Looking for Rome, S03

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Looking for Rome, S03

#1 Post by Bonatogether » Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:36 am

We're looking for an S03 Rome in decent position. Old Rome got banned, and we're looking to not have things too disturbed.
http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=305071 for anyone interested.
Thanks yall!

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Re: Looking for Rome, S03

#2 Post by Temasek22 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:33 am

There's a password. So please PM me about that :-)

Gavrilo Princip Jr
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Re: Looking for Rome, S03

#3 Post by Gavrilo Princip Jr » Mon Jun 22, 2020 5:06 am

The password is 123. It actually says in the game name. 😅

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