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Finished: 07 PM Thu 13 Oct 16 UTC
Modern Grandfinal..
1 day /phase
Pot: 250 D - Spring, 2002, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, Sum-of-Squares Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


22 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 1996: It was a bad move going for me.

Very soon, possibly even immediately after I fall, you will all be greedy and powerhungry. You will all want more elbow room because you'll have nowhere else to go, and that is when you will all turn on each other and attack every one of your neighbours.
22 Sep 16 UTC Autumn, 1996: Talk about melodrama. Welcome to the game of Diplomacy, where the name is not how you win.
05 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 1999: The battle of the Bulge ( Beilo Style )..
08 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2000: Impressive defense
08 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2000: I know, right? We'll never breach the borders of Iceland.
08 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2000: well I could come for some vacations :-)
11 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2001: we slowly reach a stalemate. Are you ok for a 5 way draw?
11 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2001: there are 7 playrs..
11 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2001: Actually 6 - it seems we are both math genius :) / I meant 6 way Draw.
12 Oct 16 UTC Autumn, 2001: Well its an average lol..
12 Oct 16 UTC So Egy, do you want to Draw or you want to stab someone?
12 Oct 16 UTC Everyone has voted Draw except for Spain?
12 Oct 16 UTC spain was waiting on egypt. I assume he'll accept when he check in.
12 Oct 16 UTC GG
12 Oct 16 UTC ok, so why didn't france germany and egypt thin out the herd? was it only because of SoS scoring? If so, I prefer winner-take-all because a draw with 6 players seems pretty lame. thanks for letting me live everybody!
12 Oct 16 UTC Egypt REALLY didn't like them.
12 Oct 16 UTC what was the beef?
12 Oct 16 UTC I was trying to weaken Germany and France so I could solo lol
12 Oct 16 UTC nice guys finish 6th (tied).
12 Oct 16 UTC Congrats all, on a good game. We found a real stability and, though I think it is the largest draw I've been part of, it is a satisfying one.