Finished: 02 AM Thu 14 Nov 19 UTC
Black Ships -10
1 day /phase
Pot: 175 D - Autumn, 1915, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Theoneandonly (10435 D)
12 Nov 19 UTC Well my bad guys. I misordered that last turn, but I don't think we would have stopped him anyway. We needed armies in Germany, not literally everywhere else.

France, you should have kept your army in Gascony to support hold Marseilles and let Burgundy support hold Munich. You should have moved your fleets into Spain.
12 Nov 19 UTC There were a myriad of other errors as well, I'm sure some of them mine. But those two stand out, obviously due to their recency.
12 Nov 19 UTC well, like how about the total lunacy of Austria? He has Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania locked down and then turns on an incredibly loyal Italy, only to throw away all his SC to Turkey.

1904 - 1906, Austria totally lost his mind. Sure, disband Serbia to surround Venice with 3 armies only to never actually take it?

Want to start there?

As Austria, NEVER attack Italy until you are SURE that BOTH Russia and Turkey are certain to die, which in this case, they weren't, obviously.
12 Nov 19 UTC @Russia, yeah I screwed up not moving to attack Turkey fast enough and with Gascony. I misjudged how quickly Turkey could crush you (Russia).

In my defense, I had 4 centers or less from 1902 to 1911 after being attacked by England, Germany, Italy, and then Austria (I might have let you live in MAR, comrade, but then you took SPA :/), so I think I was too grateful to just have Turkey not attacking me too and I let my guard down against the solo.

@Italy, I would be curious to know how my defense against your early attack felt? I'm looking at ways to hold off the anti-France meta and this game is only one sample but it turned out alright, but that could just have been because England never convoyed into my centers and harassed you instead, not to mention that E/G started fighting in A03.

@England, likewise I would be curious about your reasoning for moving onto attacking Italy in A03 instead of trying to take SPA. Not a critique, just curious.

@Turkey, good survival in the early game to come back for the solo. Must be why you have all those points ;)
12 Nov 19 UTC then march into Iberia to destroy the french position, helping Turkey even more.

No offense there Turkey, but Austria was so bad, I had to check with the mods to see if there was some shit going on, but there wasn't. just one of many morons that tend to inhabit this website.

So, Austria if your goal was to help Turkey solo, congratulations! Moron.
12 Nov 19 UTC GG guys, I was on the track for a two way draw with Russia already. But I smelled the stab was coming. Luckily I made some good guesses in spring 1911 and spring 1913 and I could persuade France to stop fighting. At the end I knew I would win because of the lack of hostile armies in Germany.
Sometimes it is really hard to find the ideal timing to attack the soloing one. If you do it too early, there´s the risk of being cut out of a draw because you aren´t important enough for the others. But you also shouldn´t start to late…
12 Nov 19 UTC No problem there, Italy. I didn´t understand what he was doing too, nevertheless I liked what he did :)
If someone would have said in 1903 that I would win the game, I would not have believed that.
12 Nov 19 UTC spring of 1904 he made a ridiculous move to cover Vienna, against what? nothing...

Had he covered Trieste or self bounced on Trieste, he would have kept Romania and then could have continued against Russia and Turkey, but to move on Italy at the moment was absolutely moronic.

Then from then on, just one insane move after the next to throw the game to Turkey.
12 Nov 19 UTC I do appreciate Italy being mad on my behalf :) I'm not the kind to throw a fit and write paragraphs of complaints but I was...very inconvenienced by Austria.
12 Nov 19 UTC Re: two way draw, I judged that that was impossible. You would have out-grown me and pushed past MAO. Besides which, I had forgotten that WAR, MOS, MUN was part of a stalemate line. (My last game before this most recent series was like 2011... So I'm a little rusty)
12 Nov 19 UTC Re: My quick collapse. Part of that was because I deliberately sacrificed my flank against England and, for some reason, he (and you) kept taking centers from me.

In 1913, I had to disband an army in Kiel that would have forced the draw because he took Holland and Sweden from me (you tried to too, France...) so that he could build... fleets? Fleets were not what we needed. I voted draw in 1912 after Austria was eliminated, but it should have been clear that once Turkey beat me on the 50/50 in Trieste in Spring 1911 that I wasn't a solo threat anymore.
12 Nov 19 UTC France, Austria was taking EXTRA SC from which he cannot possibly build any new units??? It's not the way to be included in a final draw, the played like absolute shit.
12 Nov 19 UTC The fleet builds by England in the 1913 1914 range were also ridiculously bad moves.
12 Nov 19 UTC and of course, the worst shittiest players, refuse to comment in the end game, as they prefer to fade away in anonymity.
13 Nov 19 UTC oh yeah no don't get me wrong, taking the EXTRA SC was shit moves, I'm more like there's only so many different ways to say that they were shit moves, I'm just not trying to have Austria show up to this post-game discussion and read pages of text reaming them (see what I did there) and making Austria feel like utter shit.

