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Honest game

#1 Post by Efraim.pol@hotmail.com » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:42 am

The game will also be unranked, suposed to be a game where everyone are playing honestly.

Each player has a status towards every other player, there are four types: All players have the same reciprocating statuses towards each other. if player X is at Peace with Player Y, then player Y is also at peace with player X. Better statuses must be mutually agreed upon, by both players. One formally proposes, the other accepts. This part must be done in GLOBAL, and only counts if done in global. however, negotiations are allowed in private before the final treaty. if someone wants to go down to a lower relationship he can do that but has to declare in global.

Statuses with other nations:
- War
- Neutral/Peace: everyone starts in this status with everyone else.
- Allied
- Mutual Defense Pact [stronger form of alliance]

Restrictions / rules include for this game:

1.) You may NOT attack, nor support an attack on another player, nor enter any territory painted his color, even if he does not have a unit there, unless you are at war with him or he has given you explicit permission to do so.

2.) no backstabbing/suprise attack. you have to declare war in the global chat beforehand.

3.) if you declare war you have to declare a reason (and gaining power, he is weak, player z asked for it, ext... won't count).

4.) I can write support holds, and beleaguered garrison defensive supports, for an allied nation, and these supports are valid in case of attack by another player, i do not need to be at war with the third player, I am merely defending my ally. and this does not change anyone's status.

5.) I may not write defensive support orders for a neutral nation.

6.) You may only convoy allied units. and you may only land a convoy in an attack if you are at war with the target player destination, or it's a neutral territory.

7.) Mutual defense pacts trigger automatic declarations of war if your ally is attacked by a third party, be careful entering these!

link: http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=232560

invite code is: HonestPlayToday

note i copied most ideas from games played or tried in the past.

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