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FAQ Improvement for Save & Ready Topic

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:56 pm
by OpSec
Good afternoon,
A suggestion to clarify something in your FAQ. The "What do the 'save' and 'ready' buttons do?" isn't clear on what happens to "Save" orders that are not submitted to "Ready" prior to the deadline occurring. I suggest that we add something to clarify this.

Perhaps something like:
Orders that are "Saved" when the deadline occurs but not "Ready" will be processed as "Ready" orders by the system.

Full text of current FAQ topic:
When you are playing a game, you can either save your orders, which means that the game will remember them and store them for you to change later if you decide to alter them again before the deadline, or ready your orders, which means that you do not intend to change your orders again. If every player has readied their orders, the game will process to the next phase regardless of when the deadline is, so if you ready your orders, make sure that you don't want to change them again!