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Finished: 07 AM Sun 26 Aug 18 UTC
Private Gentlemen of War 2-2
3 days /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1907, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by M.Literovich (716 D)
14 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: Test post please ignore
14 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: we made it!
15 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: I swear half the fun of this game is in sending over-the-top messages.
15 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: we made it!
16 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: Let's get this snafu rolling
16 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: The great nation of France is prepared for the gears of time to continue to tick ever forward.
16 Jun 18 UTC Spring, 1901: Her Majesty's government has completed its winter preparations and is primed to conduct its operations for the Spring of 1901.
18 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: ((Is there a way to message more then 1 person at a time?))
19 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: The nation mourns the passing of our Queen Victoria, who passed peaceably at 81 years of age. His Majesty, King Edward VII, has instructed his government to continue to maintain his predecessor's policy of strength and fellowship among nations.

His Prime Minister, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, shall ably continue to lead the nation through this tumultuous time.
19 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: The whole world sorrows over the grandmother of Europe. A funeral service will be held in the English church at St. Petersburg and attended by the Emperor and Empress.
19 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: ((Turkey: I don't know, I've also tried to figure that out))
19 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: ((I think this structure is based on the "play-by-mail" structure fans of the game used prior to the internet's public debut, and so no multiple messaging is permitted, but I could be wrong. There is an old play-by-mail story about how one of the world champions took a hand-written letter, cut it up and reassembled it to change the meaning and then sent a photocopy of it to another player warning of an "attack" coming from the other player's ally. It was like an Ems Telegram, with art imitating life.))
20 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1901: The people of France feel the pain of the British and send their warmest regards.
27 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1902: It is with great regret that His Majesty's government felt it was essential to secure the port of St. Petersburg after the Russians indicated their intent to withdraw from the Triple Entente. We bear no ill will to the Russian people, but the abdication of their government's commitment to an established alliance represented a severe threat to the well-being of the British peoples and necessitated certain drastic measures to safeguard their well-being.
28 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1902: The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party decrys the outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society. The English are living in a dictatorship. A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the working classes...
28 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1902: His Majesty's government only received a portion of that missive and it was from an unfamiliar party within the Russian government. Further attempts at communication have gone unheeded. It is our fear at this time that there has been some form of... Russian revolution in response to the encirclement of St. Petersburg.
28 Jun 18 UTC Autumn, 1902: In more cheery news, despite the continue military actions across the continent, it has come to the attention of the French government that two magazines in our country have organized an event they are calling the "Tour de France", a bicycling race. In the interests of peace, we would like to extend invitations on their behalf to athletes of other countries who would be interested in partaking.
02 Jul 18 UTC Spring, 1903: Greetings,

As a consequence of the resignation of my uncle, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, His Majesty has seen fit to appoint me, Arthur Balfour, as the Prime Minister of this United Kingdom. While the descent of Europe into a state of war is regrettable, His Majesty's government has ably weathered the storms of this tumultuous time. It shall be the policy of this government that standing relations will be maintained in the state they are. The campaign to check German aggression will continue in full with our French allies and the British Navy will continue to secure the northern trade routes that have fostered productive relations between ourselves and the Russian people since the days of the Muscovy Trading Company.

The fall of the Turkish sultan is a reminder to us all that no great civilization can remain stagnant, lest the winds of change sweep it into the dustbin of history. We congratulate the Austrian forces on their return of the Balkans to Christendom and applaud the ably executed crusade of the Italian forces in Syria.

I look forward to working with the remaining great powers of Europe in the coming years in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

Prime Minister Balfour
10 Jul 18 UTC Autumn, 1903: An open letter to the dishonest and untrustworthy English,

Unless I am missreading the state of Europe, your only valid targets at this point are France and Russia. Under these conditions it would be suicidal to disband the Baltic Fleet, as has been repeatedly suggested, rather than force the English to waste Scandanavia's supply holding itself.

If the English decide to cease their occupation of St Petersburg, perhaps we could renegotiate the initial non-aggression you betrayed. If you continue to occupy our rightful homeland, we intend to maintain a state of aggression, stopping your treacherous forces from spreading further into Europe.

To the other nations of Europe - Russia is no threat to you as long as England holds St. Petersburg. Given their dominant supply lead (and the seasoned experience of their leadership), we hope that you will respect our value in tieing up a disproportionate amount of English forces while you secure your own borders. Russia has contacted you all privately regarding how we can coordinate in this regard.

Russian ambitions at this stage are simply to avoid a loss through outright English victory.
10 Jul 18 UTC Autumn, 1903: To whomever claims to currently being in charge of the failed nation state of Russia,

Your pleas for sympathy are understandable given your dire circumstances, but let us reflect on how you have reached this position.

First, unknown to us how exactly, you immediately managed to turn the German leadership against you, prompting an ill-fated and short-lived campaign by the German forces.

Second, you failed to secure an alliance with the Turks, prompting them to attack you when it became clear that there was no turning back the obvious Austro-Italian alliance.

Third, you reneged on your alliance with France and myself in the name of “game balance”, moments before orders were due, forcing British intelligence to advise a last minute foray into St. Petersburg lest you turn against the cause completely.

Fourth, you managed to get the Austrians to attack you when you failed to secure any agreement with them.

Your well-advertised “grand defence” of St. Petersburg last year can be summarized as an apathetic sortie in its general direction and then a doubling back to block Austrian forces.

You are the victim of your own double-dealing and dishonesty, not some malevolent outside force. If you had been true to your word in our engagements, you would not be in the predicament.

I fully expect to see the Austrians in Moscow by the end of this year or next, at which point, the negotiation of a four way draw between legitimate world powers can begin in earnest. By all means, keep that pile of rubbish you call your “Baltic Fleet” well maintained. It cannot help you defend Sevastopol, Warsaw or Moscow.

As His Majesty said at tea earlier this week, “at least the Turks had the good sense to die quickly.”

As always, I have the honour to be your obedient servant.

A. Balfour
19 Aug 18 UTC We gotta stop England getting 3 more centres in single backstab or we all get 0 points - just saying.
19 Aug 18 UTC Tunis/Marseilles/Paris, for example
19 Aug 18 UTC I'm grudgingly willing to consider conceding St Petersburg
20 Aug 18 UTC Just St. Petersburg?

Your negotiating position with the others seems a little weak...
22 Aug 18 UTC That should do it...
22 Aug 18 UTC gg
22 Aug 18 UTC Italy thanks you all for another world war in which it could flounder and achieve nothing.

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M.Literovich (716 D)
Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 70 D
18 supply-centers, 14 units
Elfieblue (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
10 supply-centers, 11 units
Survived. Bet: 10 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
FideiDefensor (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
tyleroi (100 D)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
2 supply-centers, 3 units
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
NavigatorIX (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
tyleroi (100 D)France (Spring, 1906) with 6 centres.
savageawakening (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1903) with 1 centres.
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