Finished: 04 AM Sun 20 Dec 15 UTC
Red Coast Base
1 day /phase
Pot: 210 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
19 Nov 15 UTC Spring, 1901: Hello all! Happy negotiating you silver tongued devils.
20 Nov 15 UTC Spring, 1901: Welcome all to Red Coast Base, the name for this Game - I took from the Cixin Lu Sci-Fi book, "Three Body Problem", a highly recommended ready the way.
I wish all Players the best of Diplomacy and please request for no Civil Disorder / NMR. Gentleman, start your engines.
Regards, player of Austria.
20 Nov 15 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck all. Busy now, but I'll engage in press later on.
21 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1901: Very rare to see a Game with so many Neutrals unoccupied after 1901 - I think this is probably a record.
22 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1901: Yeah sorry guys. I was away for a weekend trip..
22 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1901: Yeah it was a pretty strange first year.
25 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1902: Speaking of strange, It is 1902 and nobody has fewer than 4 supply centers.
26 Nov 15 UTC Spring, 1903: Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating :-)
27 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Sorry about not returning press folks. I had an allergic reaction yesterday (first time in my life it had ever happened) with difficulty breathing, swelling of my face / lips, and tightness in my chest. I ended up in the hospital for a while and they gave my medicine that put me to sleep until nearly noon. It seems to have mostly passed now.
27 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Hope you feel better man :)
27 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Glad you are okay! Now Leave St. P. please haha ;-)
27 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: Thanks guys. Yeah that was a little unsettling. I had what looked like bug bites in the evening and took a Benadryl. Then woke up with all of that going on at 2:30am. A friend in the medical profession said that giving me the Benadryl at bedtime probably kept me out of anaphylactic shock.
27 Nov 15 UTC Autumn, 1903: I guess there is a nice round of allergy testing in my near future.
01 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Major stuff up on Austrian order there, game changer.
01 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1904: Yeah I wondered what happened there.
07 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1906: Good game France!
08 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1906: Thanks friends :)
08 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1906: Mercy on the russian front bitte.
08 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1906: Maybe if you defended yourself instead of trying to sneak into Ankara for the past 2 years, you'd have been better off on that front. ;)
08 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1906: Nah, I failed misserably this game. Austria would just have held a boring defence, and we wouldn't get anywhere. England And Germany was in my backyard as well. Austria and Italy got this.
09 Dec 15 UTC Spring, 1907: I don't recall Germany being in anybody's back yard until about a turn ago :-)
09 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1907: Russia, Turkey, Italy? I propose that we four put our draw votes up to give Germany and Austria the opportunity to stop the game at any time. What do you all think?
10 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1907: A gimmick, Ive never seen a 6-way Draw in WTA format. There's a lot more DIP to be had in this Game. Look, loyalties are shifting. ENG just attacked Germany and Austria just flipped on Italy. Draws are reached when there is a position of unchanging stability.
10 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1907: Nah, it is general policy for me, draw monkey that I can be at times, to see who is trying for a solo. As for an "attack" on Germany; now that was a gimmick to see who wanted to profit from our distraction. Annnnddddd, look at Austria with his hand in the Italian wedding cookie jar :-)
10 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1907: I thought italy was a boot not a cookie jar? :P yo austria can you send me some of the pizza i need it to go with my beer. The brits have already sent me some wine to go with my schnitzel. :D
10 Dec 15 UTC Autumn, 1907: I didn't deliver that wine; France did it himself. I just helped you see him out the door :-)
11 Dec 15 UTC Spring, 1908: This is my first defeat. Game number 7.. Was a fine streak. Good game guys! =)
11 Dec 15 UTC Spring, 1908: Player of Russia, well done, thats a commendable run. Good game Russia.
11 Dec 15 UTC Spring, 1908: Good game Russia!
17 Dec 15 UTC I'm going to file quick orders and move on.
18 Dec 15 UTC Once the build phase is over, can we confirm on a draw?
18 Dec 15 UTC EOG, RCB
End of Game commentary from Austria.
Thanks to all players in this Game who player with an excellent Diplomatic spirit. Above all, I'm proud that we had only one, decisive and early Civil Disorder, beyond that - nothing.
Austria's congratulations are due as follows, and in order of importance to Austria;
1) Germany, and Austria - the one and the eternal, ANSCHLUSS, need I say more ?
2) England, in my book clearly the top Diplomat at the Board. Communicated frequently and effectively and always polite and a gentleman. Unsurprisingly, dominated the north and looked to be right on top of Germany at one point, until I got Germany laid on a few extra SCs from Russian territories, just in time to save the balance.
3) Italy - thanks for a long and good alliance. We controlled the south. In the end Italy took too long to get through Turkey and there was one particular year when ION held, when could've moved to EM. O lost patience at that point and quickly re-opened discussions with Turkey
4) Turkey, thankyou for a well constructed and mutually agreeable end game alliance that enabled Turkey to bounce back. I was most impressed with Turkeys' dogged defence, absolutely inspiring stuff. To still be sitting on 2 SCs after jointly attacked by the Lepanto, and after so long - well done.
5) Russia - sorry that I went against you. You tried to bore into GAL from the get go and whilst we had some good talks, the trust was never really there. As soon as Austria was clear of threats and the shoe was on the other foot - I drove right back into GAL and then WAR, whilst Italy had his foot on Turkey.
Thanks all, Damo player of Austria.
18 Dec 15 UTC Well done guys but i am pretty sure italy is a part of the draw no? Not that it matters too much. Anyway great game.
18 Dec 15 UTC hehe, yeah it was a bad start for me.
18 Dec 15 UTC Thanks everyone for a great game. I should have taken more initiative with Austria. I concur with his observation about England - one of the best diplomats I have encountered in the game.

