Finished: 11 PM Sun 15 Jan 12 UTC
Private Converted
1 day /phase
Pot: 417 D - Autumn, 1908, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Yellowjacket (835 D (B))
08 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Do we?
08 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: I'm not sure, but i noticed that austria has entered moves
08 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: No, we do not yet. I apologize for that. I entered preliminary orders so that new Austria wouldn't be screwed over by a quick unpause and resolution.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Have people at least expressed interest, I really don't want this to one of those fabled eternally paused games.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: PE said friday, I think we should give him that much time before draw/cancelling.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Wasn't suggesting that, I was just asking to see if our chances were good.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Are you kidding? I would imagine that people are virtually fighting with each other, physically, over the opportunity to play in this game. PE is probably wracked with guilt at the injuries already caused.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Lol, I hope so, there seemed to be less interest on the forums than in the other games.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: I have 2 top-100 GR players ready to replace me. That should be satisfactory.
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Well bring 'em on!
09 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Could we have a native Russian please PE, one that doesn't like to see his homeland overran be the west.
10 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Awesome. I'd prefer a German as his play is just hilarious (I know you love all manner of trolling PE).
12 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Any update here?
12 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Oh hell. I thought I PMed the ready replacements... I've had a screwy internet connection lately. Sorry about that.
14 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: So what's the deal here? Should we just cancel this? Or can somebody else find a replacement?

Getting tired of waiting...
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: I messaged the mods two days ago with a replacement request. That said, issues with moderator work hasn't been limited just to me, it seems. I hate to ruin a good start, but you may wish to cancel. I'll vote cancel if that is y'all's decision.
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Damn, we should try to start this again when Eden gets back.
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: ahh thats right I forgot we need a mod to replace without CDing. Well I'm voting both unpause and cancel, I'm ok to keep waiting or just cancel.
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: (Geofram): Alright. I've forced Austria out and his replacement should be joining soon. Assuming he was given the password. Just in case, could someone PM it to my account so I can pass it on? Cheers.
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Hooray, removing my cancel vote.
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Howdy, ya'll. I'm replacing PE. I've been given a basic rundown on everything thats going on by PE. But I still wouldn't mind if people took a moment to give me their take on the situation, in more private channels. Thanks!
15 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: OK, Germany, Italy, lets get this game back on!
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Italy?
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: I'll try to get mods to force an unpause if italy hasn't responded by tomorrow afternoon.
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: If Italy isn't here I'd rather we didn't just jump in without him. Seems fruitless, to me.
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Sure thing Austria.
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: I'm aware that we are playing with someone who very seldom pauses - perhaps we shouldn't take advantage of the fact he has on this occassion, as it will be much harder to get him to pause again?
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Thanks Italy, let's get this underway. Good luck everyone.
17 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1902: Yes good luck
22 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1903: I am very sorry for my NMR.
22 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1903: Everybody on Germany! :)
22 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 1903: lol.
29 Dec 11 UTC Autumn, 1904: sorry for my NMR guys
02 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: AHHHHHHHHHHHH, fuck misorders...
06 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: I apologize for the NMR. It is pretty much the fault of a terrible airline that stuck me in the airport for hours and hours.
11 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: I' glad I play this game for fun - because those last moves were just hilarious
13 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: They, were, unfortunately I'm also very competitive so this game has made me quite unhappy.
13 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: I think we still have a chance. It juts depends what Italy wants to do.
13 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: Stay tuned for our next game, Deconverted.
13 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: Lol, it's more that somebody here didn't convert properly, this game seems to be playing out like the last one but without the logic that caused it.
13 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 1908: Right. But if people are going to play the same way either way, count me a fan of PPSC.
13 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 1908: I guess that's a good point, I'd really like to hear Italy's motivation here.
13 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 1908: I'll tell you my motivation
13 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 1908: Please do.
15 Jan 12 UTC Interesting first experience with WTA folks.

Maniac - nice defense up north. Sorry you couldn't ever get rolling. I knew it was you when you said, "understood" the first time.

Ghug - I saw this game realistically ending in a 3 way FRT, and thats what I was pushing for until I had the obvious opportunity that ended with a solo. I knew it was you when you yelled FUUUCK on global.

Damian: thanks for joining man, sorry you were screwed from the start mostly and never had a chance to get rolling

im_on_a_boat: so confused, and so grateful. I knew it was you when you started talking about vengeance.

colorsinmyhead: you were right to attack me from the start. I was definitely coming for you preferentially. I just got the benefit of a conciliatory germany. I knew it was you by process of elimination.

