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Re: Championship Crown Game Series

#102 Post by mhsmith0 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:02 pm

Making a mega post of it since it’s a big round # again, will go back to shorter quotes next game if I win…

90. Who will be next?
89. won by mhsmith0 (I) vs i7evil (G)
88. won by mhsmith0 (G) vs Caarnus (I)
87. won by mhsmith0 (I) vs Mantrax (G)
86. won by mhsmith0 (G) vs jcu1717 (I)
85. won by mhsmith0 (I) vs Andyyy (G)
84. won by mhsmith0 (G) vs michaelf77 (I)
83. won by mhsmith0 (G) vs MarcosAzevedo (I)
82. won by MarcosAzevedo (I) vs Magnetic24 (G)
81. won by MarcosAzevedo (I) vs Disco Stu (G)
80. won by MarcosAzevedo (G) vs CptMike (I)
79. won by CptMike (G) vs wokulski1 (I)
78. won by CptMike (I) vs lovepump (G)
77. won by CptMike (G) vs Andyyy (I)
76. won by CptMike (I) vs Magnetic24 (G)
75. won by CptMike (G) vs Eric1984 (I)
74. won by CptMike (G) vs Robodirge (I)
73. Won by Robodirge (I) vs thdfrance (G)
72. Won by Robodirge (G) vs ArtillerySalvo (l)
71. Won by ArtillerySalvo (G) vs breaca (I)
70. Won by breaca (G) vs Schultzbrigade (I)
69. Won by breaca (G) vs Eric1982 (I)
68. Won by Eric1982 (G) vs cspieker (I)
67. Won by cspieker (G) vs Maximus c23 (I)
66. Won by cspieker (I) vs badivan1 (G)
65. Won by cspieker (G) vs Gocki (I)
64. Won by cspieker (I) vs ZergSlayer (G)
63. Won by cspieker (G) vs SHOWMAN99 (I)
62. Won by cspieker (I) vs breaca (G)
61. Won by cspieker (G) vs Magnetic24 (I)
60. Won by cspieker (I) vs badivan1 (G)
59. Won by cspieker (G) vs Squigs44 (I)
58. Won by cspieker (G) vs rannjohnson (I)
57. Won by cspieker (I) vs xorxes (G)
56. Won by xorxes (I) vs Tvdybgggh (G)
55. Won by xorxes (G) vs Hellenic Riot (I)
54. Won by xorxes (I) vs mhsmith0 (G)
53. Won by xorxes (G) vs A_Mace94 (I)
52. Won by xorxes (I) vs michaelf77 (G)
51. Won by xorxes (G) vs cspieker (I)
50. Won by xorxes (I) vs Ezio (G)
49. Won by xorxes (G) vs MadMarx (I)
48. Won by MadMarx (G) vs RoganJosh (I)
47. Won by RoganJosh (I) vs RagingIke297 (G)
46. Won by RagingIke297 (G) vs mhsmith0 (I)
45. Won by mhsmith0 (G) vs michaelf77 (I)
44. Won by michaelf77 (G) vs Lando Calrissian(I)
43. Won by michaelf77 (G) vs CptMike (I)
42. Won by CptMike (I) vs Molnart (G)
41. Won by CptMike (G) vs nikhil (I)
40. Won by CptMike (G) vs badivan1 (I)
39. Won by CptMike (I) vs RoganRosh (G)
38. Draw : CptMike (G) vs michaelf77 (I)
37. Won by CptMike (I) vs a multi/banned (G)
36. Won by CptMike (G) vs Ezio (I)
35. Won by CptMike (I) vs mhsmith0 (G)
34. Won by CptMike (G) vs michaelf77 (I)
33. Won by michaelf77 (G) vs kjbonill (I)
32. Won by michaelf77 (I) vs Akmal (G)
31. Won by michaelf77 (G) vs xorxes (I)
30. Won by xorxes (I) vs mhsmith0 (G)
29. Won by xorxes (G) vs ericthefin1 (I)
28. Won by xorxes (G) vs RoganJosh (I)
27. Won by xorxes (I) vs badivan1 (G)
26. Won by badivan1 (G) vs CptMike (I)
25. Won by CptMike (I) vs mhsmith0 (G)
24. Won by CptMike (G) vs MadMarx (I)
23. Won by CptMike (G) vs Ezio (I)
22. Won by CptMike (I) vs Newyear18 (G)
21. Won by CptMike (I) vs MadMarx (G)
20. Won by CptMike (G) vs mhsmith0 (I)
19. Won by mhsmith0 (G) vs xorxes (I)
18. Won by xorxes (G) vs Ezio (I)
17. Won by Ezio (G) vs rosaville (I)
16. Won by Ezio (I) vs Sage (G)
15. Won by Ezio (G) vs ItsHosuke (I)
14. Won by Ezio (I) vs Bluehorse (G)
13. Won by Ezio (G) vs Mhsmith0 (I)
12. won by Ezio (G) vs NTN (I)
11. won by Ezio (G) vs xorxes (I)
10. won by xorxes (G) vs CCR (I)
9. won by xorxes (I) vs CptMike (G)
8. won by xorxes (G) vs Hellenic Riot (I)
7. won by xorxes (I) vs Ezio (G)
6. won by Ezio (G) vs ! (I)
5. won by ! (I) vs CptMike (G)
4. won by ! (G) vs CCR (I)
3. won by ! (G) vs Tom Bombadil (I)
2. won by ! (G) vs xorxes (I)
1. won by xorxes (I) vs ItsHosuke (G)

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