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Finished: 05 PM Wed 19 Oct 16 UTC
12 hours /phase
Pot: 210 D - Autumn, 1916, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Mznvc (426 D)
18 Oct 16 UTC Good game folks!
18 Oct 16 UTC Well congrats. It was great playing with you, Austria. Not sure why Germany and Russia couldn't get together to slow you down
18 Oct 16 UTC gg
18 Oct 16 UTC Congratulations Mznvc.

We had easy stalemate moves on the second to last turn to secure Berlin and the northern line, and also Marseille, Spain and the southern line. Neither you (Italy) or Germany played the obvious moves to secure it. And there were many many other chances in the south and north leading up to that,and even before that to focus on slowing Austria.
18 Oct 16 UTC It was entirely clear you were intent on attacking Germany so why bother? You couldn't build but were still grabbing dots. It was clearly pointless. I secured the southern stalemate line ages earlier (and still hold it) but with you deciding to help Austria what was the point?
18 Oct 16 UTC I wasn't. The convoy to Bel was to go to Ruhr to give Munich the 3 supports I needed. Your senseless move to Bur prevented me from moving out of Bel, cost him a center, and caused him to lose Mun.

Earlier, I only attacked Den to FORCE him to retreat to protect Kiel, because he was not doing this on his own, in addition to him leaving the crucial Berlin center completely unprotected.

And before that I took Paris, so that he would disband the wasted effort in EC and focus on locking down his home centers.

And before that, as his army in Sil caused me to lose all my home centers to Austria, I was waiting him for just ONE move, to flash me a green support, so I could help him set up the stalemate. Yet, he then even cut Norway which was keeping the crucial St Pete (a likely 18th center) from Austria.
18 Oct 16 UTC Italy, you also missed a simple plug from GoL to Tus to all by hold the line from Rome to Tunis, and I was ready to send the one extra unit you needed to support hold Mars.
18 Oct 16 UTC It was already over long time before that. Tuscany was completely irrelevant. Funny you you managed to rationalize a series of attacks on Germany that were utterly stupid. he wasn't protecting his home centers because with you attacking him nonstop, there was no point. By the time Tuscany was in play, this game was already lost.
18 Oct 16 UTC You had proven you were going to be running around grabbing dots by taking Paris for no reason, so I couldn't leave Spain unprotected. That's why I didn't go to Tuscany. No way I was going to be surrendering a possible survive while you were busy throwing the game
18 Oct 16 UTC Also Germany deciding that hanging out in Marseilles showed me that I couldn't afford to leave those centers open.
18 Oct 16 UTC The stalemate line was there on the third to last move:
Munich to Berlin sup by Kiel (I tapped Pru)(then supported going forward from Bal)
Boh to Mun (supported going forward from Ruhr/Bur
Your Mars-Gas,
GoL to Mars,
Brest to Mao then to Port
then my Irish sup hold Mao.

Bam. Stalemate line complete in one move, plus one fleet reposition in south before Austrian fleets arrived.
18 Oct 16 UTC I don't even care about or consider "survives".
18 Oct 16 UTC Yeah, excetp that we both were expecting you to support Austria into Munich ans so forth by then. You were clearly aiming to eliminate Germany and throw the game
18 Oct 16 UTC were you going to go to MAO? and support me? There was no indiciation of that. You were too busy trying to kill Germany for some reason.

The thing to have done was to leave Brest and Paris ALONE, leave north sea alone, support Germany.
18 Oct 16 UTC Gg Mznvc!
18 Oct 16 UTC Italy, you clearly didn't open the big orders map to look at all my moves.

I was tapping Prussia for Germany, I was issuing you supports to move to MAO, I was vacating Bel before fall so I would not capture it (but both you and Germany blocked me from vacating!) and I was issuing support moves to Munich for Germany's pieces that were out of position in Boh/Tyr etc.

I agree that it was not smart for Germany to take Mars from you (and that's one reason I wanted to eliminate his one or two wandering units that were not helpful to the stalemate)! Germany would not cover his crucial home stalemate line centers! I don't think he knows stalemate lines, and that's fine, as everyone has to learn somehow.

But the irony here is that I almost forced Germany into a defensive position to cover the stalemate territories at Berlin and Mun, but you, number 13 in GR foiled the stalemate, but cutting my support for Bel to get to Ruhr for the last crucial support.

You should know better and I have no idea why you're concerned with survives instead of draws???
18 Oct 16 UTC Was there any way to know what the hell you were up to? Far too unpredictable. I ahve enough sense not to try to get the draw by attacking my allies. That's what it boiled down to.
18 Oct 16 UTC Ogion, throughout the game I was thinking how brilliant you were moving around this way and that, balancing out the board, as the flow of the game was changing. I was really curious to see who you were after the game. (I was just surprised that you didn't pull together in the end when we had the line covered.)

All I can say is that I was in a difficult position being attacked by Turkey, then Austria the entire game, and then Germany towards the end, and that every single move I made was made with the sole purpose of getting myself into a final draw, and not being eliminated or whittled down by Germany before a final draw.

Now IF I was going to be eliminated by Germany, then I would throw to Austria, but once I secured that last St Pete center (even though Germany almost gave it to Austria by tapping Norway), then I knew we could get the draw.

And we did have the draw (!) three moves from the end, and I made the corresponding moves to make it happen, but Germany and you were clearly just too frustrated to look for it.
18 Oct 16 UTC Yes, I think you nailed it: I got too frustrated to take a solid look at it. We were closer than it looked. I should have thought a little harder about how to pull it off.
19 Oct 16 UTC I think it's fair to say that in a game where communication is impossible, coordination is extremely difficult. Being eliminated from before a draw is no better than surviving in a solo, so it's hard to hold your line against a solo when being attacked from the rear. What needs to be done may be crystal clear in your mind, but may not be to a less experienced player, like myself. Continuing to attack someone you are relying on to bring about a draw can easily get you the wrong reaction.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Mznvc (426 D)
Won. Bet: 30 D, won: 210 D
18 supply-centers, 16 units
chluke (7636 D (G))
Survived. Bet: 30 D
8 supply-centers, 7 units
Ogion (4009 D)
Survived. Bet: 30 D
5 supply-centers, 4 units
Survived. Bet: 30 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
Defeated. Bet: 30 D
guak (3381 D)
Defeated. Bet: 30 D
LFISHC (333 D)
Defeated. Bet: 30 D
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