Your feelings/anger are valid, as are mine, but it's not helping anyone to keep writing similes for "shit moves" like Bart on a chalkboard.

and uh Austria could be sleeping. also I dont know why anyone would want to face a torrent of vitriol, as one would only reasonably expect....more vitriol
13 Nov 19 UTC ah yes, but it is enjoying to call shit what it is. reminds me of a joke...

Two teenagers are walking down the sidewalk, one says, hey! What's that on the ground? Discussion ensues. Looks like dogshit... Smells like dogshit. Feels like dogshit... Tastes like dogshit...

good thing we didn't step it in!!
13 Nov 19 UTC alright that made me giggle
13 Nov 19 UTC Yeah, thanks, tug. Apparently your strategy was to attack France and leave Turkey AND Russia to me AND MY ONE FLEET. Maybe next time your "incredible loyalty" will extend to fighting a common enemy, instead of mounting a futile assault on France. Hell, I had more success against France with one army than you did. Your game plan sucked; you couldn't dent France, and now you're pissed at me because I didn't fall on my sword defending your back. What a tool...
13 Nov 19 UTC France, I did feel bad about that. The SC did me no good without a place to build, but my goal was to get into the Iberian and hole up; can't do that in Marseilles.
13 Nov 19 UTC uhhhh nevermind then, Austria looks like they can handle all that abuse and deliver some of their own *upside down smiley face*
13 Nov 19 UTC Yeah Austria, I get the need to survive in the stalemate line in POR/SPA, but uh you could have moved to POR in A09 and chilled there, and also there was no reason to move _back_ into SPA in A10. So I'm gonna need you to feel a bitttttt more sorry about those mistakes :)
13 Nov 19 UTC Yeah, I'm not much used to Spain as the endgame of Austria, but RT were working together since '04, and the help I was getting from Germany disappeared about the same time. With Turkey in the Ionian, I was fully flanked, and the only way I saw to survive was to retreat over Italy. Unfortunately, his single-minded defense of Venice let Turkey out of the bag.
Turkey, great game! I thought you'd use Russia's problems in the north to force Sevastopol, but once Russia disbanded his fleet, I knew I was toast.
13 Nov 19 UTC Austria, you're a douchebag.
13 Nov 19 UTC go look at 1903, you are in Aegean, yes, Aegean, with your one fleet and my fleet in Ionian, supported you to HOLD, but you, like a dumb ass moved it to Bulgaria instead of a an army.

Italian fleet Ionian and Austrian fleet Aegean is a permanent LOCK on turkey. If you do not move Bulgaria like a dumb ass.
13 Nov 19 UTC Kiss my ass, you self-righteous prick.
13 Nov 19 UTC France, what I wrote in the "Notes" section at the time was Italy moved West Med to MAO on A1903 which I interpreted as either hostility or opposition to me getting so many French centers. Which meant I had to fight them. Also, I thought taking Spa was impossible without first taking Gas which I might not be able to do without accidentally cutting support to Span and letting Italy walk in there.
13 Nov 19 UTC Also France I have a question of my own, why wouldn't you click draw / try to take the 4 way draw (1910)? At that point we were both small powers who might be eliminated if either of us tried to pursue a 3 way draw. Which was the best thing either of us could realistically hope for.
13 Nov 19 UTC And Russia. Sorry about that. France not clicking draw made me suspicious that he would (recklessly in my opinion) try to cut me out. I think I should get some credit for possibly stopping France form taking more of your centers (eg Hol/Kiel). I was kicking my self about the fleet builds too. I needed one fleet to blow up Turkish StP, but I could probably have just captured Hol to stop France from going further or build one fleet, one army. But letting you keep one more center would probably have been better.
13 Nov 19 UTC Russia did it do anything to influence you that I gave you StP back? From our later fights about Norway I'm thinking no, but I would like to know your thoughts.
13 Nov 19 UTC @England, you are correct that I was greedily thinking about cutting you out...but I also just didn't notice the votes right away (forgot to scroll down on mobile). That's my fault.
13 Nov 19 UTC @England: No, it made no difference. I had a possible shot at a solo and you were in my way. That made you my enemy until that shot was eliminated.
14 Nov 19 UTC Fair enough. It did serve to power you up to fight Germany, which worked out relatively well for me.

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Theoneandonly (10435 D)
Won. Bet: 25 D, won: 175 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
IAmNew (161 D)
Survived. Bet: 25 D
8 supply-centers, 7 units
pyxxy (246 D)
Survived. Bet: 25 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
(1304 D)
Survived. Bet: 25 D
3 supply-centers, 4 units
Tugster (13048 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
scrodz (300 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
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