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Pot: 700 D - Autumn, 1915, Diplomacy
Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Russia
~Sat 05 AM UTC Autumn, 1913: If I were France I'd consider this a win... and England is obviously a winner.

Now I understand that to people who believe the rules on the side of the box have the authority to define reality will say that this can't be a win. But I considering the whole thing is fake, made up, I don't see how any adult could take this position.
~Sat 02 PM UTC Spring, 1914: This is the first year of the two years before the mods will draw the game. In spring 1916, I will send an email to the mods and explain the situation. The game will then likely be drawn without Austria's permission.
~Sat 02 PM UTC Spring, 1914: This message is obsolete
~Sat 02 PM UTC Spring, 1914: You never ready moves
It means you are in no rush
I'm in no rush
So, why so desperate speech?
~Sat 03 PM UTC Spring, 1914: There is no rush because everything is set in stone. You will not win this game.

My moves are readied - where are yours?
~Sat 03 PM UTC Spring, 1914: You don't need to be rude.
I will enter moves later - once get back home, is it ok with you?
I'm ok with no rush.
~Sat 04 PM UTC Spring, 1914: What is there to explain? I agreed to hold the line with England and France, and then they attacked me. I told them if they attacked me, then I'd help you, so that's exactly what I did. Once I only had Berlin left, they realized that you were about to win and that they needed me, so they promised I'd be in the draw. That was good enough for me, so I held out Berlin, until they attacked me again leading to my elimination.
~Sat 04 PM UTC Spring, 1914: I wouldn't describe this as a stalemate year. I haven't done all the math but Austria is still making motion in the Mediterranean.

And yeah Germany, you hoped in the good will of France even though they never honored a single alliance in the game. You knew the risks and you making it to the end was a slim chance.
~Sat 04 PM UTC Spring, 1914: Hey, it was better than letting Austria take the W.
~Sat 05 PM UTC Spring, 1914: Austria is not making gains in the med. Even if Austria had a fleet in Piedmont, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Ionian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea - he could not break the line that me and England are currently holding.

He has at best two supports on GoL, while we have two. He has one support on Tunis while we have one. Thats it.

I would not have given up the Tyrrhenian Sea if the situation was any different.
~Sat 05 PM UTC Spring, 1914: And Russia. I am honoring an alliance this game - my alliance with England, which I value greatly.
~Sat 05 PM UTC Spring, 1914: And that was very hypocritical of you Austria. You calling out France for readying moves while you never ready them either is a bit...dumb on your part.
~Sun 01 AM UTC Autumn, 1914: You know what is dumb Germany? Your play. If you decided to punish them for betrayal, do it. But you were too weak to even complete that.
I stated I'm in no rush. What is hypocritical in it? Go to your grave and sit there. I'm glad they elliminated you. They should have kept you to annoy me...
~Sun 01 AM UTC Autumn, 1914: And there it is! The sore winner in Austria.
~Sun 01 AM UTC Autumn, 1914: I don't think I should use that term, though, since you can't even manage to get the "winner" part right without blaming others for your own shortcomings.
~Sun 01 AM UTC Autumn, 1914: I at least got 3way draw as Austria
You killed youself as germany
You realize that shortcomings are all yours...
~Sun 01 AM UTC Autumn, 1914: Oh, I know that my actions killed me. I can admit that. At least I don't have to suck other players off to get what I want.
~Sun 12 PM UTC Autumn, 1914: You are just one of those weirdos?
Have your own perception of the world
1/2 of the world is controlled by Austria
~Sun 03 PM UTC Autumn, 1914: It's okay. It's just an Internet game Austria :)
~Mon 01 AM UTC Spring, 1915: Sigh. Another year where Austria does not draw the game.

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Not received Austria
Bet: 100 D, worth: 233 D
17 supply-centers, 17 units
Completed France
Votes: Draw
Bet: 100 D, worth: 233 D
10 supply-centers, 10 units
Not received England
Votes: Draw
Bet: 0 D, worth: 233 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
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