Alliences and strategies in world diplomacy ix

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Alliences and strategies in world diplomacy ix

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i would like to open a discussion about that

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Re: Alliences and strategies in world diplomacy ix

#2 Post by foodcoats » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:56 pm

I've only played this variant a couple of times, but I really like it. The early chaos, the evolution of the board over time, and the need to engage in significant diplomacy with 10+ powers over the course of the game is really exciting.

In the second World game I played, I made a major mistake as Europe by trying to ally with Russia and attack... Near-East. I realized afterwards that you have to look at the board as a bunch of overlapping "zones" that don't share members equally. As Europe, I was part of a "European Zone" that contained Europe and Russia, but I was also part of the "North African Zone" of Europe, Ghana, and Libya. There's also a "Middle Eastern Zone" of Near-East, India, Russia, and Libya. I think the mistake I made was confusing those three zones into one big mish-mash, and coming up with a strategy to attack Near-East, despite the fact that they were too far away for me to really hit them without antagonizing a bunch of other (closer) powers (because they aren't really in the North African zone, but the Middle-Eastern zone, which overlaps in Libya at the start of the game).

I think of zones as areas that overlay one another but don't share members equally. I guess you could say that in World, everyone is Italy/Russia, with fingers extending into various areas, but without necessarily having full touch inside those areas (like how Russia can be part of the Western game, but can't really pick France as their target enemy even if they ally with Germany and England). In the World game I played as Europe, I should have allied with Ghana or Libya against the other, or allied with Near-East against Russia, but allying with Russia against Near-East was ridiculous - they weren't really in any of my zones. Near-East would've been a fine ally but was a bad enemy - it was akin to attacking Quebec, it just looked closer on the map visually at the time.

The TL;DR is, you don't really need to know anything about zones, just find someone that is close enough for you to meaningfully attack, and make an alliance with one of their neighbours that can also meaningfully attack them. Then, make sure you think one step ahead and have relationships with the powers that can help you stab your first, second, etc. ally so that you can keep forging into new zones and gaining SCs.

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