still in high school. Clearly I wasn't mature and accumulated a lot of resignations over the course of my teenage years. Other than creating a new account is there anything the Moderators can do to maybe clear my history or reset this accounts stats? I love this game and love this website and any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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stefanodangello (721 D)
Tue 01 AM UTC
Looking for Brazilian players for the World Cup
Self-explanatory title.

Eu, rdrivera2005 e curupira estamos tentando montar uma equipe Brasil para a Copa do Mundo ( Qualquer brasileiro por aqui é bem vindo!
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Ikaneko (80 D)
Sun 06 PM UTC
Why was Colonial taken off?
Colonial is my favourite H2H game and it would be awesome if we could play it on here. Why was it taken off and is there scope for it to be brought back?
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A_Tin_Can (1573 D Mod (G))
Mon 10 AM UTC
Proposal: Make cancel and draw votes mutually exclusive
Since the introduction of hidden draw votes, we've seen a number of players voting draw and cancel at the same time. This is technically against the site rules (because using cancel to communicate is not allowed), but it's also very difficult to police.

What do people think of making cancel and draw votes mutually exclusive, so you can only do one of them at once?
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brainbomb (99 D)
Thu 22 Sep UTC
Russia 'to revive Vladimir Lenin' after Putin wins biggest majority
Cause for concern or more media scaremongering? According to Reuters the Russian government has hired a Necromancer to locate Vladimir Lenins lost Phyllactery. Could this mean the return of the 20th centuries most famous Arch Lich?
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A_Tin_Can (1573 D Mod (G))
Sat 24 Sep UTC
Boston Massacre live thread
Coverage provided by our very own Valis2501 and 2ndWhiteLine! What's going on, guys?
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peterwiggin (13795 D Mod (S))
Wed 21 Sep UTC
Battle School Invitational
See my post in threadID=139607. Priority goes to new players and players I haven't played before.

36 hours, SoS, anon, press, WFO. If somebody makes us wait for more than 24 hours, we will either replace him or cancel, by majority vote. If you don't send press, I won't have you replaced, but I *will* hate you.
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bo_sox48 (3727 D Mod (G))
10 Sep 16 UTC
Live Game Tournament - Official Thread
This is the official forum thread for the first webDiplomacy Live Game Tournament. I will update the score each week in this thread. commentary from players and spectators is welcome.

The tournament rules and other relevant player information were distributed by email to each player. Game invitations are also distributed by email.
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Valis2501 (1773 D Mod (G))
Fri 23 Sep UTC
Play Diplomacy as it was meant to be
with me.
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MajorMitchell (1131 D)
Sun 25 Sep UTC
Proposed College of Mighty Mentors
My suggestion is to create a College of Mighty Mentors.
Anyone interested ?

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captainmeme (261 D)
02 Sep 16 UTC
New Online Diplomacy Podcast!
Some friends of mine from vDip - The Ambassador and Kaner406 - have started up a Diplomacy Podcast focused on the online scene. You can find it here:

It's also on iTunes, Overtune and Stitcher (search 'Diplomacy Games'), and should be on Google Play but hasn't appeared there yet for some reason.
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Swag420 (35 D)
Sat 24 Sep UTC
Boston Massacre
hello is it me your looking for
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