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Want to Host a Tournament? Click Here!

#1 Post by bo_sox48 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:48 am

Welcome to the webDiplomacy Tournaments forum! This thread gives instructions for becoming a tournament director and hosting your own tournament. If you have never hosted a tournament before, please read this post in full.

Hosting a tournament on webDiplomacy is not a small endeavor. There are many different tournaments a year that all vary by game type, scoring system, length, and, of course, players. Some tournaments involve hundreds of games and last months. The longest tournament in webDiplomacy's history lasted many years. Hosting a tournament is just as much of a commitment as playing in every single game in a tournament with complete focus as you will have to answer questions that prospective players have, resolve disputes in the tournament itself, and design your tournament so that it is fair, objective, and unique to the other tournaments hosted before yours. In order to ensure that our tournaments meet these requirements, all tournaments must be approved by the moderators before your sign ups can begin. More details will come on that matter at the end of this post.

If this commitment sounds like more than you bargained for, then perhaps you would like to start a game series. A game series is a set of invite-only passworded games played with their own scoring system. You can host a game series without moderator approval or without as much planning that a tournament requires. If you would like to do that, please post here.

Every tournament has its own set of rules:

Firstly, and most importantly, tournament directors are not allowed to play in their own tournaments. For the sake of objectivity and total compliance to the rules that you set, we decided that this was not in the best interest of any tournament. Besides, your energy as a TD is best spent making sure that your tournament goes smoothly, not making sure you win it.

Secondly, all tournaments must follow the webDiplomacy site rules unless special rules are approved by the moderators. Players will never be allowed to create extra accounts for a tournament, so please, do not ask. There are a few dummy accounts controlled by the moderators that can be used in your tournament under certain circumstances, but not to simply fill a game or cover extra spots. Under normal circumstances, crossgaming is a form of metagaming, but in some tournaments it is permitted at the discretion of the TD. However, no other forms of metagaming are ever allowed.

Thirdly, as a tournament director, you can create extra rules that apply only to your tournament. If you would like to create a tournament where players are only allowed to communicate using an off-site platform, you can. If you want to host a tournament using a scoring system not currently supported on webDiplomacy, you can. If you want to mandate that all players do 10 jumping jacks for every message they send to Russia, you can. All of these rules must still be approved by the moderators.

If all of this is clear, then the next step is to plan out the specifics of your tournament in detail. In order to make sure you have covered all of your necessary bases, the moderators will send you a questionnaire by email to fill out prior to approving your tournament. We will review it and make sure that it is both within the guidelines set out above and does not require constant moderator intervention, or, as we like to call it, babysitting. If your tournament necessitates constant moderator action, it may not get approved.

Lastly, in order to make sure that our player base doesn't tire of similar tournaments being hosted over and over again in quick succession, we keep a Tournament Calendar. We do our best not to have more than a couple of similar tournaments per year. As such, your best bet for a successful, new tournament is to try something unique. We also try to leave room for major tournaments that have been hosted annually or biannually for a long time, so it may not be possible for your tournament to start in April like you wanted. You may have to wait until June or July, or try again in another season. We do this simply to avoid a clutter of tournaments because tournaments should be a fun event, not a competition between one another for players.

In order to apply for your tournament, please email the moderators at webdipmod@gmail.com with your interest and a very brief overview of your tournament. You will then be sent the tournament director questionnaire.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to post in this thread.

webDiplomacy Admin

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