Strategy for British Columbia in Fall of American Empire?

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Strategy for British Columbia in Fall of American Empire?

#1 Post by thisisntme » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:44 pm

In Fall of The American Empire it seems like British Columbia is extremely underpowered with only a single supply center guaranteed by the second turn.
How fruitful is an allegiance with California? What should one do with their fleet in Anchorage?

Also, as california how should you deal with the British Columbia?

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Re: Strategy for British Columbia in Fall of American Empire?

#2 Post by Omphalos » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:03 am

That was my first impression as well, but experience has shown me that BC has an advantage over Cal if it moves everything against it immediately (and Quebec stays out of it, which it usually does because it has other fights). It might be tempting to send your fleet east to try to claim Greenland but don't, because you won't get it anyway since Quebec will definitely be going for it as well, you will antagonize Quebec which you want to avoid, and you will enfeeble your attack on Cal while simultaneously leaving yourself vulnerable to its counterattack. As BC I managed to defeat Cal even when Mexico was NMRing every other turn and failing to put any pressure on Cal. If you have an active Mexico aggressive to Cal it should make it easy.

An alliance with Cal is not very desirable imo because I believe the prospects to the east are more difficult and less fruitful, and there is a high likelihood of a backstab.

As Cal an alliance with BC is desirable in the short run at least (until you are past the early vulnerable state).

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