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Finished: 08 PM Wed 25 Nov 15 UTC
Live Gunboat-430
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Zmaj (215 D (B))
25 Nov 15 UTC gg all
25 Nov 15 UTC there was still a way to save yourselves, if germany and england had realized that MAO could move to spain with the support of portugal and gascony. but it was a long shot, of course
25 Nov 15 UTC Zmaj why whouldnt you vote draw in the beginning?? Its such a bad game without Russia
25 Nov 15 UTC i had already cancelled a game half an hour earlier, so i wanted to play
25 Nov 15 UTC Anglo-German alliance? How cliche!
Happy I could help spice things up.

Stab me at your peril!
25 Nov 15 UTC gg
25 Nov 15 UTC Hmm. With the amount of non players i dont think it was that good. Germany your play was stupid.
25 Nov 15 UTC lol thank you for your unwavering support, france
25 Nov 15 UTC Sorry, I just assumed that Italy and Austria were decent enough to hold Turkey. Turns out they sucked
25 Nov 15 UTC Even under that assumption germany you would still be wrong. At no point could you have won the game and you would never have wiped me off the board as it is easy to defend the british isles. This would have lead turkey to get a similar position but with mosocw under his control. You cost the board the game. France at the time you were in decline, it didnt matter to me whether it was me or germany that got your land. Only when we got to iberia i wanted some SCs which germany prevented me getting. It would have been easy to force a three way there. If i had known how germany would be playing, i wpuld have teamed up with you as you where much more competent

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Zmaj (215 D (B))
Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 70 D
19 supply-centers, 17 units
aha195 (1687 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
8 supply-centers, 6 units
Survived. Bet: 10 D
6 supply-centers, 8 units
clearwaters (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
0 supply-centers, 1 units
kastec (334 D)
Resigned. Bet: 10 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
tentative (378 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
! (1709 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
kastec (334 D)Russia (Spring, 1904) with 1 centres.
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