CodCod Results: Jim O'Kelley's R3 Solo wins again!

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CodCod Results: Jim O'Kelley's R3 Solo wins again!

#1 Post by dancing queen » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:12 pm

The 2018 CODCon Diplomacy Open is in the books! Twenty-one players began the ascent up the sweet Swiss Alpy mountaintop. Jim O'Kelley, the founding member of the Windy City Weasels, ended on top with a composite score of 143.1034. Jim's solo was particularly impressive because it was on the top board during a timed round. It is also the second year in a row that Jim has soloed during the 3rd round of CODCon to clinch the tournament.

Finishing in second place was the great lover of Armenia and long-time Weasel veteran Matt Sundstrom, who hauled in his entire 71.5084 points in the final round of the tournament. Matt did not solo on his board, but feedback from the other players suggests that Matt had a very good chance at soloing if the game had not finished due to time. An interesting note is that both Jim and Matt played in only two rounds. Third place was taken by Mr. 859-DIVORCE himself, long-time tournament veteran Eric Grinnell, with a score of 59.0759.

In addition to the win, place, and show trophies, two special awards were given for distinctive play:

Best Stab: David Hafner (R3, B1), for his 1904 stab of Turkey and Russia as Italy, taking him from 6 centers to 9 centers and forcing the entire board to stop whatever they were doing and respond. David was in 4th place at that point in the tournament and this stab put him in the driver's seat to win the tournament.
Icarus: David Hafner (R3, B1), for reaching 9 centers in 1904 and having not only his board, but the entire tournament in his grasp, but ending the game with France owning all of his home centers.

The best country awards went to the following:

Austria: Jim O'Kelley (R1, B2), 43.1034
England: Matt Sundstrom (R3, B2), 71.5084
France: Jim O'Kelley (R3, B1), 100.00
Germany: Eric Grinnell (R1, B1), 17.7536
Italy: Don Glass (R3, B2), 4.4693
Russia: Ben Johnson (R3, B2), 10.0559
Turkey: Eric Grinnell (R2, B1), 41.3223

The final tournament results are listed here:

Name Score
Jim O'Kelley 143.1034
Matt Sundstrom 71.5084
Eric Grinnell 59.0759
Christian Kline 49.4152
David Hafner 35.3801
Brad Harrington 34.1978
Kevin O'Kelley 29.3478
Brian Shelden 29.3478
Zach Moore 26.8086
Jorge Zhang 25.6519
John Gramila 23.1884
Don Glass 18.6792
Matthias Moore 13.6872
Eric Brown 10.5263
Ben Johnson 10.4691
Ericson Brown 4.6784
Reid Kanies 3.8793
Braden Lenz 0.2793
Peter Buczak 0
Ted McClelland 0
Tony Prokes 0

Many interesting things were said at this year's CODCon. These were some of the most memorable:

Jorge Zhang discussing why he isn't working with one of his neighbors: "I just need to see something other than you taking my dots."
Eric Grinnell to Jorge Zhang: "You see, I care about my standings. Thus, the conflict..."
Eric Grinnell upon being left alone at the board: "I'm surrounded by stupid effing morons."
Ben Johnson: "This might be the worst game I've ever played."
Jim O'Kelley: "Just ask Eric."
Zach Moore: "He'll tell you."
Overheard: "Gramila looks like everyone I've ever sat next to on a bus."
Jim O'Kelley: “Fortune favors the guy who convoys to Holland.”

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Re: CodCod Results: Jim O'Kelley's R3 Solo wins again!

#2 Post by Durga » Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:54 pm

Congratulations to Jim. Love those quotes

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Re: CodCod Results: Jim O'Kelley's R3 Solo wins again!

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Re: CodCod Results: Jim O'Kelley's R3 Solo wins again!

#4 Post by ghug » Mon May 07, 2018 12:37 am

Congrats, Jim!

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