Semck: again, I felt from the start that I could work very very well with you. I actually think I screwed up by stabbing you. When I saw Russia holding and Italy attacking, I figured there was no way they would be doing that without being sure you were going after me, so I pre-empted it. It worked, but man was I pissed at myself when I saw that you didn't want the war. But I realized that I definitely had position on you, so I felt i had to push it. Sorry, if I play with you again I'll be a bit more trusting when I suspect its you. That being said, 3 NMRs is not going to make you any friends or keep you any allies.

All in all folks, I played this game WAAAAY more aggressively and deceitfully than I ever have before, and I'm surprised it worked, even with Italian help. Thanks everybody!
15 Jan 12 UTC I'm extremely sorry to all for my NMR. I'm not sure what happened, as I had checked times (I thought) to make sure that I wasn't missing any deadlines. Obviously I screwed the pooch, and I'm very sorry that in a screwed up game, I was the reason it was actually won.

YJ: Yep, good game. I figured it was you.

All the rest, except onaboat: Again, my deepest apologies. I well deserve your anger for this one.
15 Jan 12 UTC Oh good this one is over. Well I'm sure you guys don't want to play with me again, and that's understandable. Trust me, Yellowjacket is the last person I wanted to win, but you left me little choice.

I promised I would tell you my motivation. I decided to throw the game after I saw that people in the east were doing absolutely nothing. Seriously Russia, what was with those moves? That meant that Russia and Turkey were waiting for something. Either (1) you were waiting for France to take care of Germany and Italy and then you would play for a draw, or (2) once I turned my back to defend against France you could attack me. In both scenarios, Italy is likely absent from any endgame, so there is no incentive for me to help that occur. The second scenario made strategic sense so I couldn't fault you for that (except that I held the self-destruct button), but the first scenario just amounts to being a points hound from the start and is not the way to play in my opinion. It's just as bad as what happened in the last game. If you were playing for a draw from the outset, then I have no regrets.

I would have defended France if it looked like I could do so without being a patsy for the eastern powers. The NMRs from Germany sealed the deal, because any defense was hopeless without him. Basically some degree of cooperation was necessary, but there was none. Not just cooperation against France--someone in the east needed to be eliminated before France could get rolling, but it couldn't be done. France wins because he's the only one who actually played to win, and since the outcome would be the same for me no matter what (i.e., I can't win or be part of a draw), I would rather reward France's play than the wait-and-see play of the others.
15 Jan 12 UTC For my two (more) cents... I believe Russia self bounced because I planted the seed by saying I could put 3 in line to attack st. Pete's and he couldn't stop me. Of course he COULD stop me by self bouncing, and he bit. At that time I was just thinking he'll either fall for it and yield me sweden AND noreway, helping me to solo, or he'll accept my deal and then I'll try to finish him off with my superior naval power after Germany is dealt with.

As far as Turkey goes, I remember I felt ghug was hard to work with in stopping a draw in our previous game, (I never really felt like I could trust him to not shank me again) so if you felt the same friction with him that I did I can see why you felt that way. From all of our talks in this game I felt he would be MUCH happier with a FRT than a FIT (the only two real options for a draw that could happen).

I would feel remiss, however, if I didn't mention that had you continued to push against me, settled up with Turkey, and taken Tunis (and you did have the Mediterranean advantage before you backed off), I would have immediately settled up with you, retreated to the stalemate line, and pressured Turkey for a FIT, since no solo was possible without Tunis (I would have needed Moscow, which is on the wrong side of the line).

Would ghug have been amenable to that? I don't know.
15 Jan 12 UTC It's definitely true that I would have preferred an FRT to an FIT, because Italy had been uncommunicative for years, and Russia had been good to talk to throughout the game. I told Italy several years ago that I would back off of him so that he could defend himself from the growing France, he didn't respond, continued to attack me, and then eventually threw the game. That was completely unjustified, there was quite a bit of Diplomacy to be played, and it made me quite angry.

This game has put me in a bad mood, and I have snow to go frolic in, so I'm going to leave it at that.
15 Jan 12 UTC Well done YJ; No worries about the NMR Semck83 - it happens; my apologise to the other players for not doing enough diplomatically or tactically to prevent a soloist. No hard feelings Im_on_a_boat - I don't agree with your reasoning but I do respect it and it would be a dull game if we all played the same.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Yellowjacket (835 D (B))
Won. Bet: 50 D, won: 417 D
18 supply-centers, 14 units
Maniac (189 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 50 D
6 supply-centers, 5 units
ghug (5068 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 50 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
im_on_a_boat (133 D)
Survived. Bet: 50 D
3 supply-centers, 6 units
damian (675 D)
Survived. Bet: 67 D
2 supply-centers, 2 units
semck83 (229 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 50 D
1 supply-centers, 3 units
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
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