Finished: 10 AM Wed 02 Nov 16 UTC
Peaceful Game (European Union)
1 day /phase
Pot: 50 D - Autumn, 2002, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Does everyone know the meaning with Peaceful game?

I've never played it online before, and I can see it having a bit of a learning curve.
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: I'm pretty sure that it's just the name of this game.So same rules
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Its supposed to be a European Union simulation for this map.

Everyone agrees to not move their units at all, unless asking for permission on the global chat, (In a regular game, at the table). We chat and debate it among ourselves and grant permission or not.

and if someone moves without doing this, we basically agree to stop him by everyone attacking.

The two most common maps for this type of variant are classic and world. Classic is called League of Nations play, and World would be United Nations.
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Oh really?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Huh that's interesting. So we're supposed to negotiate moving our units only on the group chat?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: That is the plan...

I used to play this with the people I played, not online with, regularly and... it eventually always ended in conflict. You're just supposed to start out unified and willing to work with everyone involved.

... If you have ever heard of Mock United Nations Role Plays, this is supposed to be pretty much the same thing
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Are supply centers that haven't been taken fair game still?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: And what of provinces that aren't dots? And bodies of sea?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: That's up for debate.

I personally, will be attempting to take Monaco, Switzerland and Belgium this year.

Does anyone have an issue with that. England? Germany?

If someone does have an issue, then nobody moves. If someone still moves, we move on him. Got me?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Include Italy in my "Does anyone have a problem with that" part
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Official Stance, I think, pretty much everyone has a right to at least one center that is currently neutral. France has Monaco, Spain has Portugal, GB has Ireland... you get the picture. If everyone announces one center, and just one center they wish to take, I'm fine with that.
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: .

Another thing to note, is that, if you guys were *SUPER DOWN* we could create tensions through realistic factors that go on in the modern world today.
Examples: not taking Switzerland or Israel because 1 Switzerland should remain neutral and 2 Israel/Palestine conflicts.
Another Example: Not letting Russia take any territory that was former USSR.

but that level of RP is a little much for me.
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: I've never done anything like that in diplomacy
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Well... that's the game? I don't know what you want out of me.

there are a bunch of rule variants for the basic game.
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: I'd like to hear that everyone is either agreed to this rule variant or not. cause if we all move on the first phase... well that'll just make me look like an idiot, wont it?
29 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: We're just playing a regular game bro
30 Sep 16 UTC Spring, 1994: Yeah... I know...
30 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 1994: I like your idea...but I think you need to do it in a password game that you discuss in the thread so folks know what they are getting into.
30 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 1994: So, are we on that idea or will we be playing a regular game?
30 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 1994: Nope, we are playing a regular game