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Finished: 11 AM Thu 19 Aug 10 UTC
Epic Showdown
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1909, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
01 Aug 10 UTC Autumn, 1903: I'm going to be going away for a few days, which would normally make me ask for a pause, but seen as my demise is all but inevitable, I won't bother you with it. Just so you know that I'm not CDing because I'm losing, but because I'm not here. :-)
01 Aug 10 UTC Autumn, 1903: thats ok... all good mate! have a good one where ever you are going =]
17 Aug 10 UTC Ok, anyone interested in a draw? This game is screwed by at every turning point by leaving players.
18 Aug 10 UTC i would be interested.
this is sort of pointless.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Rire (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 23 D
10 supply-centers, 10 units
rolv (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 23 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
Siddhartha (1158 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 23 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
Solstice21 (0 D X)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
6 supply-centers, 4 units
EMAN67 (100 D)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
catsmeat (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Antracia (3494 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
Antracia (3494 D)Austria (Spring, 1904) with 3 centres.
EMAN67 (100 D)Russia (Autumn, 1907) with 6 centres.
catsmeat (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1904) with 3 centres.
Solstice21 (0 D X)England (Autumn, 1908) with 6 centres.
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