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Finished: 10 PM Sat 16 Dec 17 UTC
sunrisers hyderbad 789
1 days /phase
Pot: 170 D - Spring, 2018, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Public messaging only, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:Welcome to all - looking for a little friendship here. Who among my neighbors would like an alliance to make something productive happen?
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:Hi Libya! I don't see why we would have to be enemies even with such close borders. We could work together, if you're interested.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:@Ghana - I'm interested in anyone willing to talk, stay active and work cooperatively. The quick stab sounds like a good play in this game, but leads to heartache in the years that follow unless you have another ally to help you out. Give me a good multi-year ally over an early SC-stab-grab any day.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:@Libya
I agree completely. With a treaty we will have a lot less of both of our borders to worry about protecting. I suggest we settle over how to split control of the territories between us before we shake on anything.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:@Ghana - works for me. I think Chad and Morocco divide easily without argument - Algeria is the challenge between us. If we can find agreement there, maybe with a deal to help whoever doesn't take it take the next territory where there is a joint effort?
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:Kenya here. Worried about the alliance forming to my north! But I am up for an alliance with anyone. Let's work together and win this!
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Europe]:I agree with Kenya - the North African alliance formed quickly without any better offers on the table. I'd be keen to let either Ghana or Libya seek morocco Algeria chad etc. no sense arguing over them and then getting stabbed when you can have European aupport.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [India]:I'm open to working with anyone that wants it. Just let me know. Good luck to everyone.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:Europe, lets form a protective barrier around this north African alliance and help each other out!
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:India, do you want to work against the Middle east?
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [India]:My goal in the beginning of the game is to just gain whatever easy neutral centers that I can. I don't think I'll really commit to attacking one specific opponent.

I'd like us to be on good terms though Kenya. Can we agree to leave the Northeast Indian sea a dmz?
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [South-Africa]:Kenya, I'd be interested in working together to split the south of Africa between us, I'd like Moz and Congo and you can have Zaire and Zambia
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:Hey now, just because Ghana and I spoke up early and started forming something doesn't mean that cannot include others or separate cooperative efforts. I'd be happy to work with any of those that have spoken up, which oddly seems to be everyone focused in one part of the world, no Americas, Australia, Antarctic, or east Asian participation yet. I would prefer to target those that stay silent, which leads to a certain someone Europe, India, Kenya and I are near if that persists and any of you are interested.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [China]:I'm happy to cooperate with neighbouring countries...
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:@Libya
I would feel safer if I had control of Algeria so that I wouldn't be so snaked out. You taking Algeria would leave me in a very vulnerable position, while if I took Algeria, neither of us would feel threatened by the other, so long as Niger is unoccupied. I would be happy to support you into wherever we may head next if I could take Algeria now.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:@Ghana - I'm willing to let you have Algeria if you can commit to getting me something else - we'll have to see what that something else is.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:India sure lets leave it a DMZ. South Africa, ok, sure we can split it like that if you want. Any one else want to talk and make a deal?
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:@Kenya - we've been passing like ships in the night, let's talk, work out things around are borders, and then there is NE and his silence to date...
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [India]:Just because NE has been silent doesn't mean hes ignoring everyone. Maybe he just hasn't checked in yet. I suggest everyone try and claim the easy open supply centers. Peoples moves will forge/cause alliances to form.
04 Oct 17 UTC Spring, 2000: [Libya]:Unfortunately, not everyone on this map starts in a position that allows for a simple grab of open SCs. Libya/NE are thrust into an awkward position immediately where we have home SCs immediately adjacent to each other. No one else on the map has this little extra concern of immediate invasion in move 1. So I'm forced to deal with NE one way or another immediately. His silence in that regard is not helpful.