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Finished: 02 PM Thu 27 Sep 18 UTC
Featured Gunboat-778
1 days /phase
Pot: 777 D - Spring, 1929, Finished
No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
26 Sep 18 UTC 1929... long, long game...
26 Sep 18 UTC Great game Tugster. You and R3dox made the right guesses when it really mattered. I got within a sort of 50-50 guess of a solo win and guessed wrong. Well played.

Also, good job understanding that we could eliminate England once my solo win attempt was shut down.

King John, you probably should have insisted on control of STP for yourself so that you couldn't be eliminated so easily once my solo win attempt was stopped.
26 Sep 18 UTC yeah hahah longest I've played in a while but everyone was readying their orders very quickly so it wasn't so bad
26 Sep 18 UTC well, Sword, you would have made it a LOT easier for me to kill England, had you just moved back a little bit more. Most of my units could not stray far at all, lest you come back to the line. But I am sure you were watching each turn for a mistake on my part, so you could swarm back up and solo.

England, agreed, you needed to stay in Barents at the very least, to always have the ability to support Austria in or cut support in Norway, your key to survival was the threat of giving Austria a solo, not your own military power. In fact, after we had stp, I put up my draw vote and kept it up for awhile, until you went for your home SC. Had you stayed in Barents or stp, I would not have killed you, but once you went for Liverpool and Edinburgh and forced me to disband, I took down my draw vote, because it looked like you were trying to rebuild a third unit.
26 Sep 18 UTC And Italy, I fully intended to kill England and support your lines for a draw, never did understand why you went kamikaze on me? my worst offense near you , was a missed guess. I was even careful to approach TYS via GOL instead of west med to make it clear that I was coming to help not poach.
26 Sep 18 UTC Sword, it was closer than merely a 50-50 guess. After turns and turns of England moving from Barents to stp, the turn that counted, he switched and supported me in from Finland, but I had ordered three units to support him in! I opened the move, against, to see you still in stp!! I though we had lost, I couldn't figure out for a moment why we had not lost. I mean, in gunboat, who changes their orders like that, and how I am supposed to know! So I thought, shit, game over, solo, but it wasn't.. what??? ah... Austria didn't take Rome... my god, one more year to live... the closest to solo, and not a solo, that I have ever seen.
26 Sep 18 UTC That is correct tugster. I was looking to see if England might somehow throw me the game, since it seemed like he had attempted to do that once much earlier. I want to place you in a bad position where England was going around taking your centers, so you HAD to go over and do battle with him. Either he would harass you so much that I could solo win, or you'd get him eliminated and reduce the draw. You played very well of course.

I suspect that Italy never fully appreciated that you were trying to form a stalemate line against me, either believing your intentions to be hostile or else wishing you would just leave him alone until it was closer to end-game. After I got in some good guesses, Italy decided he had to abandon his positions to have a shot in the draw.

Doug, you ended up getting eliminated because you never really attacked anybody this game. You would move your units into position to attack, and then immediately give up and back down. I think you would have done better if you had persistently attacked someone.
26 Sep 18 UTC Oh yeah I left Rome open on purpose because I was trying to keep Italy alive as long as possible to interfere with your forming a stalemate line against me. I was just as certain as you were that I was going to lose STP; it didn't occur to me that I should just take rome and that it would be the winning center.

In the moment, I thought my best chance at a solo was to leave Italy alive so as to interfere with your ability to form a stalemate line, since even after he would disband his fleet there would be a small gap, and then maybe I would have a one shot at munich/berlin (which eventually did happen and I guessed wrong, that was the 50/50 I was referring to). It blew my mind that you and England didn't take STP and I was kicking myself for not just taking rome and ending the game. Hopefully you can understand what I'm saying what I say I didn't take rome on purpose
26 Sep 18 UTC gg all (though pretty boring for awhile there).

Excellently played by Austria and Italy in particular. I agree, Austria, that I never committed to any attack. Turkey was my first choice, but he showed no threat by not building a second fleet. I felt that you never gave me a good opening, and that France was waiting for England or myself to head east. By the time England went full tilt at Germany and France pounced on him, I felt that you were too strong for me to take on.

I don't believe that you planned to support me, France. Austria never took Berlin and then you and England retook St. Petersburg. The result was that Italy, and then even Tunis (to my horror) were in advance of where the stalemate line needed to be. In the end I judged that you were going to feed me to the wolves.
26 Sep 18 UTC Sorry. "Excellently played by Austria and France in particular"
(wishful thinking I guess)
26 Sep 18 UTC Never thought I'd live to see this draw after being assaulted from all sides, but fortunately F picked up on what was going on and we bricked E pretty hard.

In a previous game I got eliminated after setting up the stalemate because of greed of others, which pissed me off quite a bit. I had the impression the same was happening here but in all fairness, E brought it on himself here. Why move away and take centers like that?!