Yes, I was included in the draw, a huge surprise :)
18 Dec 15 UTC I didn't really want to work with England due to way he communicated haha. I like a free tone, but he played it well.
18 Dec 15 UTC It's kinda dumb that Italy got in the draw but I'll take it what I can get. :P

I personally found Crazy Anglican's diplomacy pleasant at first and then progressively more pushy as the game went on. Though perhaps that was necessary as he pushed for the solo!

Particular shoutouts to Austria, I believe that you were in fact the most effective diplomat on the board, if you'd been a little more aggressive on certain phases I wouldn't have been surprised to see you solo. I identified you as a threat early and so tried to work with Italy/Russia against you since they seemed more exploitable, but as you can see that very nearly backfired.

Good game guys! =)
18 Dec 15 UTC Haha i just went for the positional play and let you guys come to me ;)
And turkey you assessment is very correct with england.
18 Dec 15 UTC Your*
18 Dec 15 UTC Hey everyone, I really count myself fortunate to have been in draw on this one. Germany and Austria could have rally dominated. I was convinced that it was Austria who was going for a solo. In looking back, it was funny that everyone thought of me as a solo threat. I truly wasn't and the was indeed getting frustrated by my inability to convince anyone of the fact. My goal all along was a three way out of this.

My assessment:

1) Austria: The absolute best diplomat on the board. I can think of two decisive moments in the game that his press swayed me in a completely different direction. Helping Germany and holding off in the invasion of Italy (sorry, dude I was totally coming after you). I really think that you should have soloed this game. There was no way that I could have stopped your solo bid. I was completely maxed out at the end, with no way to hold both you and Germany off. Since my frustration was greater with Germany (hats off to you, you completely tied me up in the north).

2) Germany - One of the more enjoyable parts of the game for me was helping you against France and Russia. The timing was perfect, since I was looking at gradually becoming marginalized with Russia and France as allies. It really surprised me when you quickly changed tack after we had neutralized the threat, but since I now know what I thought was a three way alliance was truly and Anschluss, it makes sense.

I'll put more in later. Going to see Star Wars now :-)
19 Dec 15 UTC Haha enjoy the movie. But a five-man draw? Could have been 3-4 man draw..

19 Dec 15 UTC So, Germany did a great job of holding me in a compromised position. I honestly tried everything I could think of to make peace with him to no avail. He did a great job tactically of forcing me to keep more units than I wanted committed to the north. Again, end of game with nothing to gain by lying. I was not even close to stabbing Germany. I wanted nothing more than his partnership in establishing a stable three way draw.

3) France- I had by far the best relationship with France & ironically he was the only one I think that I truly stabbed. The stab of France was just a necessity since I had to attack Russia. I was also uncomfortable with the balance of power. I knew that I would eventually be stuck behind two allies.

4) Russia- Our alliance was probably the shortest lived of the entire game. Making me aware of the stab that was coming was an interesting choice. I am glad that you gave me the head's up about your intentions. It made it much easier to decided

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Drawn. Bet: 30 D, won: 42 D
11 supply-centers, 11 units
aha195 (1687 D)
Drawn. Bet: 30 D, won: 42 D
9 supply-centers, 8 units
damo72 (10 D X)
Drawn. Bet: 30 D, won: 42 D
9 supply-centers, 9 units
Drawn. Bet: 30 D, won: 42 D
5 supply-centers, 4 units
Warpathwilly (154 D)
Drawn. Bet: 30 D, won: 42 D
0 supply-centers, 1 units
Steamy Nicks (2236 D)
Defeated. Bet: 30 D
MikeyOK (54 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 30 D
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