Finished: 07 PM Sun 15 May 16 UTC
Featured Bring it!-3
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 1010 D - Autumn, 2002, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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14 May 16 UTC Seriously guys, drawing after only 3 players are eliminated? Why would you want that? I was about to die, and I wouldn't care. Honestly I didn't deserve to be in this draw.
14 May 16 UTC attacked by Germany & is difficult to fight...
I guess when I couldn't take 3 SC in 1994 autumn, I already went to the way of dead in that timing

Italy you are good player, you got my order and counter it, well played
14 May 16 UTC I've got to agree with Poland, this draw is unbelievably lame. I only voted because I've got too many games going as it is and I've been too busy to pay proper attention to them.

I don't have much to say EOG-wise (can this really be called an ended-game?). Italy, I'd have preferred to work with you, but you clearly weren't having it.
14 May 16 UTC I mean I'm elated. Turkey, Italy, and England *really* started making progress against me.

But Germany, I really wonder about why you not only continually defended England in Norway, but never attacked Poland. Did you see me as a threat?
14 May 16 UTC That's a great question, Russia! I saw you as a useful distraction for Poland and Britain while I figured out what to do with France and Italy. Conversely, I saw Britain and Poland as a relatively harmless way to ensure you didn't get too big. Why didn't I support France against Spain in the same way? Luck of the draw, I guess - he just happened to be the first little guy I turned on. Britain or Poland would have been next.
14 May 16 UTC Okay, that makes sense. Real bummer for me, because If I had been able to push through Poland back when I was the dominant Eastern power, I might have been able to push through Turkey or Italy.
15 May 16 UTC too mnay games on the go for me as well.

loved the 2 and fro with Spain and Russia..
15 May 16 UTC Yeah, we all probably should've played a bit longer, but c'est la vie. I had major problems ahead with Jose cutting me in half. Probably wasn't going to be bright future for me lol
15 May 16 UTC Good game everyone.

Germany, you drew at the right time - look at the three people you were about to line yourself up against and their records.