Anyway, GG, even though from my perspective it was very boring.
26 Sep 18 UTC Yes, botched the endgame for sure. First time clinging to survival in a gunboat like that, but I’m retrospect it’s obvious that I should have tried to survive at the stalemate line, not as a chaotic wandering band of fleets.
26 Sep 18 UTC I supported Finland into StP thinking that an army in StP was more useful than a fleet, but of course self-interest and common sense should have dictated that I continue trying to put my own fleet in there. No one to blame but myself, there.
26 Sep 18 UTC notice of course that French sailors are drinking English beer in pubs in EVERY British port! intentional final placement of fleets...
26 Sep 18 UTC also, i would like to point out something to everyone. Back in 1910, I distinctly remembering looking at the map and saying to myself,: "wow, every single country intact, with all their home SC still owned and everyone fairly even and in contention. That is extremely rare to see and I self remarked that it must be a good group of players for that to have happened. It usually doesn't. go look at 1909 - 1911, it wasn't until the end of 1910 that someone, Russia, started to finally get beat. 1909 looks damn near like 1902!
26 Sep 18 UTC One of the longest, best, and most fun gunboats I had played in a while. I always enjoy a game with you Tugster by the way
26 Sep 18 UTC France, did you intentionally misorder a bunch of convoys early in the game? For a while I thought you must be some sort of clueless noob because it looked like you didn’t even understand how a convoy worked.
26 Sep 18 UTC ah, the fake convoy... That's a diplomatic message in gunboat. When I have an army that is going to hold and needs no support, nor needs to support anything, I order it to convoy as a message to other players. it's a way of communicating to others what you want them to do, and/or your own intentions.
26 Sep 18 UTC examples: Spring 1905: I convoyed Brest to London, but your fleet was in channel, and I dislodged it. this meant: => England: Get the hell away from me!

Spring 1907: I convoyed to Norway: this meant: England! Go attack Germany or Russia and get the hell away from me!

I did a couple of others trying to communicate with you.
26 Sep 18 UTC They can have varied meanings, either offensive or divisiveness, it's up to others to interpret the meanings! Hey, it's gunboat...
26 Sep 18 UTC I LOVE the failed convoy!! Tugster your play style is so similar to mine
26 Sep 18 UTC England, there are a variety of ways to communicate with orders in gunboat:

First do the orders you need to do for your tactics, then send messages, if you can:

1-Support a neighbor to hold = "Let's be friends" especially if the support is not needed

2-Support an attack on a neighbor, even if it is incredibly unlikely that the other guy will actually do it. Example. French army in Belgium supports English army Edinburgh to Holland, even though France knows there is no way England would actually do it for other reasons, like the unit is about to obviously be dislodged, or whatever. Message = England, lets' attack Germany together.

3- support an attack on your own empty SC in the end game =" Come and take my SC, you need it to hold the stalemate line more than I do!" this is often needed as turkey to stop a western solo. turkey stops all attacks on Italy, Austria and Russia in order to stop an English or french solo. He holds up with 5 or 6 units, but Russia or Austria need more. Army con supports Russia army to Bulgaria (owned by Turkey, but empty) = Russia, come and take my SC! Essential skill for turkey to know, to give away a few SC at the end, if needed to stop a solo, as turkey can just go hide with 3 SC, he does not need 5 or 6 if Germany or England is about to solo.

4- Fake convoys = move in the direction of the arrow I am drawing on the map. SUPER useful on the world map!!

5 - repetitive support orders for an attack = do that attack.

With enemies, you want to be unpredictable, but with allies, predictability is better in order to get the orders right. Often it takes 3 or 4 support orders in a row before the other guys notices.

ALWAYS check the other map or text to see what people ordered when it isn't obvious. They are usually not so secret messages..
26 Sep 18 UTC there's another. Failure to write a basic support or other obvious basic order = I don't give a shit about you" I was playing Austria once and I had an Italy who wrote fleet Ionian sea holds, like five times in a row, when he could have supported Greece to hold and this sent the message off essentially I don't give a shit about you Austria.

Never write a basic hold order if you can send a message with a support of some sort.
27 Sep 18 UTC Thanks for the detailed response! I’m getting a master class over here.
27 Sep 18 UTC Hey, so I have created two light hearted fun only low stress games, one is ARMY builds ONLY, and the other is FLEET builds ONLY.

As such, they are not anonymous, and full press, but not too much work either!

If you would like to play, sign up!

Password to join for both = tug

Ideally, if you want to play, then join both at once.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

swordsman3003 (12662 D (G))
Drawn. Bet: 111 D, won: 259 D
17 supply-centers, 16 units
Tugster (7267 D)
Drawn. Bet: 111 D, won: 259 D
12 supply-centers, 10 units
R3dox (261 D)
Drawn. Bet: 111 D, won: 259 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
King John (80 D)
Defeated. Bet: 111 D
Doug7878 (613 D (G))
Defeated. Bet: 111 D
Bob Al Hubob (1197 D)
Defeated. Bet: 111 D
allanxo (1139 D (G))
Defeated. Bet: 111 D
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